Adam Duta Dwiguna

Adam Duta Dwiguna is among the fortunate few who managed to complete his bachelor's degree in just four years. In 2022, he officially graduated cum laude, or with honors, from the Indonesian Literature program with a concentration in Linguistics.

His studies in Indonesian Literature and Linguistics helped him fully appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of language. Adam believes that reading is the foundation for improving one's writing skills and understanding how to use language effectively.

In the same year, 2022, he decided to embark on his career as a Content Writer at This role allowed him to channel his passion for language and its usage in writing, this time focusing on technology, which he found fascinating.

Adam & Technology

Throughout college, writing was one of Adam's favorite activities, along with playing sports and pursuing other hobbies. He found the process of stringing, carving, and arranging words into poems or short stories highly engaging. Technology was a new area of interest for him, but working at piqued his curiosity about the world of technology, particularly high-quality gadgets.

One of his favorite gadgets is the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S. Besides its superior quality, this gadget holds special significance for Adam, as it was the first device he purchased using his personal savings.


Social Media


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