10 Best YouTube Channels for Learning English

Written by Listiorini

English is an important language included in school curriculums in many countries. Besides schools, English is also taught in various paid courses for both children and adults.

However, learning English can also be free. With an internet connection, you can use YouTube to become proficient in English. Carisinyal has compiled a list of 10 YouTube channels that teach English for free. Let's check them out!

1. English Class 101

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The YouTube channel English Class 101 has the most subscribers for learning English, with over 3 million followers worldwide. With native English speakers, it's easier to understand the language.

The channel offers both American and British English, allowing you to distinguish between the two most widely used dialects in the world. The teaching materials are diverse, covering vocabulary, writing, reading, and speaking.

English Class 101's videos are engaging, so you won't get bored streaming them for hours. provides a unique learning experience that you won't find in conventional classrooms.

They offer lessons that can be taken at your convenience, and all content is provided by certified English teachers to ensure high-quality instruction.

2. BBC Learning English

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BBC Learning English is a department of the BBC World Service dedicated to teaching English. It provides learning resources and activities for people from all walks of life. While they have a YouTube channel, their website offers even more comprehensive resources.

As part of the BBC World Service, BBC Learning English has been teaching English to a global audience since 1943, making them one of the oldest English teaching organizations in the world. They offer free audio, video, and text materials to learners and teachers worldwide.

The great thing about BBC Learning English is that you can choose whether to study a full course or split courses with short videos. This flexibility allows each learner to choose the best way to learn, tailored to their available time.

3. VOA Learning English

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Learning English is a multimedia news and information resource created by Voice of America (VOA) for millions of English learners worldwide. Originally launched as "Special English" in 1959, it was rebranded as Learning English in 2014, offering expanded English teaching materials.

In VOA's free online classes, you can choose your level based on your ability. The Beginning Level includes Level 1 and Level 2 programs designed for beginners, taught by certified American English teachers. This level features short videos that explain words or terms used in the news.

The next level is Intermediate. Here, you will learn American English through content from US and world news, health and lifestyle, science and technology, arts and culture, and other topics.

At this level, learners can build vocabulary, strengthen speaking skills, and improve communication abilities for work, school, and daily life.

The Advanced Level is more challenging, with material such as classic American literature, idioms and expressions, colloquial grammar, and updates on innovations and trends in the US and around the world. All this can be accessed on radio, satellite TV, and VOA's YouTube channel at

4. Oxford Online English

YouTube video

Oxford Online English has a large following, with 1.5 million subscribers. Here, you can improve your spoken English and boost your confidence.

The channel offers business English lessons to help you use English professionally, IELTS preparation to achieve your desired score, and English writing lessons to help you write clearly and accurately. You can also learn English grammar to use structures correctly and English pronunciation to speak clearly and naturally.

5. Learn English With TV Series

There's nothing more fun than learning English from songs and movies! Learn English With TV Series makes this possible. Are you ready to learn English while enjoying your favorite shows?

This YouTube channel, with millions of subscribers, improves your listening comprehension through TV shows, movies, and talk shows. Subscribe to learn native English without getting lost or missing jokes. Say goodbye to subtitles!

6. Speak English with Vanessa

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Learning to speak English with Vanessa will be an amazing experience. Vanessa started teaching English full-time when she lived in Korea.

When Vanessa moved back to the US, she noticed there weren't many job opportunities for adults who wanted to learn English. So, she created her own opportunities through YouTube.

Her channel, Speak English with Vanessa, became a huge hit! She has millions of subscribers. Vanessa helps you speak English naturally, confidently, and fluently. You can join her free YouTube lessons every Friday.

7. Kendra's Language School

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Kendra's Language School has millions of subscribers. Besides English, Kendra is fluent in several other languages. Do you want to speak a foreign language fluently? Follow her YouTube account and start learning right now. With regular practice, the phrases and vocabulary you learn will come to you naturally.

8. Daily English Conversation

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Daily English Conversation is a free YouTube channel for people who want to learn English. With this channel, you will learn English easily. You will also get practice classes, lessons on tenses in English grammar with examples, and much more.

You will find English vocabulary videos, grammar lessons, exercises, and other English lessons for FREE! Subscribe to Daily English Conversation now. Thousands of English videos are waiting for you!

9. Shaw English Online

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Shaw English Online was created by Robin Shaw, a Canadian living in Korea who loves traveling to different countries and meeting students. With nearly 20 years of teaching experience, his students are spread across the globe.

This YouTube channel offers excellent English grammar courses for free. There are several teachers on the channel, including Esther from California. Her videos are the best choice for beginner students.

Esther teaches the basics of English, such as articles, pronouns, prepositions, and adjectives. Her videos are ideal for improving your English speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills. Be sure to watch her other videos to expand your English knowledge.

10. English Singsing

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Finally, there is the English Singsing channel, which has 1.3 million subscribers. This channel is perfect for children around the world to play and learn English happily. Unlike adults, children want to see things first-hand, think for themselves, and be active. This channel provides fun and diverse content that suits children's characteristics.

They create videos in various forms such as kids songs, dialogues, raps, stories, phonics, and more. If your kids regularly watch videos from this channel, they will become familiar with English. English Singsing uploads new videos every week. Subscribe now!

There are many useful channels on YouTube, some of which can even educate their viewers, like the ten channels we mentioned earlier. Have you ever watched any of these channels?

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