15 Best English Learning Apps on Android

Written by Listiorini

Nowadays, English is a universal language needed for various activities. These activities include professional work, international travel, internet browsing, and even gaming.

Improving your English proficiency doesn't necessarily require investing in expensive courses. Instead, one can conveniently learn English on their Android or iPhone, and even on a laptop or personal computer.

Numerous English learning applications can help you to understand grammar and acquire all the necessary skills to excel in English. But are there any English learning apps that work offline? Discover more in this article.

1. Duolingo


Duolingo, a must-have Android app, provides a wide range of languages learning, including English, Chinese, Russian, Polish, and many more, simplifying and accelerating the learning process.

Duolingo offers a variety of learning levels, introducing new vocabulary on a daily basis. It allows users to select topics for their English lessons, encompassing fields like education, health, and science.

By consistently using Duolingo, you can achieve a level of proficiency that allows you to communicate in simple English and read English texts in newspapers or books.

2. Memrise


Memrise emphasizes vocabulary comprehension as the core of English learning. The app uses a variety of engaging and creative strategies to help users understand each vocabulary word, facilitating easier recall.

In addition to its user-friendly interface, Memrise also allows you to interact with other users to learn English together. With 30 different learning levels, Memrise allows you, as a user, to track your progress throughout your learning journey.

3. Hello English

hello english__1

Hello English app offers a wide range of flexible learning options, making it arguably the most comprehensive English learning application. Whether it's through text media like news, videos, audio, interactive games, or direct discussions with teachers, all these methods are available at your fingertips.

Moreover, this app offers the opportunity to master 10,000 English words to enrich your vocabulary, complete with pronunciation guidance.

Want to compete with other app users? Participate in multiplayer games against thousands of users globally. Let's try the Hello English app!

4. Rosetta Stone

rosetta stone_

Learning grammar becomes easier with one of the best English learning apps, Rosetta Stone. Designed for both children and adults, this app accelerates English proficiency through its user-friendly interface and extensive vocabulary list.

Rosetta Stone offers engaging activities, such as deriving one word from another, which makes the process of learning English not just easier and more convenient, but also more enjoyable. In addition to English, Rosetta Stone offers instruction in French, German, Italian, and 19 other languages.

5. HelloTalk

hello talk_

Some individuals prefer a hands-on approach to improve their English fluency, and one effective way to achieve this is through conversational practice with native speakers. This is precisely what the HelloTalk app offers.

Interestingly, HelloTalk not only facilitates English practice, but it also provides an opportunity to engage with hundreds of other languages, including Korean, Japanese, French, Mandarin, German, and many more.

Even though the primary mode of communication is via text, you can enhance your listening skills thanks to the voice-to-text feature. Keen on practicing speaking? You can send voice notes or even place a call to converse directly with a native speaker. Intriguing, isn't it?

6. ABA English

aba english_

Seeking an effective way to learn English through an app and instructed by a native speaker? ABA English is the perfect choice for you. This PlayStore editor's choice app uses a unique and effective method of learning through captivating English movies.

ABA English tailors the learning experience to each user's proficiency level. There are six distinct levels: beginners, lower intermediate, intermediate, upper intermediate, advanced, and business.

Before starting the lessons, you'll be given an initial test to ascertain your proficiency level. Curious about this proficiency test and the app's learning methodology? Give ABA English a try directly.

7. BBC Learning English

bbc learning english_

If you've been keeping up with English learning methods, you may already be familiar with BBC News. Widely recognized as an English language learning resource, BBC is now offering an official app that provides a variety of English lessons.

These lessons are delivered through video content that can be streamed or downloaded for offline use. To evaluate your English proficiency, the application also features a range of quizzes.

The content is regularly updated, ensuring you never run out of new material to refine your skills. The BBC Learning English app is available for free download on the Google PlayStore.

8. Babbel


If you are a busy person and don't have much time to learn English, the Babbel app could be your solution. It provides a variety of short lessons that can be completed in just 15 minutes.

Whether it's reading, listening, grammar, or vocabulary, Babbel ensures comprehensive English mastery. It even offers contextual learning, covering areas such as travel, business, and more.

