10 Ways to Check if Your Vivo Phone is Real or Fake

Vivo has become one of the most widely-favored smartphone brand in the world. From basic models to premium versions, Vivo has a variety of choices to consumers.

However, the brand's popularity also makes it a prime target for counterfeiters. If you're considering purchasing a Vivo phone, make sure that you're getting an authentic device. The following steps will guide you in verifying the authenticity of a Vivo smartphone:

1. Verify The IMEI Number


Every genuine Vivo smartphone has a unique IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This number is crucial as GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication) networks use it to verify legitimate devices. It provides essential details about the phone, including the manufacturer, brand, model, and features.

To confirm whether your Vivo phone is genuine, start by finding its IMEI number. Simply type *#06# on your phone's dial pad. You can also go to "Settings" then "Other Settings" and select "About Phone," or looking on the packaging box of the phone.

Once you have it, visit the official Vivo website to check it. Enter your phone's IMEI into the provided field and click the send button. If your phone is authentic, the website will show detailed information about the model you own.

What If I found that my phone is counterfeit or not registered? You can report it to the company by contacting their help lines or official social media account for assistance.

It's important to take action if your phone is not genuine. Counterfeit phones may not be covered by Vivo's official warranty or after-sales services. More importantly, they could pose a safety risk as they may not have gone through the necessary safety checks, including lab and factory tests, that ensure the device's safety for use.

2. Check The Price

Harga Vivo V9 6GB

Next, you can also check the price. Smartphone price can often indicate whether it's genuine or counterfeit ones. Counterfeit phones are typically sold at lower prices to attract buyers.

Therefore, always be careful if you come across a Vivo phone that seems too good to be true compared to the official price listed by the company.

To ensure you're buying a genuine device, it's best to purchase from reputable stores that you can trust. These stores can be found in an offline or online store. Another safe option is to buy directly from official Vivo brand store.

3. Check The Exterior Design

High-end phones like Vivo are made with best quality materials. The official website of the brand will usually show the whole specifications of a device that you own, including the materials they used.

Use this information to compare with your Vivo phone. For instance, if the website says the phone's back is made of glass and yours is plastic, it's likely not a genuine one.

Look closely at the phone's color or try to lift it. Does it match with what Vivo says on their website? If the color looks faded or the phone feels too light or too heavy, then chances are the device is fake.

Also, pay attention to how the buttons respond when you press them. If they stick, don't look quite right, or make a scraping sound, these could be signs of a counterfeit phone. Genuine Vivo phones should have buttons that are easy to press and look well-made.

4. Check Screen Quality

Vivo Y81

When you buy a Vivo phone, one of the features you might look for is a sharp, clear screen, which is often indicated by a high pixel density — say, 400 pixels per inch (ppi) or more. A genuine Vivo phone with this specification should display images very clearly.

However, if you don't find that in yours, then there's a chance the phone might not be authentic. Screen clarity is an important feature that Vivo phones are known for due to their high-quality displays.

If you're not sure how to judge the screen's clarity or pixel density, don't hesitate to seek out someone with more expertise on the subject.

5. Verify the Sales Package Contents

Paket Penjualan Vivo Y95

The items included in the sales package are typically listed in the official Vivo website. It's important to check these against what you receive in the package.

If you notice any items are missing, or the package contents don't match the description on Vivo's website, this could be a sign that the phone is not genuine. To prevent this issue, it's best to purchase Vivo products directly from their official stores or authorized retailers.

6. Check The Specifications

Spek Vivo

Some of the key features and specifications of a smartphone, including Vivo, is often displayed on the back of the box it comes in. You can compare these information with the actual phone's details.

To do this, navigate through the phone's menu and click Settings>Other Settings>About Phone. If the specifications don't match, the phone may be a counterfeit

In case the box is not available, you can still verify the phone's specifications by going online. Visit Vivo's official website and look up the model of the phone you have. The website should list all the specifications for that particular model.

Another way to check is to use some their-party apps. There are many apps from the Play Store that provide detailed information about smart phone. Search using terms like 'phone information' to do that.

They can help you see if all the phone's features and hardware match what Vivo says should be in that model. Remember, a genuine Vivo phone will match the official specifications closely.

7. Check The Software of Operating System


The software, particularly the operating system (OS), is a reliable indicator of whether it's real or fake. You can verify the OS by going to the phone's settings menu. The steps are similar to checking the phone's specifications: go to Settings > Other Settings > About Phone, and then select the section that shows software information.

For instance, your phone comes with Android 11 and is capable of updating to the latest version, but you find that it has an older, non-updatable version of Android, this is a red flag. It suggests that the phone might not be a legitimate Vivo product.

8. Look into The Warranty


Every new smartphone, including those from Vivo, typically comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty is a promise from the manufacturer to repair or replace the phone if there are any issues that aren't caused by the user. Manufacturers do not agree to warranty terms verbally; they are always provided in writing.

If you come across a Vivo phone that has a warranty period of less than one year, this is a cause for concern. Counterfeit phones often have shorter warranties because those who make and sell them cannot promise the phone will work for as long as a genuine one would.

9. Test The Phone's Performance

Vivo y95

Before you take a Vivo smartphone home from a store, it's recommended to test its performance right there. There are certain things you can check that might indicate the phone is not genuine. For example, if the phone has less memory than it should or if the photos it takes are of low quality, these could be signs of a fake.

Familiarizing yourself with the specifications of a phone you intend to buy can help you spot discrepancies that signal a counterfeit. If you're not confident about checking the phone's performance yourself, consider bringing along a friend or family member who is more knowledgeable about smartphones to help you make an informed decision.

10. Verify the Language Settings


Genuine Vivo phones will always include many language options in their settings. If you can't find your native language option on the device, it's a strong indication that the phone may not be authentic. Checking for the language setting is an easy method to help you tell if a Vivo phone is real or a counterfeit.

So, those are some information we can share to help you check whether Vivo smartphone is real or fake. The most frequently counterfeited Vivo products are usually those that are most popular and in high demand.

The steps listed here can also be used to check other brands of phones that may be subject to counterfeiting. So when you're shopping for a Vivo phone, or any other brand, use these guidelines to help ensure you're making a legitimate purchase.

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