How to Use the Samsung Health App for a Healthy Lifestyle

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Maintaining optimal health is crucial. Numerous methods are available to ensure your body stays healthy, fresh and fit, such as exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy sleeping cycle.

To support a healthy lifestyle, you can utilize technological advancements through smartphones. Nowadays, various exercise and health apps can be easily downloaded onto your phone. Moreover, certain brands of mobile phones have integrated health apps as built-in apps.

Samsung smartphones come equipped with an integrated health application named Samsung Health. This app presents a multitude of intriguing features that encourage a wholesome lifestyle. Wondering what these features are and how to effectively utilize Samsung Health? Let's take a look at the discussion from the Carisinyal team below.

Samsung Health's Attractive Features

As a dedicated health application, Samsung Health certainly comes with some excellent features. A notable one is Exercise, which helps you track your exercise activities by providing details such as location, distance, and target goals. Whether you're cycling, running, hiking or swimming, this feature has you covered.

Samsung Health also offers a body composition monitoring feature, where you can obtain information about your weight, body fat percentage and skeletal muscle composition. This feature also allows you to set goals for weight loss or muscle mass gain.

Another feature on Samsung Health is the sleep monitor. It calculates your sleep score, which indicates whether your sleep duration and movements during the night are appropriate for your age and gender. The sleep score is determined by analyzing your sleep duration and activity level during the night.

Moreover, Samsung Health's sleep monitoring feature doesn't limit itself to just tracking sleep duration. It also assists in evaluating your blood oxygen levels for an all-inclusive health assessment.

Samsung Health can even detect snoring and calculate the duration of your snoring during sleep. Furthermore, you can use the sleep training feature to cultivate healthier sleep habits.

How to use Samsung Health

After exploring its impressive features, it's time for the Carisinyal team to guide you through the main topic: How to use Samsung Health effectively. Have a look at the following explanation.

Utilizing the Exercise Feature in Samsung Health

First of all, let's explore how to use the Exercise feature on Samsung Health. As mentioned earlier, this feature helps you achieve your fitness goals, whether it's burning calories or exercising without a specific target. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Launch the Samsung Health app. If this is your first time using it, simply tap 'Continue' until you reach the home page.
  • On the Samsung Health homepage, select the 'Exercise' option.
  • Choose the type of exercise you want to do. For example, the Carisinyal team chose walking.
  • Set your exercise goal, whether it is based on calories, distance, or duration. For example, the Carisinyal team chose distance.
  • Set the target distance, time, or number of calories according to your preference. Then, press the 'Start' button to begin your workout.

Once you start your workout, the app will diligently track and monitor your exercise activity. It will provide essential information such as duration, distance covered, and the number of calories burned.

While exercising, you can enjoy music through popular platforms like Spotify or YouTube Music. To do so, tap on the icon with musical notes located at the top right corner of the screen. Then, choose your preferred music streaming platform.

While this feature is active, you can pause the music or manually press the 'Finish' button when necessary.

Utilizing the Body Composition Feature in Samsung Health

Now, let's explore how to use the Body Composition feature effectively. Follow the steps below to utilize this feature:

  • Log in to the Samsung Health app and access the homepage. Then, select the 'Body Composition' option.
  • Within the Body Composition section, search and tap the 'Record' button.
  • Enter relevant data about your physical body, including your body weight. Once entered, press the 'Save' button.
  • If you wish to set a weight loss target, return to the main menu of the Body Composition feature.
  • Tap the three dots icon located at the top right of the screen and select 'Set targets'.
  • Set your desired ideal weight and specify the duration for your weight loss journey. For instance, the Carisinyal team aimed to lose 50 kg in four weeks. After setting the goals, press the 'Save' button to save the changes.

Your diet goals are now set in the Samsung Health app, and you can access data about your body composition. You can continue your exercise activities while working towards your goals.

Utilizing the Sleep Monitoring Feature in Samsung Health

If you want to improve your sleeping patterns, the sleep monitoring feature can be a valuable solution. On the Samsung Health home page, go to the 'Sleep' menu. Press the 'Record' button within the 'Sleep' menu to manually enter your sleeping hours.

Saving data is as simple as pressing the 'Save' button. It is recommended to consistently enter your sleep data. The app will present statistics regarding your sleep duration and even the calories burnt during your sleep.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Samsung Health offers a variety of exercise and health programs that you can explore. Among them, there is a selection of exercise programs designed specifically for women. With such a good range of offerings, are you interested in using this app more often?

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