7 Tips to Identify Genuine Phones and HDC Copies

Written by Ahmad Tsalis

I'm sure everyone usually prefers to own a genuine or original phone. These authentic phones come with assured quality and long-lasting durability. However, sometimes people mistakenly purchase the wrong one, leading to disappointment when their expectations don't match reality.

This often happens because the phone is actually an HDC model. HDC stands for "high detailed copy," sometimes referred to as a "copy draw cellphone." In simple terms, an HDC phone is a counterfeit that closely resembles a genuine one.

HDC phones imitate models from well-known original brands, including Apple iPhone, Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, realme, Xiaomi, among others. Fedioli smartphone, which I have previously discussed, falls under the HDC category.

Naturally, you wouldn't want to be tricked into buying an HDC phone. That’s why it’s crucial to read this article thoroughly. It will help you understand how to tell apart an original phone from an HDC one.

I will share seven effective ways to distinguish between a genuine phone and its HDC counterpart. These tips are useful whether you're buying a phone online or directly in the store. Pay close attention to each point to grasp the differences clearly.

1. Choose Your Seller Wisely

hp ori vs hdc
Some sellers of HDC phones on the market place

When you're in the market for a new cellphone, it's important to pick the right seller, especially if you have specific preferences from past shopping experiences. Regular cellphone buyers often have a go-to offline store known for its reliability.

What if it's your first time buying a cellphone? Don't worry, just reach out to family members or friends who are more experienced. They can suggest stores where you're likely to find authentic cellphones.

But how about shopping online? Advice from relatives and friends is invaluable, but you can also do your own research. Look for online stores that are designated as Official Stores or Authorized Sellers, as they are less likely to sell counterfeit HDC cellphones.

Additionally, consider stores that have been recognized as "star sellers", a title given based on positive feedback from numerous customers.

Also, don't forget to read through the comments and reviews of the products in these stores. A high number of positive reviews can be a good sign, indicating the store's trustworthiness, even if they haven't earned the star seller title yet.

2. Check the Price

hp ori vs hdc

The creators of HDC phones don't invest in research and innovation; they simply replicate the design of original phones. Research, which involves extensive trials, creativity, perseverance, and suitable facilities, can be quite costly.

This lack of research and development is a key reason why the HDCs are much cheaper than their authentic counterparts. Additionally, they are often produced without following strict Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), don't incur marketing expenses, and lack after-sales service.

During my exploration on an e-commerce website, I found that the price gap between HDC and original phones is significant, sometimes as much as tenfold. For instance, the HDC version of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is priced at just USD 64.23, in stark contrast to its original version, which starts at USD 1199.99 (as of its release in February 2023).

The price of a phone can be a strong indicator of whether it's an HDC. Before making a purchase, it's wise to check the official website of the phone brand to get an idea of the typical price range.

Another resource is the Carisinyal website. This site regularly updates phone prices and provides information on the availability of various phone models in the market.

3. HDC Phones Come without Warranty

cara mengecek garansi infinix

As mentioned earlier, HDC phones lack after-sales services, which usually include hardware and software repair warranties. Some original phone brands even offer a warranty that covers unit replacement in certain conditions.

A warranty is a promise from the manufacturer to its customers that is usually valid for one year. Some original phone brands extend this period to 15 months or even two years!

The absence of a warranty means HDC phone makers don't take responsibility if their products malfunction. This actually goes against the consumer protection laws.

When an HDC phone breaks down, repairing it can be a major challenge. This is due to the scarcity of service centers, spare parts, and technicians who are familiar with HDC phone specifications.

4. Check Its Specifications

hp ori vs hdc

In addition to being manufactured without proper procedures, HDC phones are often sold with misleading information. Sellers of these phones frequently provide incorrect specifications. Even if the listed specs appear similar to the original phone, they are likely inaccurate.

For example, on an e-commerce website, I found an HDC version of the Galaxy S23 Ultra listed with a Snapdragon 865 Plus SoC, which is incorrect. The genuine Galaxy S23 Ultra actually uses the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC for Galaxy.

The best way to ensure accuracy is to compare the phone's specifications with those listed on the brand's official website. Another reliable source for such information is the Carisinyal website.

5. Check Screen Brightness, Camera Quality, and Performance

fifa 2022 poco m4 pro

Due to lax manufacturing standards, HDC phones often fall short in quality. This is evident in three key areas: screen brightness, camera quality, and overall performance.

The screen brightness of HDC phones might seem adequate indoors, but it becomes a problem outdoors. The displays are often difficult to see in bright light, indicating the use of lower-quality screen panels.

Additionally, the resolution claimed by these HDC phones rarely matches that of the original models they imitate. The result is usually a blurry and unclear display.

The camera functionality of HDC phones is also disappointing. They usually don't deliver the kind of high-quality photos or videos you'd want to share on social media, both in terms of visual and audio quality.

In terms of performance, the processors and RAM in HDC phones are not on par with the original models they replicate. Special software is needed to reveal the true specifications. However, many users report that HDC phones struggle to perform even basic tasks smoothly.

Despite their lower cost, HDC phones cannot match the quality of the original models in screen brightness, camera results, or performance.

6. Check Its Design Quality

ASUS Zenfone 9

Many original cellphone brands conduct thorough quality control tests before releasing a model to the market. These tests include checking the USB plug, audio jack, and the durability of power and volume buttons.

For some high-end models, the process is even more stringent, involving third-party testing for dust and water resistance certification. The manufacturers carefully select materials and finishes to ensure quality.

The result is a cellphone with a robust and comfortable design. Unfortunately, this level of craftsmanship is not found in HDC phones. The design and build quality of HDC phones are often subpar.

The materials, assembly, and finishing in HDC phones are done carelessly, without any quality control tests. This can lead to a phone that feels flimsy or hollow, has uneven body joints, or has buttons that don't function properly.

7. Check the IMEI

cara mengecek garansi di HP ASUS

Every mobile phone has a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number, which is a set of 15 digits. This number is usually printed on the phone's sales box and should match the one displayed on the phone's screen.

To find the IMEI on your phone, simply dial *#06# in the call menu. If the IMEI displayed on your phone differs from the one on the sales box, the phone might be an HDC model.

Even if the IMEI numbers match, I recommend you to double-check online. You can do this on the website This site provides details like the phone's model, specifications, and warranty status based on its IMEI.

If the information you find online is different from your phone's details, it's likely an HDC phone. Remember, each original phone has a unique IMEI (or two for dual SIM models) that can't be replicated. If you find the same IMEI on multiple devices, it's a red flag.

Knowing beforehand that a phone is an HDC model sets your expectations about its quality. The issue is when you're expecting a genuine phone but end up with an HDC one.

By keeping these seven points in mind, I hope you can make more informed choices when purchasing a phone. Always use reason and careful consideration in your decisions.

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