10 Best Period Tracking Apps for Android

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Women experience a recurring event known as the 'menstrual period'. This occurs regularly after a woman reaches the age of puberty. Typically, the menstrual cycle lasts for approximately 28 days.

In the past, women used to track of their menstrual cycles manually, often noting down dates on a calendar or in a diary. However, thanks to technological advancements, women now have the luxury of using menstrual calendar apps on their Android devices.

Some of these apps offer amazing features, including the ability to accurately predict the start of your menstrual cycle each month. If you're wondering what apps are recommended by the Carisinyal team, check out the list below.

1. Flo


Flo is an incredibly handy application for monitoring your menstrual cycle, acting as a reliable period tracker. You can track your monthly cycle by merely inputting the start date of your last period. Flo then promptly estimates the start of your upcoming menstrual cycle.

In addition, the app also allows you to record additional details pertaining to any symptoms you encounter preceding and during your menstrual cycle. These might include symptoms such as bloating and abdominal cramps, heightened libido, discomfort in the back and waist area, as well as mood fluctuations.

The Carisinyal team has been sing Flo for a while, and we've found it to be highly effective in accurately monitoring the monthly menstrual cycle. With this app, we can review our menstrual cycle history and verify whether the cycle duration is within the normal spectrum.

What the Carisinyal team likes most about Flo is its flexibility. We can easily modify the dates inputted for each menstrual cycle. The app also provides informative graphs and detailed information about the menstrual cycle and its accompanying symptoms. This can be particularly beneficial in managing issues related to the menstrual cycle.

Moreover, Flo offers a wide variety of articles related to menstruation, accessible anytime. If you are interested in trying it out, you can download the Flo app from the Google Play Store.

2. MeetYou

meetyou period_

You can also rely on MeetYou's menstrual calendar app. This app also facilitates the tracking of your menstrual cycle by simply entering the date of your last period. Furthermore, it includes a feature that enables you to record any symptoms you encounter before and during your menstrual cycle.

MeetYou also provides monthly reports so that you can monitor the progress of your menstrual cycle. In terms of features, MeetYou is quite similar to Flo. However, according to the Carisinyal team, Flo has a more user-friendly interface compared to MeetYou.

Please note that MeetYou does contain ads and does not offer premium features like Flo. Nonetheless, the features offered by MeetYou can assist users in tracking menstrual cycles and even detecting potential pregnancies.

3. MyCalendar


MyCalendar regularly keeps track of your monthly menstrual cycle. Moreover, the app provides essential information about fertility and ovulation. Therefore, it can be particularly beneficial for those who are actively participating in a pregnancy plan.

MyCalendar provides comprehensive statistics on your menstrual cycle, which can be used as a report during a reproductive health checkup with a gynecologist. The app also gives information regarding the possibility of pregnancy. However, this particular feature is only available through MyCalendar's premium service.

One of the interesting features offered by this app is the ability to customize its theme according to your personal preferences. You can change the theme of the app according to your taste. This feature is also included in the premium service.

While the app does contain advertisements, they're not excessively distracting. To start using MyCalendar, simply download it from the Google Play Store.

4. Clue Period Tracker

CLUE Period_

Clue Period Tracker presents a user-friendly interface, enabling easy data entry for your monthly menstrual cycle. Once you enter the relevant information, Clue will provide comprehensive details regarding the date of your upcoming period.

The app's "Analyze" tab also offers a detailed report on your menstrual cycle. It includes data on the cycle length, variation, and duration of your menstrual period each month. If you forget the date of your last period, you can easily check the "Calendar" tab.

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge about menstruation or pregnancy, the "Content" tab contains informative articles that are easily accessible and completely free. Clue also offers a premium service with various benefits, including full access to all Clue features for pregnancy detection.

5. Maya


The Maya app offers an impressive array of features, including a menstrual cycle and fertility tracker, along with detailed reports on your monthly cycle. Within the app, you'll find information regarding the predicted date of your period, as well as the option to note any accompanying symptoms.

One of the standout features of the Maya app, which the Carisinyal team really appreciates, is the 'Maya Forum'. It allows users to share experiences and have discussions around menstruation.

Maya Forum resembles the look and function of Facebook, allowing you to write and post about your experiences through status updates. Other Maya users can then respond and interact with your posts.

Interestingly, Maya Forum also provides access to specialized posts from health experts. You are free to explore these posts and gain valuable insights.

