Top 10 Android Apps to Make Korean Friends

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Are you a fan of everything Korean? Do you want to enhance your proficiency in the Korean but you don't have the time to attend traditional language classes? Or perhaps you wish to connect with Korean individuals without having to travel to the country?

Guess what? You absolutely can. The solution lies in the various chat apps available on Google PlayStore. Sounds simple, doesn't it?

Here, the Carisinyal team will compile a list of the 10 best Android apps that can help you make friends with Koreans. These apps can be downloaded directly from the Google Play Store. Are you curious about these apps? Let's take a look right away!

1. Hello Talk

hello talk_

Hello Talk provides an interactive platform for you to make friends with Korean individuals while also improving your Korean language skills via direct chat conversations.

The app enables you to find potential language partners based on their age, nationality, and language proficiency. Once you find a match that meets your criteria, you can begin engaging with them.

Moreover, Hello Talk promotes mutual language learning, allowing you to educate each other about your respective languages. This is facilitated by a chat feature that comes equipped with voice note capabilities.

As a result, you have the opportunity to enhance your language proficiency while also making new friends. Curious to try out this app?

2. Wakie


Wakie serves as your ideal portal to connect with Korean friends. This app facilitates interaction through a status update feature similar to Facebook, and it offers phone communication via its chat functionality.

You can specify your preferred friend criteria through your status or bio profile. Following that, users who align with your preferences will get in touch if you match their interests as well.

In short, Wakie functions like a social media application and isn't strictly designed for language learning. Are you interested in trying it out? Download Wakie from the Google PlayStore.

3. Slowly


Looking for a pen pal? Consider trying the Slowly app. This application offers a platform to discover pen pals from around the globe but with a modern twist.

Developed by Why Interactive, Slowly enables you to interact with pen pals from varied regions, and it also provides the option to customize your avatar and nicknames.

Furthermore, Slowly provides a feature to filter your pen pal search based on mutual interests and languages. During our testing phase, our messages did not get instant responses from any pen pals.

Just like traditional letter writing, message delivery time varies depending on the distance between countries. Quite a unique concept, isn't it? If you're interested, download Slowly from the Google PlayStore.

4. Tandem


Tandem operates under a concept similar to HelloTalk. This app not only enables you to befriend Koreans but also provides tools for learning Korean within the app itself. You may also make new friends, learn their language, and share your own language with them.

Tandem offers a wide range of features, including video chat, voice notes, text chat, and multimedia messaging with images and audio. It also handles 150 languages, providing 2500 different language combinations.

Locating friends on Tandem is easy. You can even interact with international friends who reside in the nearby area. However, this feature is not accessible to users of the free version. Interested in giving it a try? Download Tandem from the Google PlayStore.

5. Goodnight

goodnight 2_

On Goodnight, you can encounter numerous users, including friends from South Korea. One of its unique features is an exclusive voice chat, where the app randomly selects participants for you to engage in conversation with.

Additionally, you can watch live streams from popular users on Goodnight. What's fascinating is that this app includes a community feature that resembles Facebook's interface, allowing you to post statuses, create stories, and interact with other Goodnight users.

It's important to note that this app requires location services to be enabled. Without a premium subscription, it primarily connects you with friends in the closest area.



Specifically designed to connect you with friends from the Land of Morning Calm, with this platform, you can learn Korean in an informal setting, directly from native speakers. Plus, you have the flexibility to choose your friends based on gender or age.

MEEFF is not just about making Korean friends, but it also facilitates easy interaction with users from different corners of the globe.

Do note that to access features such as sending photos or using the app's exclusive translation capabilities, you'll need to use the premium chat rooms. Download MEEFF from the Google PlayStore.

7. Yeetalk

yeetalk 2_

Yeetalk will connect you with users from South Korea. The process is straightforward: simply create your Yeetalk profile, select your language and country of origin, and then specify the language you wish to learn—in this case, Korean.

Remember to add a photo to your profile. Once you've completed these steps, you'll receive a list of users from Korea, ready to chat with you.

Like many similar apps, Yeetalk also has a community section. It features a timeline where you can share your experiences with all other users. Each status you post will be visible on the international timeline, enabling friends from various countries to interact with you.

Yeetalk will require you to enable location services. However, it has a fairly mild policy in this regard, allowing you to skip the location activation process.

During our trial, we found that we could freely select our home country and language, irrespective of our actual location. This flexibility, however, is a downside as well, as it makes Yeetalk susceptible to being used for catfishing.

8. Speaky


Speaky is an Android app designed to help you connect with friends from Korea. Conceptualized as a language exchange platform, it bears similarities to HelloTalk. The app allows you to locate partners interested in learning a foreign language and in turn, you can teach them your language.

Additionally, Speaky offers a correction feature, plus the capability to send voice notes in chats. If you're interested in finding international friends and improving your language skills, download Speaky from the Google PlayStore.

9. Mico


MICO is a social platform that will help you make friends and get started with live broadcasting. It's a space where new people from around the world share entertaining stories. A key feature of MICO is its interactive live streaming, often used by talented broadcasters globally.

MICO also includes a "Real-time Translation" feature, which eliminates language barriers when interacting virtually with individuals from different linguistic backgrounds. Mico has been downloaded over 50 million times on the PlayStore and has garnered positive ratings.

10. Yubo


Yubo could be your gateway to discover new friends via live streaming and genuine interactions. With Yubo, creating friendships - either within your local community or from around the globe - is simple and quick via live chat. The app shares similarities with MICO and leans towards a more 'free' social interaction structure.

Yubo has unique features, like exploring various topics through tags. What adds a touch of fun is Yubo's collaboration with Snapchat, which allows you to use Snapchat filters while live streaming on the app.

These are just a few of the apps that provide you the chance to meet Korean people on your Android phone. As you explore and use these apps, we urge you to always exercise discretion and wisdom for a safe and enjoyable experience. Good luck!

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