15 Best Horror Games for Android Smartphone

Written by Listiorini

Are you into horror games? This time, the Carisinyal team will recommend you numerous great horror games to play. These games are enjoyable and exciting as the visual effects and audio may give you chills.

In addition, some of the games feature terrifying, thrilling, and tragic story lines. Of course, you will think twice before playing it alone at night. Let's get started with the list!

1. True Fear: Forsaken Souls 1

True Fear- Forsaken Soul 1 _

This horror video game was developed by The Digital Lounge. In the game, you will take on the role of Holly. Holly's mission is to unravel the mystery surrounding her mother's death.

Holly has to not only determine the cause of the passing of her mother but also find her missing sister. You will help Holly by going through multiple locations, including an abandoned mental hospital.

This game contains numerous puzzles that must be solved. In addition, you can watch more than ten eerie cutscenes. Are you interested in playing this game? True Fear: Forsaken Souls 1 can be downloaded from Google Play.

2. Detention


Detention is one of the best horror games available on Android. This game was inspired by the renowned Asian horror tales, particularly the ones from Taiwan.

This game requires the player to rescue two students trapped in a haunted school. Detention is a relatively simple game to play because you can play it by just tapping your phone screen.

Despite the simplicity of the controls, the horror atmosphere of this game is phenomenal. Are you ready to try this scary horror game? Get it on the Google Play Store.

3. Emily Wants to Play

emily wants to play_

Emily Wants to Play is not a newly released horror game. However, the game continues to spread terror. The plot of the game is remarkable. You will perform the duties of a pizza delivery boy. You must deliver pizza to Emily's house.

The house is in an unorganized state when you get there. Moreover, you are unable to escape. You must 'play' with Emily and her three dolls to get out. You just have the hours of 11 p.m. to 6 a.m, and each doll will appear at certain times.

Every doll requires a distinct approach. For instance, you can't stare at the face of the doll with the black dress. You will not survive if that happens. Keep an eye on the doll until it vanishes.

The final mission of the game concludes with Emily and all of the dolls fighting against you. You will be permitted to leave the house if you defeat them successfully.

The controls for this game's Android version are simple. To interact, you only need to use the joystick and tap on specific screen areas. This includes turning off the lights, turning on the flashlight, and opening the paper.

The Carisinyal team was stunned by the visual quality despite the fact that this game is outdated. While playing the game, the eerie sound effects increased the level of terror. There were voices, creaking doors, and broken glass everywhere. What a good horror game!

4. Horrorfield


Horrorfield is a multiplayer horror video game. You can play as either a survivor or a psycho in the game. If you choose to be a survivor, you'll complete a mission with three other players. One of the players will be a serial killer who needs to hunt you down and kill everyone.

Obviously, you and your team are responsible for finding a way out of this dangerous place. Start all the generators so you and your companions can escape. Help your captured friends and heal the injured. You will eventually earn points. The points can be used to level up your skills.

As a survivor, you have the chance to engage in crafting in the workshop. One of your friends may produce energy drinks. Complete each quest and get rewards. This game is free to play but contains advertisements. Also, it includes items that can be purchased with real money.

5. Psicosis


Psicosis stands out as a captivating psychological horror game. Despite not being developed by a major studio, it has garnered positive ratings on the Google Play Store. The game revolves around the story of William, a boy plagued by a mental disorder causing frequent psychotic episodes. These episodes blur the line between reality and hallucination for William.

In these episodes, the player's role is to help William solve puzzles. But be warned, the game features some eerie creatures that William mistakenly believes are his friends, though they are anything but.

Even with its 2D graphics and classic style, Psicosis successfully delivers a chilling experience. Our time playing the game was deeply engaging, particularly due to its intriguing storyline.

The game's controls are straightforward, consisting of simple movement buttons on the left and right, along with a button to access the inventory. An added convenience is the autosave feature, ensuring that your progress is not lost even after extended play sessions.

6. Japanese Doll

japanese doll_

Japanese Doll is a horror game in which you are charged with taking care of a doll. Sadly, the doll is cursed. You have to keep looking after and entertaining it to prevent the doll from being possessed.

It is stated that anyone who plays this game gets cursed. Well, if you are brave enough, download the game from the Google Play Store and give it a try. Don't forget to put on earphones when playing with the Japanese doll. Believe us, it will give you goosebumps.

7. Evil Nun: Horror at School

evil nun

Evil Nun: Horror at School is also worth playing. This is a popular horror game with multiple series available for Android phones. In the current installment, you must escape the terror spread by Madeline, a creepy nun who haunts a junior high school. You will need to solve a number of puzzles to find your way around the school.

There are a few guns available for use against the evil nun. However, if you have no guns, just try to hide from Madeline. Get the game on the Google Play Store.

8. Jurnal Malam (The Night Journal)


Jurnal Malam (The Night Journal) is a horror game that allows you to solve mystical-themed puzzles. Since this is an Indonesian-made game, you will encounter local ghosts. This game features a truly scary atmosphere. In addition, the game has visual and sound effects that may give you chills.