Most of Maya's features are accessible at no cost. However, for those looking for an ad-free experience, Maya offers premium features. You can download Maya from the Google Play Store.

6. Wocute


If you're looking for an easy-to-use menstrual cycle app, consider trying Wocute. This app focuses on two main features: ovulation and menstrual cycle trackers, and content related to reproductive health. As expected, you can log your menstrual period every month using Wocute.

The app also allows you to track symptoms and signs associated with menstruation, along with a mood tracker. While the number of features offered by Wocute may be limited, they are undeniably useful. Notably, Wocute includes an app lock feature to ensure your privacy is maintained.

Wocute provides all its services for free. You can try Wocute by downloading it from the Google Play Store.

7. Clover


This menstrual calendar app developed by Wachanga offers three amazing features. These include a menstrual cycle tracker, a pregnancy program guide, and a special feature to monitor the user's overall health.

Clover provides a statistics tab where you can access data regarding your menstrual cycle or ovulation. These reports can be downloaded in PDF form and shared with your doctor during checkups. Please note that this particular feature is available exclusively to users who subscribe to Clover's premium service. However, the menstrual cycle counter feature is still accessible for free.

The Carisinyal team appreciates the simple and attractive design of this app. In addition, to ensure privacy, Clover includes an application lock feature in the form of a PIN code.

There is also a theme change feature to prevent monotonous appearance and allow users to personalize the appearance of the application. You can download Clover from the Google Play Store and explore its various features.

8. Eve AI Ovulation & Period Tracker

eve period tracker_

Eve AI Ovulation & Period Tracker is a very easy-to-use menstrual calendar app that emphasizes simplicity. It eliminates the need for complicated buttons or tabs by combining all its features into a single page.

Upon trying the app, you will be asked to provide certain information, including the date of your last period, the length of your menstrual cycle, and your age. Once you provide your data, the app will quickly generate a prediction of your menstrual period and fertile window. Menstrual dates are marked in red, while fertile periods are displayed in green.

Eve app also offers predictions for future menstrual dates in the coming months. In addition, it also presents important statistics such as menstrual cycle variations. Unfortunately, access to this information is limited to premium users.

Overall, Eve proves to be quite helpful in accurately predicting menstrual dates and fertility with ease. To get started, you can download Eve from the Google Play Store.

9. WomanLog Period Tracker

womanlog period_

Next, we have WomanLog Period Tracker, an app offering complete information about your menstrual cycle, ovulation period, and monthly period. You can easily access all this data right from the app's homepage, thanks to its easy-to-use features.

Each piece of information is conveniently represented by a specific icon. For example, the fertile period or fertility is indicated by a flower icon.

WomanLog Period Tracker caters to different usage modes based on individual needs. It offers standard, pregnancy, and menopause modes. Standard mode is suitable for those who just want to keep track of their menstrual cycle.

Similar to other period tracking apps, WomanLog also offers menstrual cycle statistics. Interestingly, this feature is available for free. However, the free version of WomanLog features ads. If you prefer an ad-free experience, WomanLog provides a paid premium service.

This premium service comes with some excellent features, including cervical cancer sign detection, reminders, access to statistics in PDF format, and information about the user's blood pressure.

One excellent feature that the Carisinyal team really appreciates is the integration with Google Fit. This feature proves to be very useful, especially for Google Fit users who want to easily monitor their menstrual cycle.

10. Grace Health

grace health period trakcer_

Grace Health offers a variety of comprehensive features, including period and mood trackers, as well as a tracker specifically designed to monitor vaginal discharge. As expected, Grace Health also provides calculations for your menstrual period and fertility every month.

What sets Grace Health apart is its unique mission or goal feature. The app records your level of engagement in monitoring your reproductive health condition and converts it into statistics. These statistics can then be used when you visit your gynecologist for a reproductive health check-up.

Grace Health also has an assessment feature, which consists of various questionnaires related to reproductive health. To access these questionnaires, you need Grace Health coins known as GC. Typically, to participate in one assessment requires 10 GCs.

To earn GC, you can do various activities offered by Grace Health, such as watching commercials. Interested in trying this app? You can download Grace Health from the Google Play Store.

While there are several other menstrual calendar apps available for Android phones, we have selected the apps listed above as the best. You can choose the app that best suits your needs. Some apps do offer paid features or services, but the subscription fee is often justified by the valuable features provided.

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