20 Best Cooking Games on Android & PC

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Technology is getting more sophisticated. You can play virtual cooking games with a range of cooking games on Android and PC. In fact, these cooking games have good quality graphics, exciting gameplay and intuitive controls.

This time, the Carisinyal team will invite you to take a peek at the list of the best cooking games for two different platforms. Let's explore the list.

Cooking Games for Android

The Android platform has tons of cooking games that should not to be missed. So even when you're out and about, you can still pass the time by preparing delicious virtual dishes.

1. Cooking Fever

cooking fever_

Cooking Fever has been downloaded by more than 2 million Android phone users on the Play Store. This exciting game presents about 400 types of dishes with 150 secret spices.

In addition to presenting a variety of dishes and seasonings, Cooking Fever also presents excellent features such as 19 different restaurant locations.

Interestingly, in the Cooking Fever game, you'll encounter 400 levels full of various challenges. Interested in trying it out? Download Cooking Fever from the Google Play Store.

2. Cooking Madness

Cooking Madness

In Cooking Madness, you can't relax as customers will keep coming in to place their orders. You have to be quick to serve and not disappoint them.

Moreover, you also have the task of unlocking new restaurants at each level. Naturally, there's a minimum income requirement from food sales in Cooking Madness to achieve this.

But there's more – Cooking Madness provides cooking tips to help you create more delicious dishes. You can also upgrade all your cooking tools to speed up the dish preparation process. Sounds thrilling, doesn't it? Download the game directly from the Google Play Store.

3. COOKING MAMA Let's Cook!

cooking mama_

COOKING MAMA Let's Cook is another fantastic choice for those who wish to join into the world of virtual cooking games. In this game, you're expected to prepare various dishes from the menu.

However, if you have high creativity in terms of cooking, you can experiment and create your own recipes within the game. Besides cooking, players are also required to manage their restaurant.

So, this cooking game will give you the responsibility of running a restaurant as well as being a reliable chef. Sounds like your kind of game? Why not give it a try?

4. Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Good Pizza, Great Pizza

Just as the name implies, Good Pizza, Great Pizza invites you to cook pizza. You can craft pizzas with a variety of toppings based on your preferences.

There's a wide selection of toppings to pick from, such as sausages, onions, pepperoni, mushrooms, and assorted vegetables, all of which can contribute to creating a truly unique pizza.

However, remember that while you're free to experiment, your customers have their own pizza preferences. Therefore, ensure to craft pizzas according to your customers' orders. By doing so, You'll keep your pizza business growing and you can keep your customers satisfied with their personalized pizza dishes.

5. Cooking City - Chef Fever

cooking city (1)_

Cooking City - Chef Fever is a culinary game similar to Cooking Fever. You must have good time management skills. Your objective is to efficiently serve all your customers across various restaurants and stages within each restaurant.

Initially, you'll be serving basic toasts with a variety of toppings. However, as you progress, the amount of food and beverages you need to prepare increases, and the toppings also get more complicated.

This is a great game to play in your leisure time. The speed of your fingers has a huge impact on the completion of each level. The best part is that there are no ads in this game. You can download Cooking City - Chef Fever for free.

There is no storyline embedded in this game. If you enjoy challenging time-management games, then this might be a good fit for you.

6. Delicious World - Cooking Game

delicious world(2)_

Delicious World - Cooking Game is a time-management cooking game that adds another layer of depth with a compelling storyline.

The main character, Emily, is not only cooking and serving food to meet the game's objectives, but she's also working to pay off her mother's debts, keep her restaurant from being confiscated, and follow her dreams of becoming a professional chef.

The goal in each level varies, keeping the game fresh and challenging. As you progress, you'll need to manage your time and resources effectively to keep your customers happy, earn coins, and meet your objectives.

If you enjoy cooking games that offer a balance between fast-paced gameplay and an engaging story, then Delicious World - Cooking Game might be a perfect fit for you. It's available for download on the Google Play Store.

7. My Hotpot Story

my hotspot story__

My Hotpot Story is a unique cooking game where you manage a hotpot restaurant. However, you won't be doing the actual cooking; instead, you'll need to strategize by creating new menus and experimenting with various ingredients.

The food ordered by customers will be served automatically, but it's your job to serve them once ready. As your restaurant grows, you can recruit additional staff to handle the increasing number of tables and customers.

The profits you make can be invested in upgrading your menu, repairing any run-down sections of your restaurant, or purchasing food ingredients. My Hotspot Story is perfect to play when you're relaxed and bored.

