10 Best Guitar Chords Apps for Android

Written by Jihan Fauziah

If you're a guitar enthusiast, don't need to worry about hunting for guitar chords. Your Android smartphone can become your perfect ally in accessing chords conveniently.

All you need is to explore one of the ten guitar chord applications that we're about to review in this article. These apps come equipped with a wide and superior range of chords, from specific song chords to basic guitar chords, and options that work both offline and online.

Want to discover more about the featured guitar chord applications? Keep reading to find out the details.

1. Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar

If you're looking for a wide collection of guitar chords spanning numerous songs, Ultimate Guitar is the ideal choice to download. This app offers over 15,000 original songs complemented by tonebridge guitar effects.

To access and play all these songs, you don't need an internet connection as Ultimate Guitar also includes an offline feature. Moreover, if you're left-handed, the settings or song key settings can be easily adjusted to cater to your needs.

What makes Ultimate Guitar unique is that users have the ability to modify chords, lyrics, and even tabs. Plus, you have the option to adjust and resize tabs to fit your preference. It's a pretty feature-rich platform.

2. GuitarTuna


GuitarTuna is an extremely popular app among Android users, with over 50 million downloads to its credit. This application, created by Yousician, offers an array of intriguing features.

Aside from providing a search function for popular songs and their related guitar chords, GuitarTuna also serves as a reliable guitar tuner. It not only guides you to play your favorite tunes but also assists in tuning your guitar.

All you need to do is initiate the tuning process while the application is running. Following that, GuitarTuna will lend a hand. The app provides a variety of guitar tuning options, with standard tuning being one of them. GuitarTuna is available for download on Google PlayStore.

3. Guitar Chords and Tabs

guitar chords and tabs_

For Android users, playing the guitar has been made easier with Guitar chords and tabs app. You can avoid purchasing a physical guitar chord book, as this app offers a free and convenient collection of guitar chords.

You have no longer to manually flip through a guitar chord book. Thanks to the autoscroll feature of this application, Guitar Chords and Tabs will automatically scroll to the next chord once you've completed one, offering a seamless experience.

Furthermore, this app also offers an offline mode. Interested to explore your guitar playing with the Guitar Chords and Tabs app?

4. Songsterr


Songsterr is a complete guitar chord app. Other than containing guitar chords and song lyrics, it also includes extensive guitar tabs. Interestingly, you can learn these guitar tabs while listening to the original song. Most songs featured on Songsterr lean towards popular rock and metal genres.

Songsterr enhances the user experience with special features like audio loops and adjustable playback speed. However, these options are only available to premium service users.

Another notable feature of Songsterr is its supply of tabs for a variety of other musical instruments, including the bass. Curious? You can download Songsterr from Google PlayStore.

5. Chord ai

chord ai_

Chord ai is a fairly advanced guitar chord app. Upon opening it, you'll be presented with a list of chords to learn. Of course, it also affords the opportunity to practice playing well-known songs.

Consider Louis Armstrong's "What A Wonderful World". Our team at Carisinyal found the learning experience to be interactive, enabling users to play along with the song, following the lyrics and chords in real-time.

What's especially appealing is the ability to adjust the speed or rewind the audio at will. Users can choose between the easy chord or the accurate version. However, access to the accurate version of the chords is exclusive to subscribed users.

Expanding beyond guitar chords, Chord ai includes chords for other instruments, such as the piano and ukulele. Chord ai is available for download on Google PlayStore.

6. GtrLib Chords


This app, GtrLib Chords, is perfect for those who are just starting to learn how to play the guitar. Unlike other apps, it doesn't offer access to popular song chords. Instead, it provides an extensive list of guitar chords.

You can easily search for these chords by category using the search bar at the top of the screen. To assist in your learning, audio is also provided for each chord, allowing you to familiarize yourself with how they sound.

The app is free to use, but as a consequence, it does feature a fair number of ads. Nonetheless, we didn't find these ads to be intrusive. You can download GtrLib Chords from Google PlayStore.

7. smart Chords

smart chords_

The smart Chords & tools application provides a wide variety of chords collections for both beginners and professional players. More than a million guitar chords are available to entertain and assist its users.

Moreover, Smart Chords & Tools enhances the user experience with features designed to support your instrument playing, including a guitar tuner.

The app is also user-friendly for left-handed individuals, making it all the more versatile. Quite impressive, right? If Smart Chords & Tools aligns with your needs and interests, you can download it from Google PlayStore.

8. Chord! Free

chord free_

Another app to consider is Chord! Free. The developer claims that this app boasts the most complete chords, making it extremely user-friendly for both beginners and professionals.

This free application from RabugenTom presents an array of features, including one where guitarists can evaluate their proficiency in playing the guitar.

The Chord! app also provides you with scales. So, do you find yourself drawn in by what this app has to offer? You can download Chord! Free from Google PlayStore.

9. All Chords Guitar

all chords guitar_

All Chords Guitar allows you to learn guitar chords easily, with more than 4000 chords that can be learned directly. It is versatile, meeting the needs of both beginners and advanced guitar players.

The search feature allows you to find chords by their name, variant, or shape. Impressively, it maintains an ad-free environment, ensuring no interruptions during your practice sessions. If this app piques your interest, you can download All Chords Guitar right away.

10. Guitar 3D Chords

Guitar 3D Chords _

As the name suggests, this app showcases guitar chords with a 3D visual. Beyond just chords, while learning to play the guitar, you can also watch a virtual guitarist perform the chord-picking process in 3D.

Guitar 3D Chords is quite user-friendly. All you need to do is add the specific guitar chord you're interested in learning to the timeline. Subsequently, a virtual guitarist will show you how to play that particular chord.

This application is available for free download and operates without any advertisements. Give the Guitar 3D Chords app a try by downloading it from Google PlayStore.

So, there you have it - a selection of guitar chord apps available for Android devices. These apps are user-friendly, simple, practical, and best of all, free. Which of these guitar chord apps do you think suits your needs the best? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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