10 Best Online Music Streaming Apps on Android

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Online music streaming has become an everyday experience. Gone are the days when we had to rely solely on MP3 files stored on our phones for our listening pleasure. Now, there's no need to download these files.

We can now enjoy all our favorite tunes online. Incredibly, some platforms even provide free music streaming. You can select from a range of applications that will be recommended by the team at Carisinyal for your online music enjoyment.

1. Spotify


Who isn't familiar with Spotify? This global music streaming application has taken the world by storm, mainly due to its expansive and current music library.

Its user-friendly interface, blending simplicity with modern design, makes it accessible to all. You can play, skip, or shuffle songs, curate playlists, download tracks, or even upload your own content.

In addition to music, Spotify also boasts a wide array of themed podcasts. So if you tire of music, you can effortlessly switch over to their podcast offerings.

While the features Spotify provides are commendable, it's not without its limitations. To take advantage of perks such as music downloads or ad-free listening, a subscription is required.

However, Spotify's subscription fees are relatively affordable. They even offer daily and weekly subscriptions in certain countries or regions. And now, their payment system has been simplified, making it even more user-friendly. Particularly for students, there are specially discounted subscription packages.

2. YouTube Music


YouTube Music distinguishes itself from competitors with its unique features. This app isn't limited to just song playback - it allows you to watch music videos directly without needing to switch to the YouTube app.

In addition to original tracks from artists, you'll also discover cover versions of your favorite songs. Another handy feature is the in-app provision of song lyrics.

Remarkably, YouTube Music offers the ability to skip songs without a subscription fee, freeing you from the restrictions of shuffle play and enabling you to enjoy your favorite songs at will.

And there's more - the app even automatically downloads the songs you like. Sounds enticing, doesn't it?

Despite these strengths, our team identified a drawback. While you're free to skip through songs, YouTube Music doesn't generate an album-specific playlist. Thus, if you wish to play a certain song, you must manually select it.

This minor inconvenience can be avoided with a YouTube Premium subscription, which could be considered an advantage. With YouTube Premium, you can unlock the full potential of YouTube Music and its suite of exceptional features without incurring additional costs.

YouTube offers a range of subscription plans for its premium service, including student and individual options.

3. TikTok Music


TikTok Music offers a smooth and pleasurable music listening experience with a music library that rivals its competitors in size.

The Carisinyal team appreciates the app's interface, designed to echo the familiarity of TikTok. It makes locating popular songs by well-known artists a breeze, with the collection readily accessible on your timeline. Switching between songs is as simple as swiping up - quite handy, isn't it?

Features that caught our attention include the download option, the ability to create playlists, and the unique party mode. This party feature adds a fun twist when you're keen to sing along to your favorite tracks with friends.

TikTok's innovative aspects impressed us as well, such as the comment and like functions. These features enable not just music listening, but also interaction with other users.

As for user accessibility, TikTok simplifies the login or registration process for TikTok Music. Existing users can simply use their TikTok accounts, while newcomers have the option to log in with their Google Account.

Despite these advantages, TikTok Music has its downsides. Without a premium subscription, users are limited to listening to only previews of their favorite songs, with a capped number of tracks per day.

To enjoy full songs, a subscription is necessary. The subscription rates are comparable to its competitors. If you're interested, feel free to download TikTok Music.

4. JOOX Music


Our team at Carisinyal also highly recommends JOOX, an online music streaming application. For music enthusiasts and Android users, JOOX may already be a household name, given its popularity among its over 5 million users.

JOOX Music provides a feature that allows users to stream songs online, eliminating the need to download tracks. Furthermore, this application has a unique feature that offers users recommendations for the most popular and highest-rated songs.

Interested in giving JOOX Music and its exciting features a spin? Go ahead, download JOOX and enjoy listening to your favorite tunes.

5. Shazam


Shazam is an application that enables users to stream music online, eliminating the need to download songs. Simply search for your favorite tracks and listen to them directly, without the hassle of downloading.

