15 Best Offline RPG Games for Android Devices

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Role-Playing Games, also known as RPGs, have been gamer's favorites for decades. These games have their roots in classic board games such as Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, and Halma, which have been engaging players for generations.

As technology has advanced, RPGs have made their mark on multiple platforms, including PCs and mobile devices. The evolution of this genre has been significant, and today, you can find dozens of impressive selections of RPG titles available on different devices.

In this article, Carisinyal is excited to bring you a roundup of the 15 finest offline RPG games for Android currently on the market.

These games offer a diverse range of storylines and gameplay styles. Some of them can be downloaded for free, while others require a one-time purchase. Each of these games provides an immersive experience that you can enjoy without an internet connection, making them perfect for on-the-go entertainment.

1. Stardew Valley


Stardew Valley is a gem of a game with solid gameplay, especially for fans of RPG farming elements despite its retro-style visuals.

Stardew Valley is not just about agriculture, it also features thrilling dungeon-crawling mechanics that allow you to eliminate wild monsters. The combat system is dynamic, allowing you to enhance your damage output as you procure or purchase increasingly rare and powerful weapons.

These dungeons are not just about combat, either. They are ripe with resources that you can gather for crafting purposes, such as producing bombs, cooking meals, creating stairs, and much more, These dungeons present many creative and strategic opportunities.

Stardew Valley also boasts an engaging social system with the village inhabitants. Some villagers can even become your character's life partners, adding another layer of depth to the gameplay. Despite being an offline RPG, Stardew Valley also supports online multiplayer, providing even more ways to enjoy the game.

To fully immerse yourself in the Stardew Valley experience, we recommend using a gamepad controller. Although the game can be played with touchscreen controls, many players find the gamepad offers a more comfortable and intuitive gameplay experience.

2. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition

FF XV pocket edition

Final Fantasy XV is an open-world game that employs a third-person perspective, a style particularly common in console and PC gaming. However, its Android and Nintendo Switch versions are presented as a Pocket Edition.

Unlike the console version, the Pocket Edition has a simpler graphic display with a lighter chibi design character. The game's viewpoint uses a fixed angle, much like the previous Final Fantasy series. Nevertheless, when it comes to the narrative and characters, there is nothing different between the console and Android versions.

Some side quests have been modified from the original game, but the storyline and the experience, it delivers remain largely unchanged. This provides an opportunity for Android users to immerse themselves in the world of Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV itself tells the story of someone named Noctis, the prince of the country of Lucis who is married to Lady Lunafreya. Lady Lunafreya becomes a symbol that represents the promise of peace between Lucis and Niflheim.

However, as Noctis and his companions journey to the wedding ceremony, they encounter unexpected obstacles that make their task more challenging. The key question is: will Noctis succeed in marrying Lady Lunafreya, thus uniting these two nations that have been at odds for so many years?

3. Monster Hunter Stories

monster hunter stories

The next RPG game that we suggest you to check out is the Monster Hunter series. This series is developed by Capcom, a company that holds a good reputation amongst the global gaming community.

However, the Android version of the Monster Hunter game is a bit different from the PC version. It takes the spin-off named Monster Hunter Stories, that requires players to play through a story with a complex plot.

You're expected to engage with enemies using a turn-based combat system, a popular combat system in RPG franchises such as Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

The unique atmosphere and character designs that are different from the usual Monster Hunter series, make players can feel the excitement of the game. Click here to download the game!

4. Chrono Trigger

chrono trigger

Chrono Trigger tops numerous lists of the greatest RPGs of all time. Even by today's standards, Chrono Trigger was a well-balanced RPG despite its outdated visuals.

Chrono Trigger has one of the best storylines in the RPG genre. Also, it has a unique combat system that allows you to combine all of your character's attacks into a single lethal attack. The game's time-traveling story will also bring players to different characters from various periods.

For example, you may meet medieval frogs who are skilled at swordplay, futuristic machines, and tough women from the past. In addition, the designer who drew the Dragon Balls characters created the art style for this game, so it can't deny about the quality of the character designs.