The game is accessible to everyone, and it offers multiple language options, including English. Get it on the Google Play Store.

9. Kuzbass: Horror Story Game


The Kuzzbass: Horror Story Game is not really popular among players. Nonetheless, this game features an engaging plot and an atmosphere of horror.

You have to help Slavik solve a mystery in his grandmother's village. The grandmother of Slavik is believed to be a witch. She is frequently blamed for the disappearance of village children.

Slavik's family has been informed that the grandmother has passed away. They went to the village to attend her funeral. The following day, Slavik's sister disappeared. However, the grandmother miraculously returned to life, while Slavik's parents had forgotten about his sister's existence.

Slavik searches for his sister while trying to solve the mysteries of the village with the help of the locals. You have to join Slavik to figure out the puzzles.

The game is fairly average visually. However, the narrative makes the game interesting. Download Kuzbass from the Google Play Store. The game is free for you to play, but it contains lots of ads.

10. The Baby in Yellow

baby in yellow_

The Baby in Yellow is immensely popular due to the involvement of renowned gamers who played the horror game. You will play the role of a babysitter for a yellow-dressed infant in this game.

Obviously, the baby is not "just a baby," because it will ultimately give you a great deal of anxiety. This 3D game provides an excellent sense of terror. Get the game on the Google Play Store.

11. Reporter 2

Reporter 2

If you enjoy horror games, you should try Reporter 2. Here, players are going to play the role of a survivor of an incident. The survivor ended up hospitalized.

Nevertheless, you are miraculously transported to a house. You see a mysterious girl who frequently appears and then suddenly vanishes. You feel indifferent at first. Then, your curiosity about the girl arises, and you will never sleep in peace ever again.

This game is equipped with graphic visuals and an intense horror atmosphere. Do you dare to play the game?

12. Endless Nightmare 5: Curse

endless nightmare 5_

Endless Nightmare 5: Curse is the latest addition to the series, offering a fresh setting and story. In this installment, a young man finds himself unraveling the mystery of a curse that has befallen a village, seemingly located in China. The village's residents have transformed into zombie-like beings, possessed by evil demons.

Matching the thrill of its predecessors, this game allows players to use a variety of weapons and special skills. These include swords imbued with magical powers and amulets for long-range attacks. Stealth kills are also a key element of gameplay. The controls remain consistent with the second series, offering both a dynamic mode and a more precise manual option.

It's worth noting that the game's storyline is presented in Mandarin, while the system language is English. Unlike some other games, Endless Nightmare 5: Curse doesn't feature an autosave system. Players are required to manually save their progress at lantern checkpoints.

Endless Nightmare 5: Curse is available as a free download, though it does include in-app purchases. Additionally, watching adverts is necessary to acquire certain skills. If you're interested in experiencing this game, you can download the Android version from the Google Play Store.

13. Eyes


In Eyes, there are no weapons available for use against ghosts. The Eyes is set in an abandoned basement. The primary objective of exploring the place is to acquire additional valuable items.

When the word "RUN!" appears on the screen, it shows the presence of ghosts. You might see them pursuing you by looking around the place. To avoid being killed by the ghost, all you have to do is run. If you are into horror games, you should give it a try.

14. The Letter

the letter_

The Letter is an interactive visual novel. The game tells the story of a young woman named Isabella. She works for a real estate agency. Isabella and her co-workers were assigned to sell a haunted mansion. Unexpectedly, it turns out that Isabella is terrified by the ghost of the mansion.

In order to put an end to the terror, you have to choose the correct interaction in this game. The conclusion is determined by your decisions.

This game has six unique additional characters. And everybody has their own stories. The Carisinyal team attempted to complete the first chapter of the story told from Isabella's perspective.

Unfortunately, the next chapter is not available for free. You must purchase the full game in order to unlock the chapters. The price is reasonable for the picture quality, voice acting, and fascinating plot. In this game, the level of relationship with each character is also determined by the conversations you choose.

15.  Moth Lake: A Horror Story

moth lake_

Moth Lake: A Horror Story is a pixel-art horror video game. The protagonist of this game is a boy named Cameron. Moth Lake itself is the location where he resides with his family and a dog named Billy.

One day, Billy leaves the house after seeing a monster. You must choose between pursuing Billy or remaining in the house. If you choose to go after Billy, a terrifying adventure will eventually start.

You will leave the house and face a strange monster. Do not allow the monster to capture you. If that happens, you will die. You can find somewhere to hide from the creature. Once it's gone, go on your way and solve every puzzle in the game.

This game's uniqueness lies not only in its visuals but also in its plot. Additionally, you will hear creepy sound effects throughout the game. To interact with the people in the game, use the on-screen controls. You can also connect a controller if one is available.

These horror games will evoke your adrenaline. Are you ready to play the games that we recommend? Which one would you like to play first?

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