15 Best and Fun Games Similar to Free Fire

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Free Fire is a well-known survival shooter game that has gained immense popularity among gamers since its launch by 111 Dots Studio in 2017. As one of the most downloaded games on Android, it has set a high standard in its genre.

Not to be outdone, there are several Android games that Carisinyal will explore, which share similarities with Free Fire. Interestingly, many of these games are also available on iOS. Curious about games comparable to Free Fire? Here is the list.

1. PUBG Mobile


PUBG Mobile is a favorite among battle royale enthusiasts. It was first introduced for Android in 2018. This multiplayer game places 100 players in a specified area on a map. Similar to Free Fire, the ultimate goal is to be the last player or team standing after enduring enemy onslaughts.

Players have the option to form teams of up to four members. The game is also available in Mobile and Lite versions with impressive graphics.

This visual quality is enhanced by the use of Unreal Engine 4, which brings the game's effects and detailed environments to life. PUBG Mobile is available for download on Google Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS devices.

2. Fortnite

game mirip free fire fortnite_

Fortnite is another game that is no less exciting than Free Fire. Created by Darren Sugg, Fortnite stands out in the battle royale genre. It provides two main modes: Battle Royale, and a combination of Save the World and Creative modes. These modes give players a chance to explore new heroes and weapons.

A great feature of Fortnite is its building mechanic that allows players to construct structures as part of their survival strategy. Additionally, the game is made more entertaining by the diverse costumes and unique dance moves each character can perform.

For those interested in trying Fortnite, it's available for download on Google Playstore for Android devices and App Store for iOS. You can also get it from the official website for both Android and iOS platforms.

3. Farlight 84

farlight 84_

Farlight 84 is a battle royale game that has its own uniqueness because it's set in a futuristic world. The game features an impressive arsenal, ranging from various sniper rifles to armoured vehicles.

The game's visuals are stunning, and the controls are user-friendly. Players can move swiftly because of a handy button and even jetpacks for an extra boost.

Players have the freedom to choose their favorite character with unique skills. One of our team's favourite is Maggie. As you progress to higher levels, more characters and weapons become available.

We also tested Farlight 84 on a mid-range mobile phone, using HD graphics settings and a high frame rate. The game ran smoothly without any lag. Farlight 84 can be downloaded for Android on Google PlayStore and for iOS on the App Store.

4. Mad GunS

mad guns_

Mad GunS features Minecraft-inspired pixel art graphics and gives you a variety of game modes. The main campaign is the adventure mode, but there's also an exciting multiplayer option.

In multiplayer, you can team up with three others to form the blue team. Your goal is to outplay the red team in matches that last less than five minutes.

As you level up, you can unlock the battle royale mode available from level 5 and above. When playing this game, you can start with your own weapons, so you don't need to scavenge for them.

The controls in Mad GunS are user-friendly and similar to other games in its genre. Players can upgrade or buy new weapons and skins. Gather as many coins as possible to purchase these items. Mad GunS is available for download on Android through Google PlayStore and for iOS on App Store.

5. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

grand battle royale_

Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS is a distinctive multiplayer game where 30 players on Small Isle and 100 on Mainland battle it out on a single map. Its visual style and characters are similar to the popular game Minecraft, but its gameplay elements echo those found in Free Fire.

This game includes a variety of weapons, loot items, and game modes, so it's suitable and enjoyable for beginners. An added advantage is its compatibility with devices that don't require high specifications. For those interested, Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS can be downloaded for Android on Google PlayStore and for iOS devices on the App Store.

6. Bullet Strikes: Battlegrounds

bullet strike game mirip free fire_

Bullet Strikes: Battlegrounds is another game similar to Free Fire. Developed by Horus Entertainment, this multiplayer game places up to 20 players on a single map, so the gameplay will be quicker.

Like Free Fire, players control a character from a third-person perspective and navigate an area where survival against other players is the key.

One great feature of Bullet Strikes: Battlegrounds is its emphasis on long-range weaponry. To learn more, you can visit the game's official website, or download it from Google Play Store for Android devices.

7. Blood Strike


Blood Strike is basically a shooting game that is similar to Free Fire and PUBG Mobile, but it's specially designed for phones with lower specs. A minimum of 2 GB of RAM is enough to ensure a smooth gaming experience.

Our team tried Blood Strike on a medium-spec phone with 6 GB of RAM and it could run smoothly with decent graphics. The game’s concept is the same with other battle royale and shooting games. You should survive against more than 50 players or win in a team deathmatch mode.

Blood Strike features a lot of impressive weapons, such as the Vector, and frequently offers bonus weapons to find within the game. The large map and additional missions add to the excitement. If you're interested, Blood Strike is available for download on Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

8. Scarfall


Scarfall is an exciting Android battle royale game that hit the scene in 2019. Created by Xsquads Tech Pvt Ltd, this game can be played both online and offline. It's similar to Free Fire, where you're thrown into a battle arena with 48 other players.