Want to improve your English skills effortlessly? Download Babbel from the Google PlayStore.

9. Tandem


Tandem, in essence, can be likened to "Tinder," but instead of connecting potential romantic partners, it pairs language learning enthusiasts. It allows you to refine your English proficiency through direct communication with partners, either via text or call.

Additionally, Tandem's chat feature can correct sentence structures in your messages, making each conversation not just enjoyable, but also educational.

Tandem also offers a Facebook-like feed where you can create rooms, post statuses, or even invite other users for collective study. Curious about Tandem? Go ahead and install the app.

10. EWA: Learn English & Spanish Language


If your preferred method of learning English involves novels, movies, and TV series, then EWA is the perfect match for you. This app incorporates quotes from renowned TV series and novels into engaging learning material.

Furthermore, translations of English novel excerpts are available word for word in various languages, ensuring you won't be left perplexed about their meaning.

To keep track of your learning progress and set goals, the app provides graphs. Additionally, these visual aids can serve as a source of motivation. Download EWA from the Google PlayStore.

11. ELSA


ELSA is an app specifically designed for easy English learning. It provides a curriculum tailored to your English speaking proficiency.

The app allows you to practice pronouncing over 1000 English words. You needn't worry about pronunciation errors, as ELSA offers immediate feedback and models the correct pronunciation.

A list of commonly used phrases in everyday life is also provided to facilitate practical learning. This app makes English learning quicker and easier.

ELSA does limit the learning time and features for those using the free service. However, for more comprehensive access, you can avail of the premium features.

12. Cake


Next on the list is Cake, an app that has been downloaded by tens of millions of Android users eager to learn English. With Cake, you can set daily learning objectives to consistently improve your English skills.

The highlight of Cake is its dynamic approach to learning; it's far from mundane. Indeed, Cake allows you to learn English in an engaging way through vlogs, movies, and popular TV shows.

The app also ensures that learning isn't confined to just one accent, enabling you to familiarize yourself with various English accents.

To keep your skills sharp, Cake offers quizzes for practice. For access to even more exceptional features of this English learning app, you can subscribe to Cake Plus.

13. Falou


Falou provides unique approach and emphasizes practice over rote learning, allowing your English skills to improve rapidly.

Falou offers a wealth of material for you to engage with. Practice opportunities range from the pronunciation of simple words and ordering coffee, to introducing yourself and narrating vacation experiences.

The app allows customization based on your abilities, including the duration of daily training. You have the flexibility to choose, starting from just 10 minutes a day.

Our team at Carisinyal appreciates Falou's training methodology, which effectively keeps boredom away. However, it's worth noting that not all materials on the platform are freely accessible. Some content is locked and requires a premium subscription for access.

14. Drops


Drops uses interactive games to make learning English more enjoyable. The app prompts you to match certain words and sentences to their corresponding images or sounds, based on what is written or articulated within the app.

Similar to many other apps, Drops allows you to set your proficiency level and daily practice time, even the study duration can be adjusted according to your own capabilities.

This app is suitable for a wide spectrum of users, from beginners to advanced learners. However, it's worth noting that for advanced learners, the process isn't accelerated. All users start from the basics, following the same learning pathway.

Given its repetitive nature, the Drops app will help you to quickly remember specific vocabulary and phrases.

15. Vocabulary


As the name suggests, the Vocabulary app is designed to assist you in expanding your English vocabulary. The app allows you to select your proficiency level and study duration. As your English level progresses, the vocabulary becomes more challenging.

The app presents a list of vocabulary words for you to learn. Simply scroll through the screen to discover more words.

You can copy each vocabulary word, save it as an image, or even share it on social media. Intriguingly, the app allows you to choose a background theme for the vocabulary display. Interested in giving it a try? Download Vocabulary from the Google PlayStore.

Indeed, these apps offer fantastic resources for learning English. They allow you to gain proficiency in an international language without the need to enroll in expensive courses.

Considering that English courses can be costly, these applications serve as an affordable and economical alternative for continuous English learning.

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