Unveiling the Pros and Cons of Buying Infinix Phones

Written by Ananda Ganesha M

Infinix Mobile is a Hong Kong-based smartphone brand founded in 2013 by Transsion Holdings. Since then, Infinix has seen rapid growth due to its commitment to innovation and powerful specifications in its smartphones.

Infinix's products are now available in 60 countries, with positive responses from regions like Nigeria, the Middle East, and Asia. The brand has also made its way to the United States.

Infinix competes with brands like Xiaomi (specifically Redmi) and realme by offering affordable phones with above-average quality.

Let's explore the advantages and disadvantages of the Infinix brand.

Pros of Infinix

Here are some reasons why Infinix continues to thrive:

1. Affordable Quality Phones


Infinix stands out for delivering quality phones in the affordable price range. While other brands offer basic specifications in entry-level phones, Infinix goes the extra mile to provide impressive features.

For example, the Infinix Smart 6, priced at $110, includes a fingerprint sensor, face unlock, a large 5,000 mAh battery, and an antibacterial body design.

Infinix phones are a great option if you're looking for an affordable phone with advanced features like a fingerprint sensor.

Another worth-considering Infinix phone is Infinix Hot 30, which comes with a punch-hole front camera, NFC, a side fingerprint sensor, and stereo speakers.

This makes Infinix a go-to brand for anyone seeking a good quality, budget-friendly phone, whether it's for kids new to technology or the elderly who need smartphone functionality.

2. Generally Features a Large Screen

infinix note 10 layar_

When considering brands known for their commitment to quality phones at reasonable prices, Xiaomi, realme, and Infinix come to mind. Infinix, in particular, excels in offering excellent value for money. It consistently leads in providing products with notably large screens, especially in its Infinix Note series.

Looking at the Infinix Note 7, 8, 9, and 10, these models showcase screens up to 6.95 inches with IPS LCD technology, positioning Infinix as a unique brand known for its phablet offerings—a blend of smartphones and tablets, highlighted by their expansive displays.

However, the trend of large screens slightly tapered off with the Infinix Note 11. Subsequently, Infinix shifted its focus to integrating AMOLED panels in an affordable price range, moving slightly away from the larger screen size. Nevertheless, the Infinix Note 11 and 12 still maintain impressive displays with 6.7 inches of Full HD+ resolution.

Though not as vast as their predecessors, the 6.7-inch screens are considerably large compared to other brands that typically feature 6.5-inch displays.

3. One of the Brands with the Best Overall Quality Across All Segments

infinix note 12 vip

In the smartphone market, it’s common for brands to excel in one aspect while compromising in others. For instance, OPPO’s phones in the $120 price range usually focus on enhancing camera capabilities but offer just average performance.

Meanwhile, Samsung earns trust for its reliability but sometimes falls short in providing cost-effective performance.

Infinix stands out by delivering outstanding quality across the board. It provides compelling specifications and features not only in its mid-range and entry-level models but also adjusts to meet market demands effectively. This adaptability can be seen in the unique variants it introduces, which often feature distinctive naming conventions.

Infinix also segments its products into four series to cater to various customer needs. These series are the Smart, Hot, Note, and Zero, each designed to address specific preferences and requirements within the smartphone market.

  • Infinix Smart Series
Infinix Smart 6 Plus

The Infinix Smart Series is a line of entry-level smartphones with affordable prices and specifications suited for daily use.

This series serves to the low-end market segment by offering fundamental features and specifications at a reasonable price. This series of smartphones includes the Infinix Smart 6 and the Infinix Smart 7.

  • Infinix Hot Series
Infinix Hot 30 play

Positioned a notch above the Smart Series, the Infinix Hot Series enhances the specification offerings while maintaining affordability.

For instance, the Infinix Hot 30 models include features such as NFC, ample RAM, and large battery capacities, which are uncommon in the Smart Series. An innovative Extended RAM feature also allows users to virtually expand their RAM capacity.

  • Infinix Note Series
Infinix Note 30 Pro

The Infinix Note Series caters to the mid-range segment, emphasizing superior camera and battery capabilities. This series surpasses the Hot Series in terms of screen quality, performance, and battery life, features that stand out in its price range. For example, the Infinix Note 12 VIP offers a 120 Watt fast charging capability.

