How to Increase RAM Capacity on vivo Phone

If you are a vivo phone user, you may have experienced problems such as slowness, lag, or difficulty downloading large applications. These problems are often caused by the limited RAM on your phone, which does not have a large capacity.

Having a large enough RAM is essential to the phone's performance. The more RAM space available, the smoother the phone operates. But what about vivo phones with limited RAM? No need to worry; there are some strategies to overcome this limitation.

In this article, I have outlined the methods to increase the RAM capacity of vivo phones. In addition, you can also explore alternative approaches to effectively manage RAM usage, ensuring optimal phone performance. I encourage you to read this article to gain comprehensive insights.

How to Upgrade RAM through the Extended RAM Feature

Upgrading RAM capacity is possible through the Extended RAM feature-a built-in tool from vivo. This function utilizes the internal memory, turning it into virtual RAM. For more details, follow these steps:

  • Launch the "Settings" app.
cara menambah RAM hp vivo
  • Scroll and select "RAM & storage space".
cara menambah RAM hp vivo
  • Select "RAM" to configure the capacity.
cara menambah RAM hp vivo
  • Enable Extended RAM by toggling on the switch next to it, so that it turns green.
  • The additional capacity varies by device-4 GB, 5 GB, or 8 GB.
  • Once it's completed, restart your vivo phone to apply the changes.
  • Following that, your capacity will automatically increase.

How to Manage RAM Usage through Developer Options

In addition to increasing capacity by using extended RAM, you can also manage RAM usage through developer options. This method involves limiting background processes, allowing RAM to prioritize the currently active process or app. This effectively creates more space in RAM and facilitates improved app performance.

The first thing you need to do is to enable the developer options feature. The process is straightforward; please follow the next steps.

  • Start the process by accessing the "Settings" app on your vivo phone.
cara menambah RAM hp vivo
  • Proceed by scrolling down and selecting the "System management" menu.
cara menambah RAM hp vivo
  • At the top, go to the "About phone" section.
cara menambah RAM hp vivo
  • Activate the developer options by tapping the "Software version" entry 7 times in succession.
  • Once it's done, a notification will confirm your developer status.
cara menambah RAM hp vivo
  • Now return to the system management page and select "Developer options".
cara menambah RAM hp vivo
  • This feature presents various menus to comprehensively manage your vivo device.
  • For the purpose of limiting background processes, scroll down to the Apps section and select "Background process limit".
cara menambah RAM hp vivo
  • To apply the limit, select "No background processes".
  • Once it's successfully applied, background processes and apps will stop operating.

This method will have a significant impact on RAM capacity, making it more efficient and improving overall performance. In other words, your vivo phone will no longer have problems such as lag or slowness when launching applications.

Those are the ways you can do to increase the RAM capacity on your vivo phone. In addition, you can optimize the use of RAM by limiting background processes or activities. This concludes the discussion for now. Good luck!

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