8. Mini Market - Cooking Game

mini market - cooking game_

Mini Market is a simple yet addictive game, where you will help the main character restore a mini market. Here, you will serve customers by preparing various food items such as ice cream, burgers, falafel, and even fruits and vegetables.

Upon successful completion of orders, you'll earn money, which can be used to purchase new items for renovating your mini market. As your store improves, it attracts more customers.

The game does reward you with certain items, but each of these must be unlocked by watching ads. Be aware that the frequency of ads in the game can be somewhat excessive and potentially bothersome. However, you can remove these ads through an in-app purchase.

9. Restaurant Dash: Gordon Ramsay

restaurant dash

Diner Dash is back with a new theme. This phenomenal cooking game now stars the famous chef Gordon Ramsay, a name recognized by food enthusiasts globally.

Conceptually, the gameplay doesn't differ much. You still have to quickly take the customer's order, prepare the dish at once, and serve it to the customers before their patience runs out.

Moreover, you can also personalize your character's appearance, discover and unlock exceptional new venues, and compete with other players.

This game has also been installed more than 5 million times. Interested in owning this free Android cooking game? Download it on Google PlayStore.

10. Cooking Spies Food Simulator

cooking spies food simulator_

Cooking Spies Food Simulator is arguably similar to the PC game, Cooking Simulator. In this game, your primary duty is to prepare the food and beverages ordered by customers, with a menu featuring items like coffee, tea, omelets, and shrimp soup.

In our opinion, this game has simpler controls and is easier to operate than similar cooking games. There's a joystick to move around, as well as hand controls to pick up items.

The hand controls, in particular, will usually appear when you direct the camera close to the object you intend to pick up. Apart from the controls, the game impresses with its above-average graphical representation for a cooking simulation game. The Carisinyal team enjoyed an extended period of gameplay.

Unfortunately, there is no progress of the storyline in the game. In fact, the backgroundstory is quite interesting. Overall, Cooking Spies Food Simulator is still worth playing.

Cooking Games for PC

Enjoying games on Android devices is fun. However, the thrill of PC gaming is incomparable. Typically, PC games offer a higher degree of complexity in gameplay along with superior graphics. Here are the recommendations for cooking games for PC by the Carisinyal team.

1. Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator

chef life_

Want to try a more realistic cooking game? Consider Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator. Arguably, this is one of the best cooking and restaurant management simulation games.

Chef Life: A Restaurant Simulator features exciting gameplay. You will manage a restaurant, as well as cook all the food for the customers. Your partner, Kassim, will help you in running the business.

The game includes various mini games that involve cooking food entirely from scratch, strictly following the given recipes. One such recipe is 'Beef and Potato,' a typical French main dish that consists of steak and french fries.

You have to start the cooking process by preparing the ingredients, cutting them using the right tools, cooking them thoroughly, and plating. Though it may sound easy, the task can prove quite challenging. The meat must not be overcooked. You have to maintain the quality to keep your customers satisfied.

What the Carisinyal team particularly appreciates about this game are the animation and visual effects. For instance, during the plating process, the main character - the chef, plates the dish just like chefs in TV cooking shows.

Besides serving the dishes, you have to decorate the restaurant and shop for ingredients. If you succeed, your restaurant can get a Michelin Star. Interested in trying it out? Get this game on Steam.

2. Overcooked 2

overcooked 2

When looking for the best cooking game on PC, Overcooked 2 is always at the top of the list. Its addictive level design, unique and out-of-the-box cooking locations, those are just a few of the advantages of the game made by Ghost Town Games.

Overcooked 2 is also one of the most fitting cooking games for playing with a partner, providing options for both online and offline play. Indeed, the game offers multiplayer modes designed for both competitive and cooperative gameplay.

The thrill of cooking on a constantly moving platform and multiple kitchens that change your location is certainly an experience to relish. Does this dynamic game interest you?

3. Cooking Simulator

cooking simulator

If you're looking for a cooking game with super realistic mechanics like Chef Life, Cooking Simulator is guaranteed to leave you satisfied. With an art style design that resembles real life, you'll really feel like a real chef.

You can pour the sauce, put the meat on the stove, stir the batter, and even arrange the burger fillings, and you can do it all. The game feels real.

It's not only about immersive experiences; it also gives you the freedom to cook whatever you want.

There are more than 80 types of food and a complete range of cooking utensils for you to experiment with. Feel the excitement of being a real chef by playing this game.