Whether you prefer going solo, teaming up with a friend, or joining a squad, Scarfall has got you covered. It's packed with a wide variety of unique loot items to discover. Despite being fairly new, this last-man-standing style game has already made a big splash in the gaming world.

In 2020 alone, over 5 million people downloaded it, with 2 million active players each month. If you want to try, Scarfall is available on Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

9. Zooba


Zooba is a fun battle royale game that features adorable animal characters. In this game, you're pitted against over 20 players. You'll need to find weapons and health items to stay in the game.

The weapon variety in Zooba is impressive, including arrows, shotguns, and bombs, all of which you can upgrade. Don't forget to also boost your character's fighting abilities and speed. Use your coins wisely to power up both your weapons and characters.

The game map is expansive as it lets you pick your favorite battlegrounds. Your rivals aren't just other players, but also in-game guards. Controlled by a joystick and a few buttons, the game's visuals perfectly match its charming animal characters.

Our team tried Zooba on a mid-range phone and, although it was a bit demanding on the hardware, the gameplay was still enjoyable. Download Zooba for Android on the Google PlayStore and for iOS on the App Store.

10. NEW STATE Mobile

new state mobile_

NEW STATE Mobile is like the sibling of PUBG, looking quite similar at first glance. However, some players believe its graphics and play modes still don't quite match up to PUBG.

Playing NEW STATE Mobile feels a lot like playing PUBG. You'll play in an arena for a 4 vs 4 team battle. The first step is to gather weapons, then you're ready for the fight.

We gave it a go on a mid-range mobile phone and were happy to see it ran smoothly without any lag. Curious about NEW STATE Mobile? Download it for Android on Google PlayStore and for iOS on the App Store.

11. Sausage Man

sausage man_

Sausage Man is also similar to Free Fire. This game uses its quirky character - the sausage man. The main goal is to be the last one standing. There are various modes to play, including the classic mode, which we have tried. You can play solo, or in teams of two or four.

Your adventure starts on Rainbow Island. First, you need to collect weapons, health items, and other gear. Then, you're all set to join the battle against over 90 players. This game has got a fantastic range of weapons, and our personal favorite is the P90. Don’t forget to collect loot from defeated opponents for some great gear.

We tried to play Sausage Man on a mid-range phone with HD graphics and high frame rate settings. It ran wonderfully without any lag. Sausage Man is available for download on Android through Google PlayStore and for iOS on the App Store.

12. FightNight


FightNight is an easy-to-follow battle royale game with simple graphics, visuals, and weapon options. In this game, you battle other players on one map, choosing from three modes: battle royale, team play, and a zombie warfare mode.

Initially, you can only access the battle royale mode, where it's all about survival. Finding weapons is easy, but they're not always plentiful.

Due to the basic graphics, we found that the game runs smoothly on a mid-range phone with high graphic settings. Just a heads up, the game includes ads, but you can opt out for about USD 2,29. FightNight is a great choice if you're looking for a game similar to Free Fire, but less demanding on your device.

13. Rocket Royale

rocket royale_

Then there's Rocket Royale, which puts a unique spin on the battle royale genre. Instead of just fighting against other players, your mission is to collect natural resources like wood and meteors.

These resources are crucial for building rockets, which you can use to escape the battleground after winning. You can even take over rockets built by other players. Besides resource gathering, you'll still need to scavenge for weapons to stay in the fight. Rocket Royale has several game modes, including the signature rocket royale mode, with more modes unlocking as you level up.

The visuals are decent but not outstanding. Despite this, Rocket Royale is a fun and engaging game, especially when you team up with friends. Download Rocket Royale for Android on the Google PlayStore and for iOS on the App Store.

14. 1v1.LOL


If you're a fan of games like Free Fire, you might enjoy 1v1.LOL. While the graphics aren't top-notch, the game is still a blast to play. It's easy to hop into a match, and the action is quick-paced.

As expected, you can collect weapons and aim to be the last player standing. Besides solo play, there are team play and 1v1 modes to explore.

1v1.LOL is a free-to-play battle royale game, although you should expect some ads. If you're curious, download it for Android from the Google PlayStore or the iOS version from the App Store.

15. Knives Out

knives out_

Knives Out impresses with its excellent graphics and intuitive controls, standing up to rivals like Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. You can pick from several game modes, including a classic mode where you fight alone or in a team.

We tested it on a mid-range phone with standard graphics and frame rate settings. While the game itself is engaging, we did run into some connection issues despite a stable internet connection, and occasionally experienced lag.

Despite these hiccups, Knives Out kept us glued to our screens. Interested in giving it a go? You can download Knives Out for Android from the Google PlayStore and the iOS version from the App Store.

That wraps up our review of some cool, Free Fire-style games. These are the games the Carisinyal team chose for a fun weekend at home. Which one are you excited to try? Drop your comments below!

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