Aris Wibowo

Aris Wibowo has been passionate about writing since his college days. Originally from Central Java, he has written for various websites and company blogs, including,,,,, and others. Besides his love for writing, Aris also enjoys exploring the world of animals and travel.

This graduate of Universitas Padjadjaran developed his love for writing due to his avid reading habits. Since high school, he has been reading newspapers and magazines on various topics, ranging from sports and automotive to science and technology.

Aris & Technology

To stay informed about technology news, Aris often reads magazines and newspapers such as Chip, Tabloid Pulsa, and Tabloid Seluler, among others. To expand his knowledge of technology in the online world, he frequently visits websites like GSMArena, Android Authority, and Gizmodo, and has joined several Android community groups on social media.

One of the gadgets he once owned was the Asus Zenfone 2. At the time, it was a smartphone with a 4GB RAM and the best camera available. This smartphone introduced Aris to the world of mobile photography.


Social Media


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