How to Hide Apps on Xiaomi Smartphones

Xiaomi phones come with a handy privacy feature to help users maintain their discretion, reflecting the increasing emphasis people place on privacy today. Among these features, one that stands out is the ability to hide applications.

Xiaomi integrates this feature directly into its MIUI system, so there's no need for any third-party downloads. In this article, I'll guide you through the process of hiding apps on Xiaomi phones using this built-in capability.

Being a Xiaomi phone owner myself, I can confirm the authenticity of this method as I've applied it firsthand.

For the sake of this tutorial, I used a Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S powered by Android 12 and operating on the MIUI 13 system. Do note, while the core process remains consistent, some Xiaomi or Redmi phones with varied MIUI versions might display minor differences in option placements.

There are primarily two methods to hides your apps on Xiaomi: using the "Hidden apps" function and the "Second space" feature. Let's explore both.

1. Using the Hidden apps Feature

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The "Hidden apps" is an integral feature of MIUI designed to conceal specific applications on your Xiaomi phone. When activated, the selected apps won't be displayed on your device's main screen.

This feature is especially beneficial for keeping personal apps out of sight from others. To activate it is simple. For a detailed guide, refer to the steps provided below.

  • Begin by launching the "Security" application, which is typically found on your device's home screen.
menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • Scroll down until you find the "Tools" section.
  • Navigate to the "Hidden apps" option, symbolized by a crossed-out eye icon.
menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • If your Xiaomi phone is secured with a pattern or password, enter it to proceed.
  • Inside the menu, simply toggle on the switch next to the app you wish to conceal.
  • If the toggle lights up, exit the menu. Your app is now hidden.
  • At the top right of the screen, you'll notice a gear or "Settings" icon; tap on it.
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  • Within the setting, you can configure the app's notifications to remain hidden.
  • Additionally, you can lock the hidden app for an extra layer of security.
  • To activate this, ensure both toggle switches (related to the app's security) turn blue or indicate they're on.

After completing the process, return to the home screen to verify if the app is concealed. If it's hidden and you wish to access it again, the procedure is straightforward. Look at the steps provided below.

menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • Start by going to the main page of your Xiaomi phone.
  • Perform a gesture by spreading two fingers apart on the screen, similar to a "zoom in" action.
menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • If the gesture is recognized, you'll be prompted to input a pattern or password.
  • Upon successful entry, the concealed app will become visible, and you can use it like any other app.

If at any point you decide to unhide an app and return it to its original position on the home screen, simply repeat the initial steps and deactivate the toggle beside the app. This will make it visible again on your Xiaomi phone's home page.

2. Using the Second space Feature

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The "Second space" feature available on Xiaomi phones serves a similar purpose, which is to hide applications. However, its primary function is to generate a separate, distinct environment on your Xiaomi device, free of any data from the main or primary space.

Yet, you retain the flexibility to select specific data or apps to transfer into this Second space. What's intriguing about this feature is that it mimics the appearance of a brand-new or factory-reset phone.

Activating the "Second space" feature is straightforward. For a clearer understanding, follow the steps below.

  • Start by accessing the "Security" application, typically found on your home screen.
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • Scroll down to reach the "Tools" section.
  • Look for and select the "Second space" option, represented by two overlapping squares.
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • Once inside, tap on "Turn on Second space".
  • Follow the prompts to finalize activation, including granting necessary permissions and setting a password for accessing both the Second and First space features.
  • To import or move data from the First space to the Second space, you can start by navigating to the "Security" menu while you are in the Second space.
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • Scroll down to the "Tools" section and choose the "Second space" menu.
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • Within this section, continue scrolling to the "DATA" category and tap on "Move data".
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • A prompt will appear requesting your password. Input it to proceed.
  • In the subsequent screen, head to the "App settings" option. From the listed apps, select the one you wish to move.
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • To move an app solely to the Second space, making it disappear from the First space, select "Used in current space".
  • Alternatively, if you prefer the app to be accessible in both spaces, choose "Used in both spaces".
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • If you want to return to the First space, simply tap on the "Switch" option and provide the necessary password.
cara menyembunyikan aplikasi xiaomi
  • If you ever decide to remove the Second space, it can be done effortlessly. Start by opening the "Security" application on your device and choose the "Second space" option within the app.
  • In the top-right corner, you'll see a trash can icon. Tap on it, then select "Delete".
  • After this action, the Second space will be successfully removed.

Those are two methods to discreetly safeguard your apps using MIUI's built-in features. Thus, you can have peace of mind knowing your apps and personal data are secure. I hope this guide helps you in enhancing your privacy. Best wishes!

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