5. Eternium


Eternium promises its players the opportunity to embark on exciting offline adventures in Android RPGs. This game doesn't require an internet connection, allowing you to dive into its immersive world anytime and anywhere.

As a player, you have the freedom to select your character such as a Mage, a Warrior, or a Bounty Hunter. These characters come equipped with a variety of weapons at their disposal, including swords, axes, staffs, or guns.

Once you've made your choice, you can focus on leveling up and enhancing the abilities of your chosen hero. This is an essential part of the game because you can defeat enemies such as Zombies, Dragons, Aliens, and others.

Eternium also boasts an expansive and diverse map, adding another layer of depth to its gameplay. As a player, you can travel through the forests, dark dungeons, visit bustling villages, and even dare to explore graveyards.

Moreover, Eternium is sprinkled with numerous treasure chests throughout its world. These chests can offer a variety of fascinating items that can help you in your quest.

6. Otherworld Legends


Otherworld Legends is an offline RPG with a classic design. The visuals show a combination of 3D and 2D pixel art in the style of classic video games. In the game, you will participate as a hero who explores Asurendra's mirage world.

At first, you'll play a hero named Quan Huying. His job is to eliminate all enemies, including the boss. When we tried it, the game was quite easy. It is not difficult to defeat all enemies. Even the boss combat takes an easy way to defeat it.

The character, Huying, boasts a distinctive combat style. The way Huying launches attacks and executes moves adds a unique flavor to the gameplay. As you progress in the game, Huying will encounter new allies and acquire new combat skills, further enriching the adventure.

This game's appeal is not simply based on its captivating plot. The control scheme of the game is also crucial to create an engaging gaming experience.

The controls have been designed to be simple and intuitive. On the right side, there are three attack controls, while on the left are the direction controls. Each control can be activated with a single touch, making it simple for players to navigate the game world and engage in combat.

The overall enjoyment of the game is enhanced by the game's simple yet effective control scheme, its engaging story, and its distinct character abilities. It provides an immersive and memorable role-playing experience for both novice and experienced gamers.

7. Vampire’s Fall: Origins RPG

vampire's fall_

Vampire's Fall: Origins RPG presents the classic story of an enemy invasion of a village. You will be recruited by the elders, who will assign missions to complete.

A fun aspect of the game is the ability to choose and create your own character. However, it's worth noting that the options for customization are limited. Despite this, the game introduces an interesting twist in the form of character lineage. For instance, one of the lineages available is Magistrav, which has strong ties to the realm of magic.

As you begin the game, you'll be tasked with a starter mission that involves battling rats as a form of combat training. This initial combat is simple like most RPG games. It encourages strategic gameplay to make you win.

However, as you progress, the missions will be more difficult, presenting more strong enemies that will test your skills.

In combat, it's important to make variations on your attacks. The game encourages you to mix different attack types to defeat your enemies. Initially, the weapons at your disposal are quite basic, such as a sword.

For us, when it comes to gameplay, Vampire's Fall: Origins RPG may not be particularly impressive. However, it still delivers a fun gaming experience.

Another plus point of this game is that the controls disappear when you're not using them, so they don't disturb the screen. The plot is also quite interesting. Moreover, this open-world game also has some good features and good voice acting.

8. Pirate’s Flag

pirate's flag_

Pirate's Flag, also known as Tempest, is an engaging role-playing game (RPG) themed around pirates adventures. As a player, you'll find yourself becoming a ship captain, leading your crew and vessel through a series of naval encounters.

One of your primary objectives in this exciting game is to wipe out opposing forces at sea. To achieve this, you are equipped with weapons and recruit a crew. This brings an element of strategy to the game, as choosing the right crew and knowing when to deploy specific weapons can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

One of the standout features of Pirate's Flag is its remarkable graphics. We tested the game on a mid-tier smartphone, with the graphic settings adjusted to medium. The game performed well, delivering smooth gameplay with impressively detailed environments. However, one minor drawback we noticed was that switching between characters sometimes felt a bit sluggish.

