5 Ways to Identify Genuine or Counterfeit Realme Phones

There's no doubt that counterfeit phones are widespread in an electronic store and online markets, especially for popular brands like Realme. The alarming part is that these fake phones are becoming harder to spot, particularly for everyday buyers.

That's why it's crucial to purchase new Realme phones directly from official stores. When it comes to buying a second-hand phone, you need to be extra cautious and know how to spot the fakes.

If you don't know how to tell a genuine Realme phone from a fake one, don't worry. Our team has got the information for this very topic. For anyone looking to buy a new or second-hand Realme phone, it's important to confirm that the device is not a counterfeit.

So, how do we know if a Realme phone is legitimate or a knockoff? Here are five ways to confirm that.

1. Check The IMEI number

IMEI Realme

The first way to check whether a Realme phone is genuine is by checking its IMEI number. The IMEI, which stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity, is a unique 15-digit code that identifies a phone's authenticity, including Realme.

Visit Realme’s official website to verify the phone’s authenticity using the IMEI. If the IMEI number is listed there, your phone can be considered authentic.

However, you will need to know the IMEI number of your phone. To find out, open Settings, tap on 'About Device', then 'Status', then you'll see the IMEI for each SIM slot on your phone.

Another way to find the IMEI is by using a special code. Open your phone’s dialer, type in "*#06#", and the IMEI number should pop up on your screen. Lastly, you can also find it on the phone’s original box. Realme usually includes a sticker or label on the box that has the IMEI number written on it.

Once you've got the IMEI number, head over to Realme’s official IMEI check page at, enter your IMEI, and hit "Check".

If your Realme phone is authentic, the website will show the details about your phone, including its warranty period. If the phone is a counterfeit, there won’t be any information available because the IMEI number has never been registered in the first place.

This process is similar to how you would check a Realme phone's warranty status. For a clearer explanation, you can read more about it in the related article.

2. Verify Realme Phones using EngineerMode

cara mengecek layar hp realme

The second way to tell if a Realme phone is real or counterfeit is by using EngineerMode. To access this, input the code "*#899#" into the dialer of your phone's call app. This special code is unique to Realme phones.

Once you enter the code, you'll be taken to the EngineerMode menu. Here, you can perform a variety of tests to assess the state of your Realme phone's hardware. This includes checking on the hardware components, network connectivity, battery health, screen quality, and more.

Feel free to try these tests and compare the results with the official specifications for your Realme model. If your phone passes all these tests without any issues, you can be pretty certain it's a genuine Realme phone.

However, if you notice any differences or if any of the tests fails, there's a chance that the phone might be a fake or could be damaged.

Using EngineerMode is crucial because it lets you see the real condition of your Realme phone beyond what's visible to the eye.

3. Check The Whole Packaging Details

unboxing realme c55

Another way to verify is by checking the packaging thoroughly. Realme's genuine packaging is definitely well-presented and not made from cheap materials.

In some part of the box, you'll often find several stickers or labels providing important details about the phone, such as the IMEI number, specifications, and where it was made. There's also an official warranty sticker, which serves as a marker of the phone's authenticity.

When you look at what’s inside the box, a genuine Realme phone will have everything that should come with it, like a user guide or instruction manual. This manual contains lots of information about the phone. By checking all these details, you can decide for yourself if your Realme phone is real or not.

4. Check The Body Design

realme bloatware

Apart from ways we've discussed, the easiest way to detect the fake or real ones is the body design. Counterfeit phones often have slight differences in their appearance compared to genuine ones; the screen size, the overall size and shape of the phone, or where the charging ports and buttons are located.

A fake Realme phone will look different from what's officially advertised. The genuine ones will match the advertised appearance and design exactly.

It's important to learn these differences. For example, a genuine and a fake phone might not weigh the same because they could be made from different materials. So when buying a phone, pay attention to these details.

The screen is one of the most noticeable parts of a fake phone. Many counterfeit phones, including those that claim to be Realme, won't have the same screen quality. The brightness on a fake phone's screen is often not as bright as on a genuine one.

Also, the colors on a fake phone's screen might not be as vibrant or accurate. You can test this by watching a video that's full of different colors and contrasts. If the colors seem off, the phone might be fake. You can also use the EngineerMode menu to check the screen's quality.

5. Compare Specifications and Price

harga realme c30s

Checking the phone's specifications and price is another key step in verifying its authenticity. The specs of a phone are a good indicator of whether it's real. Find your Realme phone's specs by looking in the Settings app or by typing "*#6776#" into the phone dialer.

Next, compare it to the specs listed on the official Realme website. Pay attention to the storage capacity, camera quality, battery life, and so on. If they match, your phone is likely genuine. If not, you might have a counterfeit.

Looking at the detail like price is also a big clue. If a deal seems too good to be true, it might be a scam or fake product. Compare the price you're offered with the one on Realme's official site.

So, these are some of the ways to tell real Realme phones from fakes. These tips should help when you're planning to buy Realme phone. Although it's getting harder to spot fakes because of better technology, being cautious and informed is your shield.

This article aims to help prevent buyers from being tricked by fake products sold by dishonest sellers. I hope this helps.

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