4. Recipe for Disaster

recipe for disaster_

Recipe for Disaster is arguably a new breakthrough in the world of cooking games. It's a simulation game, where you take on the role of a restaurant manager. Your tasks include creating new recipes, buying supplies, decorating the restaurant, and even hiring employees.

One of fun part is that the game allows you to choose different levels. Not only can you perform missions within the levels, but you can also use the freeplay mode. This mode is reliable when you want to build your own restaurant from the ground up.

Recipe for Disaster comes with very good gameplay and visuals. However, we found the game to be quite tricky as it involves strategy. For example, you have to reach a certain daily target in sales. So, to achieve this goal, you have to adjust the price of the food offered.

What's interesting about Recipe for Disaster is not just the challenge of managing a queue of hungry customers. However, you'll have to satisfy food critics, and health department officials. Ready to build your customer's favorite restaurant?

Please note, Recipe for Disaster is optimized to perform smoothly on high-end PCs/laptops.

5. One-armed Cook

one armed cook_

If you're looking for an engaging multiplayer cooking game, try One-armed Cook. Here, you are tasked to manage a restaurant, start from cooking, providing ingredients, and even delivering orders to customers. Sounds simple, right?

However, there's a twist. You're required to handle all these tasks with only one hand. That's why you can enlist the help of your friends and share your role in managing the restaurant.

The game comes with simple 3D visuals. Even so, the game is still fun to play. Cooking with one hand is certainly very challenging. Want to give it a try?

6. Let’s Cook Together

let's cook together_

Let's Cook Together offers an enjoyable cooperative gameplay experience for you and a friend. Here, you have to work together to manage a restaurant. This includes cooking and serving food to customers.

You'll need to share tasks so that each mission in the game is completed. Uniquely, this game requires you to throw ingredients or food at each other.

Let's Cook Together is suitable for both adults and children. It encourages the development of effective communication and time-management skills for seamless gameplay. Plus, this game can be comfortably played on a low-end PC or laptop.

7. Bakery Simulator

bakery simulator

The majority of the games included in this list feature a general cooking concept. However, Bakery Simulator stands out by focusing specifically on the art of baking bread and cakes.

You need to carefully select the optimal baking time in the oven to ensure that the bread and cakes are baked perfectly. Every step, from mixing ingredients, stirring the dough, and taking them out of the oven, must be done manually.

Besides the baking process, you're also responsible to pick the appropriate ingredients for each recipe. It includes determining the best type of flour and the correct yeast variety, among other considerations.

In Bakery Simulator, you can also allocate your profits to invest in a new bread machine. This feature can significantly simplify the bread-making process and improve efficiency for players.

8. Battle Chef Brigade

battle chef brigade

We find it somewhat challenging to define this particular cooking game. In addition to cooking, you can also fight monsters? Yes, this game really is that unique.

Remarkably, you can take body parts from defeated monsters and mix them into the dishes.

Don't be fooled by its outlandish premise - the game delivers solid gameplay. The monster hunting aspect, driven by combo moves, is enjoyable and prevents the combat from feeling like simple button mashing. However, the cooking aspect is not as good as other cooking games in general.

You're only given cooking gameplay with Candy Crush-style puzzle mechanics. Still, the true strengths of the game lie in its excellent voice acting and aesthetically pleasing anime-style graphics. This game is available for purchase on Steam.

9. Dungeon Munchies

dungeon munchies

At first glance, this game may look like a side-scroller game with a Metroid Prime feel. Here, players have to hunt monsters while avoiding the projectile attacks that the enemies throw out in a frenzy.

Once the monsters are defeated, you can cook them into delicious dishes and eat them. The result of this dish has certain effects that can affect the battle, such as being able to recover HP or increase damage when attacking enemies.

This game offers an unconventional twist on serving dishes and might not be to everyone's taste. If you're curious to try it out, you can buy it on Steam.

10. Mary Le Chef

mary le chef_

Mary Le Chef comes from the legendary game developer, GameHouse, and could be considered as another version of Diner Dash. The gameplay is also similar. You have to help Mary in serving food to her customers.

The goal is to promptly fulfill their orders, ensuring that customers remain satisfied. Accumulate profits and progress through each level.

What sets Mary Le Chef apart are its diverse cooking challenges. You'll be tasked with preparing everything from desserts and hearty meals to light snacks, with the wide-ranging menu adding a layer of complexity.

Again, your hand speed and time management skills count here. How would you like to play Mary Le Chef?

That's a selection of the most exciting, entertaining, and interesting cooking games available for Android and PC. Especially for PC, please note that to ensure smooth gameplay, many of these games demand relatively high device specifications. So, which game would you like to play?

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