The game controls in Pirate's Flag are commendable. They afford players a considerable degree of flexibility. The game includes an informative tutorial that guides you through the game's basics, ensuring you're well-equipped to tackle the tasks that lie ahead. As a result, new players can quickly get up to speed and start enjoying the game.

In our view, Pirate's Flag is a near-flawless pirate RPG. The only element that falls somewhat short of the otherwise high standard is the game's storyline. It's not discussed in as much detail as we would have liked, which can make the gameplay feel slightly detached from a broader narrative context.

Nonetheless, this is a minor shortcoming in an otherwise excellently crafted game, and we are confident that players looking for a maritime RPG adventure will find a lot to like about Pirate's Flag.

9. Darkrise


Next, there's Darkrise. This offline RPG game features classic pixel art visuals. The combat mode is similar to platformer games like Mario Bros or Prince of Persia. You'll be asked to explore platforms while eliminating enemies.

Interestingly, you can teleport to several places. However, not all places can be explored. You'll need to level up to be able to go to different locations.

Furthermore, the areas in Darkrise are divided into two: wild and peaceful. In the wild area, you'll encounter a lot of enemies. While in peaceful areas, you can upgrade your weapons, get new quests, or teleport.

The visuals, story, and controls of Darkrise made us feel comfortable. We were even more impressed when we found out that Darkrise is made by an independent developer. Thumbs up!

10. Epic Conquest

epic conquest_

Epic Conquest tells the story of a village that is invaded by demons. There is war and even marriage between humans and demons. Their heirs are labeled as witches. These witches are the targets of the Alliance members.

At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced to Edna, the main character. Edna is the heir of a human and a demon. She has a special power: fire attacks. Losing her brother, Edna decides to wander and help people from demon attacks.

On her journey, you'll help Edna to complete battles. Use the controls to release Edna's best attacks and her special moves. Upgrade your weapons to make the battle easier.

But don't worry, the adventure doesn't only about you and Edna. You'll also be in the company of Alastair, a gallant knight from the Alliance, who will stand beside Edna, lending his strength to her cause.

Well, we had a great time playing this game. The visuals and controls are just one of the many reasons we love Epic Conquest. The storyline of this game is also very interesting. The character development is very good. Also, there are some jokes and hilarious dialogue. So, we didn't get bored quickly.

On a final note, the fun doesn't stop with the completion of this game. If you find yourself captivated by Epic Conquest, there's a sequel carrying the same title, ready to offer you more exciting adventures in this enchanting universe.

11. Soul Knight

soul knight_

Soul Knight is a delightfully straightforward game that has simple graphics. You'll be a hero, a knight of the soul, tasked with the noble mission of eliminating the monsters. The game belongs to the platformer genre, combining exploration, monster-slaying, and the discovery of new and exciting weapons, all the while accompanied by adorable pets.

Every weapon in Soul Knight has its own uniqueness. An example, there is an umbrella that surprisingly fires bullets! As you advance through the levels, you'll encounter other powerful and unique weapons. Alongside weapons, you can enlist NPCs (Non-playable Characters) to join on your quest, providing useful support.

Combat in Soul Knight varies in difficulty. While minor enemies often prove easy to kill, the game's bosses are quite challenging. An example is the Giant Blue Crab, an early-level boss that will test your abilities.

However, you can utilize your skills and weapons. And the game will give you rewards for your progress, every time you level up, you will get new weapons and receive buffs that enhance your hero's abilities.

Perhaps the visuals and controls of Soul Knight are simple, but they do a good job, of supporting a fluid and engaging gameplay experience.

12. Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys

rick and morty game_

Battling monsters or vampires might be commonplace in role-playing games (RPGs), but how about squaring off against cartoon characters? That's right, in this unique game, you'll be stepping into the two main characters from the beloved cartoon Rick and Morty.

This game will bring you away on an interdimensional adventure, where you'll encounter different versions of Rick and Morty in these alternate dimensions. But don't worry, you're not alone in these battles. You can train your original Morty as well as recruit other Mortys to boost your ranks.

Despite featuring cartoon characters, the gameplay has many similarities to traditional RPGs. You'll need to make strategies to win battles.