But Shazam isn't solely an online music streaming platform. It also provides users with the option to listen to music offline.

The application is regularly updated with recommendations for the latest and top-rated songs. Interested in giving it a go? You can download Shazam from the Google Play Store.

6. Musixmatch


Want to listen to songs online while reading the lyrics? Musixmatch, an online music streaming app, allows you to do just that.

This application not only lets you stream your favorite songs online but also displays the lyrics in real-time as the song plays.

Furthermore, the song collection in this application can be synced with other music player applications such as Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and Google Play Music.

All these applications integrate seamlessly with Musixmatch, instantly providing song lyrics for you to sing along while enjoying the music. Sounds appealing, right? If you're interested, feel free to download the app immediately.



While most music streaming apps cater to all music genres, IDAGIO is specifically tailored for classical music enthusiasts. You won't find tracks from other genres here, only a collection of classical music.

The collection is quite complete. Our team at Carisinyal discovered several albums from renowned pianists and composers such as Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Chopin, Debussy, Brahms, and Bach. Even interpretations of classical pieces are available, like those by Evgeny Kissin, the esteemed Russian pianist.

You'll be delighted to know that these classics are accessible for free on IDAGIO Radio. However, if you wish to play individual pieces, a subscription is required.

For the Carisinyal team, IDAGIO has been immensely beneficial, particularly when we're in the mood for purely classical music.

We stumbled upon a noteworthy feature in IDAGIO: the app recommends music based on your mood. This can be accessed via a special tab. You'll be prompted to press and hold the screen, and the app will then automatically select a classical piece matching your mood. If the music isn't to your liking, simply continue pressing the screen. Intrigued to try IDAGIO?

8. Deezer Music Player


If you're on the hunt for an online music app, the Deezer Music Player is definitely worth a try. This app provides users with access to a catalog of over 53 million songs.

Like other music streaming services, Deezer Music Player allows users to craft their own playlists. If you enjoy a more spontaneous music experience, you can also tune into pre-existing playlists on Deezer Music Player.

Beyond songs, Deezer Music Player broadens its offerings to include an array of podcasts, radios, and audio channels, diversifying your listening options and ensuring you never tire of the same tunes.

However, there is a minor drawback. If you're using the app for free, advertisements will pop up during your music-listening experience. This can be avoided by subscribing to Deezer Music Player.

9. SoundCloud


For many years, SoundCloud has been regarded as the "YouTube" for musicians who wish to share their songs without accompanying videos. With a library of over 125 million songs, including tracks from famous artists, SoundCloud has a lot to offer.

SoundCloud provides a platform to showcase your original music to users worldwide. You can upload music across various genres as per your preference.

Your work can be easily discovered by other users who can leave comments or likes on each track or song. SoundCloud also features a following system. Moreover, if you upload your own music, you can use the statistics feature to monitor the 'performance' of your tracks.

A potential downside to SoundCloud is the limit on the number of uploads. However, this can be remedied by upgrading to the premium service. Despite this, SoundCloud is definitely worth considering for installation on your phone.

10. Apple Music


Apple Music is no longer exclusive to iOS or MacOS-based devices; it's now accessible on Android devices too, provided the operating system is Lollipop or newer.

As one of the pioneers of music streaming platforms, it's no wonder that Apple Music boasts an extensive collection of songs across various genres. The app even features a wide array of interesting podcasts.

The user-friendly interface adds to the ease of using the app. The Carisinyal team appreciates the minimalist color scheme of the Apple Music display, which is pleasing to the eye.

Do note, Apple Music now operates on a monthly subscription fee, which is comparable to its competing streaming platforms.

If you're interested in using Apple Music, ensure you have an iCloud account. If you don't, registration is needed before you can download Apple Music.

While Spotify is currently the most popular online music streaming app, you can also explore the other apps recommended above. With the convenience of modern technology, enjoying your favorite music can now be done anywhere, as long as your device supports the application and you have an internet connection.

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