How to Fix Battery Indicator Error on Your Phone

Written by Aris Wibowo

Batteries are an important part of cell phones. However, using a smartphone for a long time can cause a decrease in battery performance. Also, some users experience problems with their battery indicators, such as incorrect readings.

For example, the battery level may not decrease even after a long period of use, or the phone may turn off suddenly even though the battery percentage seems high. Such situations can be frustrating for users, as they result in confusion when trying to gauge the remaining battery life.

Causes of Phone Battery Indicator Error

A common problem that often occurs with frequently used cell phones is a fast-discharging battery indicator, dropping from 90% to 40% in a short period of time. On the other hand, some users report that their battery indicator remains stagnant. Many factors contribute to this inaccuracy of cell phone battery indicators. Please read the list below for further insights!

1. Damaged Battery

baterai redmi note 12 pro 5g

The first reason for an inaccurate phone battery indicator is a damaged battery. Prolonged use of a phone device can cause battery wearing, reduce its performance, and even cause damage. As a result, the battery indicator may fail to function properly.

Excessive use of the cell phone can also cause battery damage. For example, regularly using the phone while charging or playing games until the battery is almost empty during charging (unless explicitly supported) can significantly affect battery health.

Also, using a charger that does not match the specifications of the phone can accelerate battery damage. This is because the voltage supplied to the phone may be too high or too low, hindering the charging efficiency of the battery.

2. System Bugs or Glitches

ASUS Zenfone 9

Another reason contributing to the inaccuracy of the phone's battery indicator is the presence of bugs or errors in the phone's operating system. Usually, these issues occur due to lack of diligence in updating to the latest system version. As a result, users may be using custom ROMs that are not compatible with the device's intended software.

3. Perform Power Cycle Too Often

Cara me-restart HP realme

Another cause of the battery indicator error on the phone is frequent power cycling, where the phone is often turned off and then turned on suddenly. This behavior has the potential to cause battery damage quickly, as the battery power is drained abnormally.

How to Fix Phone Battery Indicator Error

Once you have identified the reason behind the battery indicator issue, you can try the following methods to fix the problem. Please continue reading for the complete solution.

1. Battery Calibration

Battery calibration involves adjusting the condition of the battery to restore it to its optimum condition like new. This process is essential to restore the accuracy of the battery level and indicator readings. You can perform this calibration regularly, even before signs of battery damage are visible. Here's how to do it:

  • Use your mobile phone until the battery is completely drained.
  • Once off, charge the battery using a charger that matches the specifications of the device, such as the included charger. Make sure the charger is charged to full capacity.
samsung galaxy a33 5g
  • Once the battery is fully charged, turn the phone back on and use it until the battery is completely drained.
  • Once discharged again, recharge the battery until it reaches full capacity. Once the phone battery is fully charged, turn on the phone. The battery calibration process is now complete.

If the battery is not severely damaged, this calibration will help return the battery indicator to normal function. However, if the problem persists, it is recommended to seek help from a professional at a service center.

This is the explanation of the cell phone battery indicator error. You can also use the methods I have outlined to solve this problem!

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