The series continues to excel with the Infinix Note 30, which includes unique features like front camera video recording at 1080p 60 fps—a rare find in its price range.

The Infinix Note 30 Pro further impresses with wireless charging and reverse wireless charging capabilities. In fact, the wireless charger is included in the sales package.

  • Infinix Zero dan GT Series
infinix zero 5G

The Infinix Zero series represents the flagship line within Infinix’s portfolio. These smartphones have the highest specifications within the brand.

Models like the Infinix Zero X Pro, Infinix Zero X Neo, and Infinix Zero 5G highlight the series’ advantages, including premium design, high performance, advanced cameras, and other superior features.

However, the Infinix Zero series will soon be phased out and replaced by the Infinix GT series, which aims to deliver flagship-like specifications and features at more accessible prices.

With such a diverse array of series, Infinix allows consumers to choose a smartphone that best fits their needs and preferences, ensuring quality across all aspects without compromising any particular feature.

4. Good After Sales Service


Infinix has significantly improved its after-sales service by partnering with the Carlcare Service Center. You can easily access this service by visiting the official website,, or downloading the Carlcare application.

The Carlcare Flagship Service Center is the place to go for premium service. Here, you can take advantage of express repairs, with simple repairs completed in just an hour and complex repairs requiring no longer than 72 hours.

5. Bringing Premium Features at Reasonable Prices

infinix note 12 vip

Infinix is one of the brands that has always offered unique surprises in its product lineup. They often include some features rarely found in competing brands.

Take the Infinix Zero X Pro, for example. Despite its starting price of just $228, it boasts a 108 MP main camera with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) and a Moonshot Camera with a telephoto periscope lens for capturing stunning nighttime moon photos. Generally, telephoto periscope lenses are found only in phones priced above that.

Additionally, the Infinix Note 12 VIP offers rapid charging up to 120W, a speed that places it among the fastest in the industry, generally found only in high-end smartphones costing around $600.

The Note 12 VIP is a head-turner, not just for its charging speed but also for its comprehensive 108-point safety feature that protects the phone, cables, and adapters from damage.

Moreover, the Infinix Note 30 Pro introduces both wireless and reverse wireless charging, whereas these features are usually reserved for flagship models. Remarkably, the Note 30 Pro includes a wireless charger right in the box. Most flagship models usually sell it separately.

6. Rich Camera Features

infinix hot 30

Infinix phones are known for their high camera resolutions, especially the models from 2023 onwards. For instance, the Infinix Hot 30 features a 50 MP camera, priced at just $119. Despite its affordability, it includes a Quad LED Flash on the rear.

Furthermore, Infinix phones support higher video recording capabilities than most other phones. The Infinix Hot 30, for example, can record videos at 2K (1440p) resolution at 30 FPS that can produce sharper and more edit-friendly footage.

Both the Quad LED Flash and the 2K recording are distinctive, seldom-seen features in the smartphone market, particularly in the entry-level segment. Additionally, Infinix offers a "movie" mode with a variety of visually appealing presets such as sport, vintage, party, motion, performance, and superstar.

In today's thriving content creation culture, these advanced features are increasingly essential. While still providing a 60 FPS mode in only a few models, Infinix continues to innovate and respond to consumer trends with relevant features.

7. Plans to Venture into the Foldable Phone Market?

Infinix GT 10 Pro

Did you know? Infinix has announced plans to develop foldable phones by 2024. This exciting news came to light during the launch event for the Infinix Hot 40 series in February 2024.

La Ode Iman, the Brand Communications Manager at Infinix Indonesia, mentioned that we might see Infinix's foldable devices as early as the first quarter of 2024, or possibly at the start of 2025.

Entering this market will pose a significant challenge for Infinix as it tries to compete with well-established brands like Samsung and OPPO, who are already recognized for their foldable devices.

Infinix's parent company, Transsion Holdings, has already seen Tecno, another brand under its umbrella, venture successfully into foldables with the Tecno Phantom V Fold and V Flip. It’s expected that Infinix will introduce its foldable devices at a more affordable price point than those of its competitors.

The launch of a foldable device by Infinix could set a trend, encouraging other brands to follow. The introduction of Infinix foldable phones is anticipated to drive the next wave of technological evolution, similar to the transition from candy bar phones to QWERTY keyboards, and eventually to touchscreen smartphones.

