15 Best Android Apps for Making Personalized T-Shirt Design

Written by Listiorini

Are you thinking about getting specialized shirt design software on a Mac or Windows PC? Think again, because your Android smartphone or tablet can be used to design your own shirt.

There are several online and offline shirt design apps for Android that allow you to design clothes whenever and wherever you want. Some of them can produce designs in an instant. There are also those that can be used to create personalized clothes. Here is the complete list.

1. T Shirt Design - Custom T Shirts - Fusion Developers

t-shirt design - fusion dev_

Do you want to design a uniform for your community or create fan merchandise? Fushion Developers is here to help, providing a t-shirt design maker app that anyone can use, regardless of design skills. This app has a number of different types of t-shirts, as well as a logo collection.

You can insert text, photos, stickers, and effects. This app's logo collections are also fairly unique, and you can customize them with additional visual components to suit your preferences. Get this app on the Google PlayStore.

2. T-Shirt Design – Snaptee

T-shirt design - Snaptee

It's possible to design a t-shirt with just a few taps on your smartphone screen. Snaptee has fantastic features such as Instagram integration, font and color options, custom filters, and cool template designs that will inspire you when designing clothes. You can also post your designs on social media.

Interestingly, you can sell the clothes you create using this app. Simply click the 'Publish' and 'Sell' buttons to make your clothes available to the public. You are going to get a 10% commission for each t-shirt sold.

You don't need to master complicated Photoshop, find a screen printing outlet willing to print one t-shirt, and ask someone else to design the t-shirt with Snaptee.

You can make your own organic cotton t-shirts using this shirt design app. Snaptee is available for download on the Google Play Store.

3. T-Shirt Design Studio

t-shirt design studio_

One of the best apps for designing your own t-shirts is T-Shirt Design Studio. This app has numerous interesting features. T-Shirt Design Studio allows you to make t-shirts based on your preferences. You can create your own design or use one provided by T-Shirt Design Studio.

In addition to designing, this app includes a photo editor. This feature allows you to modify photos to be used as t-shirt designs.

You can also make your own text, whether it's a quote or just text. In fact, this app provides brush tools, which allow you to customize the color of the t-shirt and text to your preference.

4. T-shirt design - Yayprint


The Carisinyal team also recommends the T-shirt design app called Yayprint. You only need to pick the type of t-shirt you would like to create with this free app. You can utilize the tools offered by T-shirt design - Yayprint. You may design a long-sleeved or short-sleeved t-shirt and change the color as needed.

You can also add effects, filters, and even text to the design. If you're stuck over design ideas for T-shirt design, Yayprint is ready to help via live chat. It's interesting, isn't it?

6. T-Shirt Design - O Shirt


This app lets you design your own t-shirt easily. Of course, you are able to customize the clothes as needed. There are several types of clothes, such as t-shirts and hoodies.

You will be taken to the design page after choosing the type of clothes. Here, you can add text, photos, emojis, and other elements according to your preferences.

Each element's font color, text effect, and layout can be modified. When you're finished designing, simply click the 'Done' button to save it. Before placing the clothes in the shopping cart, you will be asked to choose the size.

Every piece of clothing here is priced differently depending on the type. T-Shirt Design: O-Shirt also provides many templates for the designs that you can use.

7. Football Jersey Maker - Ice Point

Football Jersey Maker - Ice Point_

Do you want to make your own soccer jersey? Use the Ice Point Football Jersey Maker app. You can choose a jersey design from your favorite team and then personalize it by adding your jersey number and name.

The app appears simple and a bit outdated. However, you can still use this app to design your jersey. It's hassle-free. Then, you can save the jersey design on your Android phone. The app is free to use.

8. Jersey Design Maker : Cricket Jersey & Football

Jersey Design Maker Appwallet Technologies_

Jersey Design Maker: Cricket Jersey & Football allows you to create popular jersey designs for your favorite cricket and soccer teams.

All you have to do is choose the jersey you want, then customize it with elements like your name, jersey number, logo, or team name. When you're finished designing, you can save what you've created.

The app has simple visuals and controls. If you're looking for a quick way to design a jersey, this app could be a good option. Download the app on the Google Play Store.

