15 Best Lightweight Android Games under 10 MB

Written by Jihan Fauziah

The world of Android games never stops evolving, with new games featuring stunning visuals and captivating gameplay. Modern smartphones and tablets with full HD or even 2K resolution provide gamers with visually stunning and highly realistic experiences.

However, improved graphics typically result in larger game sizes, which can be problematic for devices with limited storage space.

There is no need to worry if your device has limited storage. The Carisinyal team has compiled a list of 15 lightweight Android games with a size of less than 10 MB. All of these games are no less exciting than the other larger games.

1. Zombie Smasher

Zombie Smasher_

Zombie Smasher is an engaging clicker game in which the objective is to destroy the approaching mini-zombies without getting bitten. You can lure them in with items like meat to maximize your kill count.

The gameplay is simple. Smash! Just tap the screen of your mobile device to destroy the zombies. You will face three levels of waves, with a higher difficulty on each level. Use bombs to eliminate large groups of zombies more efficiently.

This game is available for free download on the Google Play Store. The game is only 4 MB. So, it can be played on entry-level mobile devices. Ready to destroy all those zombies?

2. Tank Hero

tank hero_

Tank Hero will take you in thrilling tank battles against enemy forces. Starting with a single steel tank, you will gradually face larger groups of enemy tanks that you must destroy.

As you progress, the difficulty of the levels rises, yet you'll also unlock new maps to explore. Control your tank using the on-screen D-Pad and fire your weapon with the bullet icon. The size of the game is approximately 9 MB. Dare to try Tank Hero?

3. Mekorama

game ringan android Mekorama

Mekorama is an excellent alternative for those who are not interested in zombie-killing games. Designed for players who like to build dioramas, this game allows you to develop your skills and creativity.

In Mekorama, you are provided with a variety of objects that can be used to build a diorama. The game offers an example diorama that must be replicated. Mekorama is a free-to-play game that requires just 5.2 MB of storage space.

Despite its small size, Mekorama's graphics are impressive, with 3D dioramas. This simple game is perfect for relaxing in your spare time.

4. One More Brick

one more brick_

One More Brick is a simple Android game that lots of people enjoy. Its simplicity makes the game an effective time killer, keeping you glued to your phone screen.

You just need to throw balls at bricks to break them. In "regular" mode, throw the ball at the number that matches the one displayed on-screen. Eliminate all bricks, or you'll lose the game.

Try out the 'challenge' mode for an exciting obstacle. It's necessary to destroy every brick since you have limited lives and balls. Use power-ups that increase the number of balls by two. This makes it easier to break more bricks.

5. Brainilis


You should try Brainilis if you want to sharpen your mind with a game under 10 MB. This 4,9 MB brain teaser offers memory tests, dominant color identification on blocks, and math problem-solving.

Brainilis allows you to select your own difficulty level (easy, medium, or difficult) and game category (brain speed, zen mode, math, etc.).

The game remains enjoyable and is capable of competing with other puzzle games. Brainilis is available for free download on the Google Play Store. However, the game contains ads.

6. Car Racing Highway 2

ca racing highway 2_

Car Racing Highway 2 is an Android racing game that requires no more than 7 MB of storage space. The objective of this game is to reach the finish line without colliding with other vehicles. If a crash occurs, the game ends with "game over".

You can easily control the car using on-screen directional controls or opt for accelerometer-based controls in the settings section.

The game prompted the Carisinyal team to check for updates during our test. Despite the fact that our phones were more than capable of running the game, we could only access the older version.

Nevertheless, we found the game to be engaging and enjoyable, with each level presenting an immense challenge.

7. Racing Moto

racing moto

Racing Moto may appear to be a heavy game at first due to its impressive 3D graphics. Surprisingly, only 8.8 MB of storage is needed. This fast-paced motorcycle racing game is ideal for players with good reflexes, as it involves dodging numerous vehicles on the road.

In the game, cars occasionally switch lanes, requiring players to pay close attention and react quickly. The controls are simple: you can just tilt the phone to steer and tap the screen to accelerate.

The longer you travel without crashing, the more points you earn, which can be used to unlock new, cooler bikes. Racing Moto is available for download on the Google Play Store.

8. Modern Sniper

modern sniper

Modern Sniper allows you to experience the thrill of being a hitman using a sniper. Typically, sniper games have larger file sizes, but this recommendation from the Carisinyal team is only about 10 MB.

We were pleasantly surprised by the features that this lightweight game offered. More than fifty missions can be done in six distinct locations. However, weapon choices are limited, with only seven types of rifles available.

The graphics of Modern Sniper are outstanding, considering its small size. Give the game a try by downloading it on the Google Play Store.

