Cheat Lists for NASCAR Rumble Racing on PS2

Written by Jihan Fauziah

If you grew up in the 1990s or early 2000s and were a fan of PlayStation games, chances are you've played NASCAR Rumble, right? Released in 2000, this racing game quickly became as popular as other big titles like Need For Speed, Gran Turismo, and Burnout.

Developed by Electronic Arts, NASCAR Rumble first hit the PlayStation scene in 1999. In this game, players must compete to win a series of races against more than three opponents.

A year later, Electronic Arts released a sequel to NASCAR Rumble called Rumble Racing. Although it wasn't officially licensed, it was released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 and became just as popular as its predecessor.

Interestingly, Rumble Racing is filled with many cheat codes that players can use. Today, Carisinyal is excited to share with you the cheat codes for NASCAR Rumble Racing on PS2, including instructions on how to activate them. Enjoy revving up your gameplay with these fun cheats!

How to Activate NASCAR Rumble Racing Cheats

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Before we explore the cheat codes, let's first look at how to activate them in NASCAR Rumble Racing. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Options menu.
  2. Go to the Load/Save menu.
  3. Enter the Passwords menu.
  4. Type in the cheat code you wish to use.

NASCAR Rumble Racing PS2 Cheat Code List

Now that you know how to activate the cheats, let’s explore the available cheat codes for NASCAR Rumble Racing. This game offers a variety of racing cars that have their own unique capabilities and styles. So, players must earn these cars by winning races, but with cheat codes, you can unlock them right away.

1. Cheat codes to unlock various cars

In any racing game, we know that there are numerous cars used to race. Normally, players must earn these cars by winning races, but if you’re eager to explore different models without the grind, cheat codes can be a fast track to getting them. Here are the codes to unlock various cars in Rumble Racing:

  • To unlock the Cobalt car, use the cheat code: TLACOBTLA.
  • For the High Roller car, enter: HGIROLREL.
  • To access the Buckshot car, input: UBTCKSTOH.
  • For the Interceptor, type: CDAAPTNIA.
  • To drive the Gamecus, enter: BSUIGASUM.
  • For a ride in the Road Trip car, use: ABOGOBOGA.
  • To experience the Stinger, type: AMHBRAAMH.
  • For the Redneck Rocket, input: KCEROCTEC.
  • To cruise in the Sportacus, enter: OPSRTISUC.
  • For the Van Itty car, type: VTYANIYTTT.
  • To command Thor's car, use: THTORHROT.
  • For the XXS Tomcat, enter: NALDSHHSD.
  • To take the Vortex out for a spin, type: 1AREXT1AR.

2. Other Cheat Codes

Beyond unlocking cars, Rumble Racing offers codes to access tracks, cars, and tournaments. Here’s a comprehensive list of what you can unlock:

  • ZEAGTLUKE: Unlocks the Circus Minimus track.
  • YEAMPLOWW: Opens both the Grand Champion and EA Stunt Cup.
  • OORKIEPUC: Activates access to Maelstrom cars, Sun Burn tracks, and Pro Cup 1.
  • P1PROC1PU: Unlocks the Falls Down track, Cataclysm car, and Pro Cup 2.
  • Q2PROC2YT: Grants access to the Escargot car, Gauntlet track, and Pro Cup 3.
  • AEPPROPUC: Enables unlocking of Road Kill cars, Elite Cup, and Surf and Turf cars.
  • ILETEC1MB: Unlocks the Coal Cuts track, Jolly Roger car, and Elite Cup 2.
  • ILCTEC2VB: Provides access to the Malice car, Wild Kingdom track, and Elite Cup 3.
  • ILQTEC3CPU: Opens the Over Easy track, Direwolf car, and Elite Cup 4.
  • P3PROC3LM: Unlocks the Touch and Go track, El Diablo car, and EA Pro Cup.
  • LEAITEPUC: Grants access to Outer Limits tracks, Blue Devil cars, and EA Elite Cup.
  • KZOIEC2P1: Unlocks the Passing Through track, Mandrake car, and EA Rookie Cup.
  • KOZIEC1PU: Opens the So Refined track, Dragon car, and Rookie Cup 2.

NASCAR Rumble Racing Achievement List

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Playing fairly in NASCAR Rumble Racing can be rewarding, as the game offers numerous achievements that unlock cars, tracks, and tournaments without the need for cheat codes.

Here's a breakdown of what you can achieve:

1. Race Cars

To access a variety of top-notch racing cars without using cheats, aim to achieve the following:

  • Dragon Cars: Secure the Dragon car by winning gold in the Rookie Cup 1 tournament.
  • Mandrake Car: Earn this car by achieving gold in the Rookie Cup 2 tournament.
  • Maelstorm Car: Win gold in the EA Rookie Cup to unlock the Maelstorm car.
  • Escargot Car: Obtain this car by winning gold in Pro Cup 1.
  • High-end Cars: Achieve gold in the EA Rookie Cup to access various high-end cars.

2. Race Tracks

Unlock new racing environments by earning achievements in different cups:

  • Sun Burn Track: Win gold in the EA Rookie Cup to unlock this track.
  • Gauntlet Track: Obtain this track by winning gold in Pro Cup 2.
  • Passing Through Tracks: Unlock this track by securing gold in Rookie Cup 2.
  • Falls Down Track: Gain access to this track by winning gold in Pro Cup 1.
  • So Refined Track: Earn this track by winning gold in Rookie Cup 1.

3. Racing Tournaments

Expand your racing options by unlocking additional tournaments through achievements:

  • EA Rookie Cup and Pro Cup 1: Unlock these by winning gold in Rookie Cup 3.
  • Pro Cup 2: Gain access by winning gold in Pro Cup 1.
  • Pro Cup 3: Unlock by achieving gold in Rookie Cup 2.

This concludes Carisinyal's guide to achievements in NASCAR Rumble Racing. If you enjoy racing games like Need For Speed Most Wanted, be sure to check out our list of cheat codes for that game as well.

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