15 Best Online Dating Apps on Android

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Finding a partner is not a simple as it seems. Having a wide social circle is no guarantee that finding a partner will be easy. If you are facing challenges in finding a life partner, you may want to consider trying some of our recommended dating apps.

These dating apps make it easier to connect with people from around the world. You can meet people from different backgrounds. Also, the user base of these apps includes singles, widows, and widowers.

Although it's not a guarantee that you'll find the partner you want, but it is worth to try. So, what dating apps are currently popular? Here's a list of apps you need to know.

1. Bumble


The Bumble app has been gaining popularity lately, especially among young people who are looking for a partner. This app has similarities with Tinder.

To find a partner on Bumble, all you need to do is swipe the screen. There are also some special features in Bumble that are unique. If you haven't had a chance to chat with someone, you can reconnect with them through the Beeline feature within 24 hours.

Interestingly, Bumble encourages women to take the initiative and start conversations with their Beeline partners. Besides its unique features, Bumble also allows users to connect their social media and streaming accounts, such as Instagram and Spotify. Experience Bumble by downloading it from the Google Play Store. Give it a try and see if this app is for you!

2. Boo


Boo is a modern online dating app that uses psychological tests to match users. If two users are found to be compatible, their profiles will display indicators such as "Has potential" or "Matches." In Boo, users are referred to as souls.

To communicate with other souls on Boo, you must show interest in their profile by liking it. Simply tap the heart button to like their profile. If they do the same, you will automatically become a match, allowing you to start a conversation.

Within the chat room, you have access to several features, including the ability to block or mute a particular soul if you find their conversation annoying.

Not only chatting, here, you are allowed to share stories through posts on the feed with your followers or other souls. There’s also a Boo Universe that you can explore as well.

It is important to note that some features, such as country or location filters, are not available in the free version of Boo. Also, accidental mismatches or swipes to the left cannot be undone. However, Boo offers an affordable subscription fee.

3. Litmatch


Litmatch is considered a new breakthrough in the world of dating and friendship apps. Unlike most other apps that rely on swiping, Litmatch offers a unique set of features to its users.

With Litmatch, you have the opportunity to meet potential matches and make online friends through three different modes of communication. The first option is Soul Game, which allows you to connect with potential partners and friends by exchanging text messages.

The second option is Voice Game, which is designed for those who prefer to get to know potential partners or friends through short voice calls. This feature adds a personal touch to the interaction.

And last, there is the Party Chat feature, which allows you to expand your network of connections on Litmatch and meet more users.

It also introduces the Feed feature, where you can share and view beautiful moments taken by other users, including potential partners.

If you are interested and want to give it a try, you can download Litmatch from the Google Play Store. Take the opportunity to explore this unique platform and connect with new people.

4. Muzz


Muzz is a dating app for Muslims only. If you are looking for a partner for a serious relationship, Muzz can be a great choice. How this app works is very similar to other dating apps, you can chat and video call with your partner on Muzz.

To ensure authenticity, the app requires users to verify their identity by providing a clear photo and an active phone number. It is important to upload photos that are not blurry.

The app has features that only premium users can access. Unfortunately, even basic features like replying to messages require you to subscribe first.


dating.com_ is a reliable online dating app that can help you find a potential partner. With a wide user base, you have the opportunity to connect with tens of thousands of people who could potentially be your future partner.

In this app, you can share stories and interests, building relationships with potential partners. also comes with useful filters to help you find a partner that matches your preferences.

Also, by subscribing to the app, you get access to additional premium features. These include the ability to engage in chats with popular users, increasing your chances of making meaningful connections.

If you're interested and ready to give it a try, you can download from the Google Play Store. Explore the possibilities and take steps towards finding your ideal partner.

6. Purp


Purp is a user-friendly app that offers a simple interface. With Purp, you can search for a partner or simply find friends to chat with. The Carisinyal team has personally tried this app, and it functions very similarly to Tinder.

To find a chat buddy on Purp, all you have to do is swipe right or left. However, unlike other apps, there is no "like" button on Purp. Instead, there are undo and booster buttons available to increase the visibility of your profile.

The bio section on Purp does not provide much information. It only allows for a short description with a limited number of words. The chat feature on Purp is also very simple. However, there is no option for phone calls or video calls. If you want such features, you will have to use other apps for that purpose.

To swipe through user profiles, you need to use diamonds. Each profile swipe requires 10 diamonds and every day you will get 250 diamonds for free. One of the aspects we like about Purp is its ability to connect not only with users in your local area, but also with overseas users.

If you need more diamonds, there is an option to purchase them with real money. To get started with Purp, download the app from the Google Play Store.

