8 Uses of Airplane Mode Beyond Flight Safety

Written by Linda

Smartphones are a big part of our daily lives. They come with many features, and one that's often not fully appreciated is airplane mode. This mode, first made for use on planes, has other great benefits that many people might not know about.

In this article, Carisinyal will talk about how airplane mode can be useful beyond just keeping flights safe. Let’s dive into the details.

1. Disconnecting Signals

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Airplane mode is made to stop all signals going to and from your phone or other electronic devices. This includes cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth signals. The main goal of airplane mode is to prevent your device from causing problems with the plane's navigation and communication systems.

Although the chance of such interference is low, this step is taken to remove any risk that could affect the plane's operation and safety.

When you turn on airplane mode, it turns off all ways your device can wirelessly communicate. So, you won't be able to call, text, or use the internet through mobile data or Wi-Fi.

2. Saving Battery

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Turning on airplane mode stops all wireless connections like cell service, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. These connections usually keep looking for and holding onto a signal, which uses battery power.

Turning off these features means your device uses less power, making the battery last longer. This is really helpful when you can't charge your device easily, like when you're traveling or in places where charging is hard.

3. Faster Battery Charging

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A great but less-known advantage of airplane mode on electronic devices is that it can make your battery charge faster. When you turn on airplane mode, it stops all wireless connections like cell service, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

This means your device isn’t using power to look for signals or stay connected to a network while charging. Wireless connections use energy, which can make charging less efficient and slower. Without these connections, your device can charge more effectively and reach full battery quicker.

4. Stabilizing Signals

Airplane mode on electronic devices has a useful feature many might not know: it can help stabilize your signal. If your device is struggling to connect to a network or keeps switching between weak and strong signals, turning on airplane mode can help.

This mode turns off all wireless signals, like mobile data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. When you turn it off again, the device looks for and reconnects to available signals. Doing this can "reset" your device’s wireless connection, often leading to a stronger and more stable connection.

5. Speeding Up the Device's Operating System

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Airplane mode is often just seen as a way to stop interference with airplane equipment, but it has another lesser-known benefit: it can make your device's operating system run faster.

When you turn on airplane mode, your device stops all its wireless connections. This cuts down on the background activities that happen when your device tries to keep a connection, looks for signals, or updates data for apps that need the internet.

With fewer demands on the device's processor and memory, it can work more smoothly and quickly.

6. Less Ads While Using Content

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Turning on airplane mode stops all wireless connections, including your internet connection. This means your device won't be able to go online, which also stops ads from showing up in apps or while you're browsing the internet.

So, you can enjoy downloaded or saved content on your device without annoying ads popping up all the time.

7. Using Less Internet Data

If you want to cut down on how much internet data your device uses, airplane mode can help. When you turn it on, it disconnects your device from the internet right away. This stops all data use for things like browsing the web, checking emails, using social media, or updating apps in the background.

This way, you can keep a handle on your data use and avoid using up data without realizing it, which can happen if your device is always online.

8. Keep Your Privacy

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A feature that’s really useful for privacy but often forgotten is airplane mode on electronic devices. When you turn on airplane mode, your device stops all wireless connections like cell service, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile data.

This means your device can't send or get data. For privacy, this lowers the chance of someone tracking where you are, intercepting your data, or getting into your personal information without permission. By cutting off these connections, you get more control over your information and who can see or use it from your device.

In summary, airplane mode is more than just something you use on a plane. It helps save battery, charges faster, and protects your privacy. These benefits make it a really useful feature for everyday use of your electronic devices.

So, airplane mode isn't just important for flying safely; it’s also a handy tool for anyone using electronic devices.


Here are some common questions and answers about airplane mode on smartphones.

1. Why should we use airplane mode during a flight?

It's good to use airplane mode during a flight because it stops your phone from interfering with the plane's communication and navigation systems.

2. Why use airplane mode when it's raining?

Airplane mode doesn’t do anything special when it's raining, but you can use it to save battery or avoid signal problems.

3. Can you get calls in airplane mode?

No, you can't receive calls in airplane mode because it turns off the mobile network.

4. Does airplane mode cool down the phone?

Airplane mode doesn't cool down the phone directly, but it can help by lowering the power use that sometimes makes the phone hot.

5. Do phones in airplane mode still emit radiation?

Phones in airplane mode still give off a very small amount of radiation, but much less than when they’re connected wirelessly.

6. Is it safe to sleep near your phone in airplane mode?

Generally, it's safer to sleep near your phone when it's in airplane mode, as it emits much less radiation than when it's connected wirelessly.

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