9. 1MB


1MB is a small pixel-art platformer game that takes you on an adventure with a friend. The objective is to avoid enemies, as if you fail to do so will result in losing a life.

Players can use the hammer tool to dig through the platform and create paths. To repair the excavation, simply use a pencil. If you fall off the platform, the game is over.

Despite its simplicity, 1MB proves to be quite challenging. The Carisinyal team even failed to complete the level multiple times. With a size under 10 MB, at only 700 MB, 1MB deserves a big thumbs up.

10. Legend of Blades

legends of blades_

Legend of Blades is a role-playing game with a file size of less than 10 MB. In this game, you assume the role of a city-conquering warrior. Defeat every enemy found in the arena. In the early levels, you encounter animal opponents like deer.

As players level up, they'll encounter a variety of enemies and even engage in boss fights. Leveling up characters is not difficult, particularly with the auto-battle feature. You must accomplish quests, improve your skills and armor, and seek out specific items while your character handles the rest.

In Legend of Blades, you will engage in social interaction and combat. The game offers simple graphics and controls, and with its auto-battle system, it allows for leisurely gameplay. Get Legend of Blades on the Google Play Store.

11. Cooking Tycoon

cooking tycoon_

Cooking Tycoon is a lightweight game that is available on the Google Play Store, in contrast to the belief that cooking games are always large and heavy. It provides easy access to entertainment, with a file size of approximately 8 MB.

Cooking Tycoon's gameplay resembles that of Cooking Mama and Diner Dash. You can prepare and serve food and drinks to customers. The enjoyment lies in the cooking process, as you must precisely slice meat or tomatoes and choose lettuce. The cooking work will fail if the meter indicator reaches yellow.

Customer satisfaction is crucial. Make sure that they are served in a timely manner to avoid a drop in their mood meters.

Cooking Tycoon is enjoyable to play despite its simple visuals. It offers an outstanding set of features for a game under 10 MB in size, and it earns a thumbs up from us.

12. Rat on A Skateboard

rat on a skateboard_

Rat on A Skateboard is an old-school arcade-style video game. In this unique game, not only humans but also rats can ride skateboards.

The main objective is to help the rat navigate platforms on his skateboard, collecting items like stars, cheese, and extra speed boosts to rack up points.

Several levels of play are available, including power stunts—a non-stop gameplay with randomized map. A special level called Banana Harbor is accessible only to premium users.

Only by trying the free levels, it has made the Carisinyal team addicted, thanks to the game's straightforward controls. To move the rat and its skateboard, simply tap the screen once, and for backflips, tap twice.

Obstacles such as rolling basketballs must be overcome during gameplay. With a size of only 5 MB, Rat on A Skateboard is a lightweight and entertaining way to pass the time.

13. Gun Shot!


Gun Shot! is an addictive and engaging game with a simple premise: shoot all the moving objects in front of you. These objects can include the earth, bombs, cheese, the moon, and more. Make sure that your shots hit all sides of the objects, causing them to explode.

Failing to shoot or having a shot bounce will result in restarting the game from the beginning. For instance, if you reach stage 40 and fail, you'll return to stage 1. Alongside round objects, you may also encounter monsters, such as dragons, that must be shot.

As you progress through each level, new weapons are typically unlocked. The Carisinyal team enjoyed playing this game through dozens of stages. The game is free to play but features ads. Get the game on the Google Play Store.

14. Beach Games

beach games_

Beach Games, developed and launched by Donut Games—the creators of Rat on A Skateboard—offers a variety of game modes to choose from. Although similar to Rat on A Skateboard, Beach Games has distinct features.

The main theme of Beach Games is the beach, so naturally, the map takes place on a beach. One of the game modes is roller skating, where players help a girl overcome obstacles on her roller skates, avoiding slipping on banana peels, hitting car tires, or colliding with platforms. Failure to avoid these obstacles results in game over.

Beach Games stands out from Rat on A Skateboard due to the inclusion of additional lives that can be used, although they are limited.

There are other games that you can try out here, including balloon tossing, water skiing, and frisbee throwing. All of these games are only available to those with a premium subscription.

15. Traffic Rush

traffic rush_

Experience the thrilling sensation of managing traffic in Traffic Rush. This game challenges you to prevent collisions at an intersection by controlling vehicles.

Swipe on the screen to accelerate vehicles, and tap to slow them down. As time passes, the number of vehicles increases, requiring careful traffic flow management. Keep impatient drivers moving and only stop others when needed.

Traffic Rush offers two game modes: car rush and rail rush. However, unlocking Rail Rush requires a purchase.

This collection of lightweight Android games are compatible with both newer and older Android devices. Enjoy these entertaining options without taxing your device's memory.

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