9. Design & Get Your T-Shirt

design and get your t shirt mostink_

Design & Get Your T-Shirt is another user-friendly app that allows you to create a custom t-shirt. Not only can you design the perfect t-shirt with this application, but you can also purchase it.

You can customize your t-shirt by inserting images or quotes. There are over a thousand presets and items that you can use to personalize your t-shirt.

Don't forget to choose your clothing size so that the t-shirt fits properly on you. The app developer will print and ship your t-shirt within a few days. Since this is basically a design app that also sells t-shirts, you must pay for the t-shirt you would like to print.

10. Mockup Generator - Mockitup


Already have a design that you want to apply to a tee? The Mockup Generator app from Mockitup will help you out. This app allows you to use the designs you've created in other apps to design the t-shirt you want.

The Mockup Generator app's templates let you design t-shirts from scratch. In addition to t-shirts, you can also design bags and coffee mugs.

Utilize this app's logo maker if you want to design a logo for either personal or commercial use. Similar to t-shirt design, Mockup Generator provides a large number of logo templates.

11. T-shirt design maker

T-shirt desaign maker

This application was made for those who enjoy designing t-shirts independently. A number of features are added to simplify the design process.

There are undo and redo buttons that allow you to revert and restore the created t-shirt design. It is possible to add illustrations or pictures from your phone's gallery. Therefore, you don't have to start designing from scratch.

You can also add cute and unique stickers to your t-shirt. It's time to design your own tee! Get the app on the Google Play Store.

12. Instant T-Shirt Designer - Doobie


This app can be utilized to create t-shirts for men, women, and children. You can design each part of the t-shirt separately, starting with the front, back, and hand parts.

Adding text and images, as well as modifying fonts and colors, is also possible. There aren't too many editing options in this app. However, this makes the app even more practical. You can simplify the design process by using your fingers to resize text and other elements.

Similar to other design apps, Doobie charges per t-shirt design and item delivery. Get Doobie on the Google Play Store.

13. Fashion Design Sketches Book

fashion design sketches book_

The Fashion Design Sketches Book can be used to create apparel from scratch. With this app, you can design clothes like a professional designer.

The app includes design-oriented tools, such as a variety of brushes. You are able to choose a model to design clothes to meet your needs.

There are already applicable patterns for men's, women's, and children's clothes. You are free to mix and match the patterns according to what you prefer. Unfortunately, premium customers are the only ones who can access these patterns and certain features in the app.

This app allows users to not only design clothing but also compete in clothing design events. If you're interested, download Fashion Design Sketches Book on the Google Play Store.

14. T-Shirt Design - DroidX

t-shirt design droidx_

The Carisinyal team also recommends the DroidX T-Shirt Design app. This application contains a few special tools. However, you can add text, change the font style, apply stickers, or incorporate photographs into the t-shirt design.

You can also choose the type of t-shirt you would like to create. This includes short- and long-sleeved shirts, as well as polo shirts. The color of the shirt can be modified, too. Your t-shirt design will be saved directly to your phone's gallery once finished.

DroidX T-Shirt Design is free to use. Unfortunately, there are lots of ads in this app. Unlike other apps, you can't purchase t-shirts with the designs you've created. However, you may use the saved designs to create your own t-shirts.

15. Fashion Design Flat Sketch

fashion design flat sketch_

Similar to Fashion Design Sketches Book, this app can be used to design clothes from scratch. This application is completely free to use. When using this app, you won't be annoyed by ads.

First, you will be asked to select a type of clothing. The available clothing options include blouses for women. After that, you only need to choose the garment's neckline and fit it.

After that, you will be taken to the shirt design page. You can now add details to the clothing and attach various types of buttons. The patterns are already included in the application. If you don't want to draw manually, simply choose a pattern from the app's collection.

For those who want to manually add elements, the pencil tool is available at the top of the screen. When you're done, you can press the airplane icon button. Here, you have the option to email or save the design to your phone's gallery.

This app is excellent and ideal for designing clothes. It appears simple, but this is one of its best features. Download the Fashion Design Flat Sketch on the Google Play Store.

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