Overall, Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys has its own distinct flavor and charm, which keeps the gameplay fun and engaging. With its uniqueness, it captivates both fans of the show and RPG gamers. Let's play the game, and download the game here!

13. Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game

Ninja Ryuko- Shadow Ninja Game _

Ninja Ryuko stands out as one of the most exhilarating offline role-playing games (RPGs) currently available on Google PlayStore. The game invites players into the riveting Ryouka's adventures.

Ryouka is a determined ninja on a mission to find her missing grandfather. She has a purpose to save her village from destruction at the hands of power-hungry people.

Throughout her journey, Ryuko encounters some obstacles. And, this is where you come into play. You must help her eliminate the enemies. Fortunately, Ryuko isn't going into these battles empty-handed. She has access to powerful weapons, including the iconic katana.

One of the features that caught our attention is the graphics. Ninja Ryuko presents an immersive gaming experience with its impressive 3D visuals. Coupled with intuitive controls and a series of challenging missions, it promises gameplay that is as engaging as it is visually appealing.

As you embark on this exciting journey, the game eases you in with a helpful tutorial. It will guide you through the basics of combat, demonstrate how to execute final moves and explain the process of upgrading your weapons.

14. Postknight


Postknight is an engaging idle RPG game that tells the tale of a knight on a mission to rescue a village. There are two tasks in this game.

Firstly, you have to deliver letters, embodying the traditional role of a postman. Simultaneously, your quest is to find the villagers who have abandoned their homes due to the frightening rumors of a dragon attack and convince them to return to their village.

On your journey, you'll encounter a variety of enemies. The wild wolves that roam these lands are among them. You can defeat them with a sword. To launch an attack, simply tap on the sword icon located at the bottom of the screen. But beware! It's not just wolves you'll be up against. Other knights, each with their own agendas, can defeat you as well.

To ensure you're ready for these challenges, it's crucial to upgrade your weapons. However, to do so, you'll need to persuade the weaponsmith to return to the village. Once he's back, he'll be able to help fortify your weapons, providing you with better defense and attack power.

The weaponsmith is just one of the many villagers you'll need to bring back. Other villagers have unique skills that can enhance your combat abilities.

Postknight's charm lies in its compelling gameplay and its vibrant anime-style 2D graphics. The characters in the game are endearing chibis, their small and round bodies adding a distinctive touch to the game's aesthetic.

This unique visual style is one of the reasons why Postknight has been the recipient of several awards. Its blend of captivating visuals, charming characters, and immersive gameplay makes Postknight a game that's truly worth experiencing.

15. The Way Home

the way home_

"The Way Home" is a role-playing game (RPG) that has classic pixel-art visuals. This game brings you on a thrilling adventure with its two main characters, Cheese and Kevin. Their ultimate goal is to navigate through numerous challenges and find their way back home.

On your journey, Cheese and Kevin are faced with the task of survival. As a player, you'll be primarily guiding Cheese, helping him find the resources and intriguing items. The items Cheese collects can be used to create everything you need in your journey. For instance, some materials could be utilized to craft a warming campfire, a key component for their survival.

Their path home isn't easy, as it's attacked by enemies of all shapes and sizes. These monstrous creatures pose a constant threat, ever-ready to beat on Cheese.

Thankfully, "The Way Home" features an auto-attack mechanic, which simplifies combat for players. Cheese will automatically defend himself against enemies. This aspect of the game designates it as an idle RPG, making it an ideal pick for a relaxing gaming experience.

Overall, this game captivates Carisinyal team, keeping us glued to our mobile screens for a long time. It's a testament to the game's engaging nature, proving that sometimes, the simplest journeys can lead to the most memorable adventures.

All of the games mentioned in this list have been chosen due to their engaging gameplay, offering unique adventures that can be enjoyed completely offline. So, whether you're in a place with limited connectivity or just want to save on data, these games have got you covered.

So, which of these offline RPGs has sparked your interest? Whatever your preference may be, there's undoubtedly a game in this list that will captivate you and make your gaming experience a memorable one.

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