7. Plenty of Fish

plenty of fish_

Plenty of Fish is an online dating app developed by PlentyofFish Media. The app allows users to find partner by using a voting system. Users can watch live broadcasts from other users, which increases their chances of finding a suitable partner.

With the help of filters, it is easier for user to find partner that meet their specific criteria. Remember that Plenty of Fish is only available to users who are 17 years old and above.

8. Wakie


Wakie is one of the oldest online networking apps. This app allows you to not only find friends, but also partners from all over the world.

On Wakie, users can share their thoughts and interests by writing a status about any topic, such as music, movies and more. This is the starting point to initiate interaction with other users, where you can leave a comment and like their posts.

If you want to have a more intimate conversation, you can reach other user via Chat or Phone features. In order to get started, simply download Wakie from the Google Play Store and begin your journey to connect with new people.

9. CuteU


When it comes to Tinder or Bumble, you are asked to choose your match by yourself. However, CuteU takes a different approach. When you use CuteU for the first time, the app will immediately find a match for you through the home screen. The unique aspect is that you can instantly start a video call with a user you are matched with.

CuteU allows its users to live stream. By live streaming, you can quickly connect with your potential soulmate. However, this app has strict rules, users must input a real nickname and upload a real photo of themselves. Last, users are not allowed to engage in inappropriate behavior during live streaming.

10. Lita - Meet Gamer Friends


From the name itself, you can already guess that this app is perfect for gamers. If you love playing games and are looking for friends, then you can rely on the Lita - Meet Gamer Friends app.

This app not only gives you the opportunity to find gaming friends, but also allows you to connect with friends who share the same hobby as you: gaming.

The app offers convenient features such as voice chat and messaging, which allow for seamless communication between users. It's an exciting prospect, isn't it? Try the Lita - Meet Gamer Friends app by downloading it from this link.

11. Tantan


This app is quite popular among teenagers, but that doesn't mean adults can't use it. In fact, in Tantan you can find friends for just chatting or for a serious relationship.

The process of finding friends on Tantan is very easy. Once you find a match, you can start chatting with people you're interested in. But, if you are not matched with the person you have chosen, then you are not able to access the chat with them.

What makes Tantan different from other apps is the BREAK THE ICE feature. This feature gives you and your partner ten questions to help break the ice and through these questions, you can get to know each other better. Isn't that interesting? You can download the app from the Google Play Store .

12. Tinder


Tinder is a really fun app for meeting new people. Here, you can see someone's photo and get to know them with just a swipe of your phone screen. When you find someone you are interested in, you can express your liking by tapping the 'like' button under their photo. If they 'like' your photo in return, then it's a match.

Tinder allows you to chat with your partner and exchange photos or memorable moments. The app offers both free and paid services. Tinder's paid service provides more benefits. For example, you can find users who are far away from your current location. To access Tinder, simply download the app from the Google Play Store.

13. OMI

omi 1-side_

OMI is a dating app similar to Tinder. It offers interesting features such as dating quizzes and Telepath (a voice chat feature). Similar to Boo, OMI also uses psychological tests to help the process of finding a partner.

To match with other OMI users, you can simply swipe right. If you are not interested in a particular user, you can swipe left. Pressing the like button allows you to express interest in someone's profile.

However, not all features on OMI are accessible for free. For example, to see who has liked your profile, you need to subscribe to the premium or supreme service.

Having a premium or supreme account has its own benefits, including having freedom to swipe through user profiles, see who has liked your profile, and enjoy multiple boosters, among other benefits.

14. Waplog


Waplog will take you to meet users. Unfortunately, the free version of this app limits its scope to users in your area. Waplog uses Tinder-like mechanics, but with an interesting twist. User profiles are displayed in a list format, and there is an "Add friends" button to easily add them to your friends list.

The Carisinyal team had the opportunity to try out the video chat feature, which allows face-to-face interaction with Waplog users. Usually, these users are those who are popular in the community.

In addition, Waplog also provides a "Story" feature for users who want to share posts and updates. To access Waplog, simply download the app from the Google Play Store.

15. Badoo


Are you still looking for a match while your friends have already found their partners? Let's find your soul mate on Badoo. In fact, Badoo is ranked as the 136th most popular website in the world.

With over 308 million members from different countries, Badoo gives you the opportunity to connect with individuals from overseas. The platform operates in around 180 countries, offering tons of potential matches.

Here are some tips for those of you looking for a match through online platforms: make sure your matchmaking account includes personal information and real photos. This is very important to build trust and avoid potential scams when meeting in person. By the way, don't forget to check out the list of apps that are currently popular.

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