How to Easily Hide Apps on realme Phones

Do you have a realme phone and are unsure how to hide apps? It's simple. For added security, especially with apps containing personal data, you can use the "Hide Apps" feature available on your realme phone.

Follow the steps I've outlined below for guidance. Note that while I demonstrate I was using the realme Narzo 50 5G, the procedure should be similar for other realme models, provided they operate on realme UI 3 or a version close to it.

How to Hide Apps on realme phones

  • Begin by opening the "Settings" on your realme phone.
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi hp realme
  • Navigate to and select the "Privacy" option.
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi hp realme
  • Choose the "Hide apps" option to begin hiding apps.
  • If your realme phone has a security feature, input your password or pattern to access the "Hide Apps" menu.
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi hp realme
  • From here, you are free to choose which apps to hide. The trick is to press the toggle next to the application name until it turns blue.
  • If it's your first time using this feature, you'll be prompted to set an access code. This code grants access to the apps you've hidden.
  • This access code is a sequence of numbers preceded and followed by a hash mark "#", like #8569#.
  • Once it's done, your chosen app will be concealed.

Easily unhide an app and restore it to the main page by following similar steps as above. Simply toggle next to the desired app in the list until it turns gray. Once it's done, the app is no longer hidden.

How to Access Hidden Apps on realme Phones

Once you've successfully hidden your private apps, accessing them is straightforward. You simply need the access code set during the hiding process. For a step-by-step guide, see below:

  • Open the "Dial/Telephone" application.
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi hp realme
  • Enter the previously set access code, such as #8569#.
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi hp realme
  • This will directly lead you to the locked space containing the hidden apps.

That's how you can do to hide apps on realme phones. Once an app is hidden, its stored data becomes more secure. Now you can lend your phone to friends or others without concern.

The Hide Apps feature in realme devices is both intriguing and handy. Only individuals with the access code can unlock the hidden apps. Plus, with countless numerical combinations available, it's highly unlikely someone will guess your code. Best of luck!

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