Top 10 Apps for Reading Comics on Android

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Comics are a type of reading that combines interesting animation, which is enjoyed by many people. The unique combination of visuals and story easily captivates many readers.

In the old days, comic fans would read comics by getting physical comic books. However, nowadays, comic lovers have the convenience of using smartphone apps to enjoy their favorite reads. These apps allow users to enjoy comics both online and offline.

In this article, the Carisinyal team will thoroughly explore Android apps for reading comics and present a list of the most popular applications.

1. LINE Webtoon


Most people is probably familiar with this comic reading app. Webtoon is one of the most popular apps, with more than 600,000 total app downloaders. Within the Webtoon app, readers can find tons of comics from various genres.

Webtoon offers a collection of more than 7,000 comics with genres of romance, horror, comedy, superhero and more, all available for free. Readers can enjoy these online comics at free of charge. However, certain comics may require payment using LINE coins.

For those of you who prefer to read offline, Webtoon allows users to download comics and enjoy them at their convenience. It's a simple and convenient feature, isn't it?

2. MangaToon


If you're looking for an app that combines comics and manga in one place, MangaToon is a great choice. This free app offers a variety of comic genres, including action, romance, true stories, and more. MangaToon not only provides interesting stories, but also ensures high-quality images and good resolution.

Also, for those who prefer to read offline, MangaToon offers a download feature. With this feature, you can easily enjoy comics without requiring an internet connection. Simply download the comic you want, and it will be stored on your phone's storage for offline access.

3. WebComics

webcomics 2_

For those looking for comics with a variety of interesting themes and stories, look no further than the WebComics app. This app offers a wide variety of genres, including supernatural, fantasy, horror, mystery, and romance.

Most of the content presented on WebComics is manhua, and the Carisinyal team has personally read several titles. We found it very convenient as we only had to scroll the screen to read chapter by chapter. Also, once you finish reading a chapter, the next chapter is automatically displayed below, so you don't have to press any buttons.

WebComics offers both free and premium comics. Subscribing to the premium service gives users several advantages, including an ad-free reading experience and get early access to all comics.



BILIBILI COMICS comes with a wide variety of features and reading options. With this app, users can enjoy a collection of comics and manga from various genres such as comedy, teen romance, harem, and many others.

The comics and manga available on this app are written and translated by skilled creators and translators. BILIBILI COMICS offers a selection of popular titles, including Emperor in-law, Tales of Demons and Gods, and Heaven's Official Blessing. Don't worry, you can download the app completely for free, and you can read webcomics offline.

5. Marvel Unlimited

marvel unlimited_

If you're a fan of Marvel stories, try out the Marvel Unlimited app. This comic-reading app is designed specifically for Marvel fans. It offers access to a collection of over 20,000 digital comics that can be enjoyed online or offline.

Unfortunately, Marvel Unlimited does not provide full access for free. After signing up, you will receive a 7-day trial to try out the app. However, after the trial period ends, your Marvel Unlimited service will require a monthly subscription fee.

6. Manta


If you're looking for a free comic reading app, try Manta. Unlike other apps, Manta doesn't charge users per episode. Instead, all you need to do is subscribe to this app, which gives you unlimited access to every comic episode you want.

The Manta app offers a huge collection of great comic and manga titles, such as Totem's Realm, Timing, Flip Turn, Love Jinx, and many more. You can download the Manta app from the Google Play Store.

7. Tapas


Next, we would like to recommend an app called Tapas. Why? Because this application is also as good as the apps mentioned earlier.

Tapas provide a number of comics created by talented authors. Their expertise is evident in the incredible sales achieved by their best-selling comics, such as A Business Proposal.

While we found that certain comics were not available in certain countries during our trial, some well-known titles still offer access to multiple episodes.

In addition, Tapas includes additional easy-to-use features, including the infinity reader. This feature improves the comic reading experience by eliminating the need to scroll, allowing you to enjoy seamless stories. Simply download Tapas on the Google PlayStore to start reading.

8. KakaoWebtoon

Kakao Webtoon_

In addition to LINE, Kakao also provides a comic reading app called KakaoWebtoon. This app features Korean digital comics with various genres, one of the most popular is the romance genre.

One of our favorite romance genre titles on KakaoWebtoon is Passionate Seduction. Usually, each episode requires a Kakao ticket to read. These tickets can be obtained by purchasing Kakao Cash, with the price per ticket being around 140 Kakao Cash. Currently, Kakao Cash can only be obtained using real currency.

In terms of features, KakaoWebtoon offers a pleasant experience. The Carisinyal team particularly enjoyed the marathon reading feature, which makes it possible to read KakaoWebtoon comics continuously. However, this marathon feature also uses tickets. So, are you interested in using this app? Download KakaoWebtoon on Google PlayStore.


pocket comics_

Next, let's talk about POCKET COMICS, a highly popular app among comic readers. This app has impressive number of downloads, surpassing one million users.

POCKET COMICS mainly focuses on manhwa, providing various genre categories to suit a variety of tastes. In addition, the app offers personalized recommendations for digital comic works, guiding you to other comic titles that may interest you.

When it comes to reading POCKET COMICS, there are no features that stand out. However, the app offers convenient options such as quick scrolling and the ability to leave comments on each episode.

Usually, the initial episodes of webcomics on POCKET COMICS can be accessed free of charge. However, for later episodes, you will have to use coins as payment.

Fortunately, you can earn coins for free by watching ads or participating in surveys. In addition, there is also the option to purchase coins directly within the app.

10. TappyToon


We also highly recommend TappyToon as an excellent choice, especially if you are looking for a wider range of manhwa genres, including BL. In terms of features, TappyToon does not differ much from its competitors.

In fact, TappyToon's features are quite straightforward and uncomplicated. When reading one of the comics, you'll find a simple button that allows you to easily move to the next chapter.

The comics available on TappyToon can be accessed for free, but this access is limited to the first few episodes. If you wish to continue reading, you will have to purchase each episode using TappyToon points. These points can be earned by making purchases with real money. Download TappyToon on the Google PlayStore.

So, that's a collection of the most popular comic reading apps for Android. Some of these apps offer a wider selection of genres, some of which may be less common in certain countries.

Therefore, choose the one that best suits your preferences and needs. We'd love to hear your favorite app picks, so feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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