How to Take Long Screenshot on Windows Laptop

Written by Ananda Ganesha M

Taking a screenshot is a handy way to save what's on your laptop screen, whether it's images, text, or other data. But sometimes, you might want to capture content that's longer than your screen can show, like an entire website, a WhatsApp Web conversation, or a document.

With longer screenshots, sharing articles or chats becomes more straightforward. Rather than using Google Drive, you can even convert and upload Word or PDF documents as images to Google Photos.

There are several methods to capture extended screenshots on Windows laptops. Here are some you can try.

Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a popular browser that also offers an easy way to take long screenshots. Here's how to do it:

  • Open Google Chrome and navigate to the page you want to capture.
cara screenshot panjang 1_
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + I or right-click and choose "Inspect."
cara screenshot panjang 2_
  • Click the "Toggle device toolbar" icon on the top right to switch to mobile view.
cara screenshot panjang 3_
  • Adjust the resolution and screen size from the top as needed.
cara screenshot panjang 4_
  • Click on the three-dot icon on the top right and choose "Capture full size screenshot."
cara screenshot panjang 5_
  • The screenshot will download automatically to the "Downloads" folder.
cara screenshot panjang 6_
  • Once captured, a notification will pop up. If it doesn't, click the recent downloads icon and open the image from there.
cara screenshot panjang 7_

The resulting screenshot might look like the example below, and you can zoom in to see details.

Using Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Mozilla Firefox Quantum is an updated version of the Mozilla Firefox browser. It's faster and has new features, including an easier way to take extended screenshots.

The steps might slightly differ based on the specific version you have, but here's a general guide:

  • Download and install Mozilla Firefox Quantum from the official website.
  • Open the browser and navigate to the webpage you want to capture.
cara screenshot panjang 8_
  • Right-click on an empty area of the page and select "Take screenshot".
cara screenshot panjang 9_
  • Two options will appear in the top right: "Save full page" and "Save visible". Select "Save full page" for an extended screenshot.
cara screenshot panjang 10_
  • Click "Download".
cara screenshot panjang 11_
  • Once downloaded, click the recent download icon and then the image file.
cara screenshot panjang 12_
  • You now have your screenshot. It's longer than usual, so you might need to zoom in to see details.
cara screenshot panjang 13_

Using Share X

Share X is a free application that lets you take extended screenshots on your laptop. I frequently use it for capturing images for my articles.

Besides screenshots, Share X offers video recording, image editing, and the ability to upload files to different online platforms. Here's how to use it:

  • Go to the official Share X website and download the newest version. Install it on your laptop.
cara screenshot panjang 14_
  • Open Share X and select Hotkey Settings. In the new window, find the dropdown next to Alt + Print Screen. Choose "Screen capture" followed by "Scrolling capture." Note: You can select a different shortcut combination if preferred.
cara screenshot panjang 15_
  • Navigate to the page or screen you wish to capture. If using Microsoft Edge, press F9 to access Immersive Reader mode. Note: Some laptops may require pressing Fn + F9.
cara screenshot panjang 16_
  • In Immersive Reader, simultaneously press the Alt and Prt Sc keys. Click on the part of the page you want to capture. An interactive window will open. Select "Start scrolling capture."
cara screenshot panjang 17_
  • Choose "Upload/save..." and then "Save."
cara screenshot panjang 18_
  • Your screenshot is saved in the folder named "DocumentsShareXScreenshots(year_and_month_of_capture)".

Simple, isn't it? Remember, this Share X method is most effective on pages without fixed images. This is why I recommend using Immersive Reader in Microsoft Edge.

Now you know an easy way to capture screenshots on your laptop. This method should help you gather image materials and access them conveniently. Best of luck!

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