Cons of Infinix Phones

Despite its strengths, Infinix also faces some challenges that impact its competitiveness.

1. Weak Brand Recognition Among the General Public

infinix hot 12i sensor sidik jari_

Although many Infinix phones offer superior features compared to their rivals, this has not significantly altered the general public's perception of Infinix as a dependable brand. When people consider replacing their phones, the names that commonly come to mind are Samsung and iPhone, not Infinix.

At best, consumers on a tight budget might consider brands like Xiaomi or realme over Infinix. It seems Infinix has yet to capture the 'best value for money' position that Xiaomi secured when it first launched in some market.

Thus, instead of being recognized as a quality yet affordable option, Infinix is often merely seen as 'cheap.' However, it's worth noting that Infinix has continually enhanced the quality of its products while maintaining competitive prices.

Moreover, while Infinix has been quite aggressive in its online marketing efforts, it has not focused as much on offline marketing. As a result, brand awareness for Infinix still lags significantly behind giants like Samsung and Apple.

2. Features that Sometimes Seem to be 'Gimmick'

infinix note 7 microusb

Infinix phones often appear impressive on paper, boasting what seem to be high-quality features. However, some of these features may not meet user expectations, appearing more gimmicky than genuinely useful.

For instance, the Infinix Note 7 and 8 models featured a nearly tablet-sized screen at 6.95 inches but were only equipped with HD+ resolution. This resulted in a display that lacked the sharpness expected at such a size.

Additionally, the Infinix Zero X Pro, despite its AMOLED display panel, fell short in color accuracy and lacked specific color modes that are available on other AMOLED-equipped devices.

It also came with only Widevine L3 DRM certification, which restricts video streaming quality on platforms like Netflix to below Full HD, according to a review by GSM Arena.

The Infinix Zero 8 introduced a 6.85-inch IPS LCD display with a 90 Hz refresh rate, which was quite a trend at its launch. Nevertheless, GSM Arena noted that the display suffered from slow pixel response times, leading to a less than satisfying visual experience.

Furthermore, the Infinix Note 12 includes a Triple Camera setup with one QVGA sensor, which typically adds to the camera count without enhancing the photographic experience.

Such sensors are commonly found in budget devices from local brands like Luna and Advan, not in products aspiring to compete at higher levels.

While Infinix phones may look appealing based on their listed specifications, a closer examination is necessary to determine if they genuinely enhance the user experience. Some features, initially promising, might only serve as lures to attract buyers.

3. Less Solid Build Quality

infinix hot 8

According to a user report on the Quora forum, the Infinix Hot 8 faced several issues after one year of use. It was noted that the Infinix Hot 12 suffered from software slowdowns and frequent background app terminations, even with a large 6 GB of RAM. Users have also encountered touch sensor issues on the smartphone’s screen when using screen protectors.

Moreover, the XOS operating system interface that Infinix uses is filled with bloatware and often displays intrusive advertisements.

There have also been complaints about the charging port, which sometimes fails to charge and requires replacement by a service center.

In terms of build quality, Infinix has not instilled confidence or trust in its durability, leading consumers to prefer the Redmi series, which is reputed for its solid construction.

In addition, Realme is another brand recognized for prioritizing build quality, often highlighting their rigorous quality control process, including thousands of tests on the power button, charging port, audio jack, etc.

4. Rarely Uses Qualcomm Chipsets

helio g96Source: realme

Infinix is known for producing quality phones with ample battery capacity and large screens that enhance the viewing experience for movies. However, it predominantly utilizes MediaTek chipsets.

This choice does not imply inferior performance compared to phones with Snapdragon processors, but note that developers often optimize their apps and games for Qualcomm’s chipsets. Infinix did once use a Snapdragon chipset in the Infinix Hot S3X, released in 2018.

Most Infinix phones are equipped with MediaTek Helio chipsets. Until the release of the Infinix Zero 5G, none featured a Dimensity chipset, which offers performance comparable to the latest Snapdragon models.

The absence of Qualcomm Snapdragon chips in Infinix phones isn’t necessarily a drawback. It might indicate a specific partnership with MediaTek. Furthermore, Infinix appears to have optimized its use of MediaTek chips to ensure they perform well.

5. No "Real Flagship" Series

infinix zero 5g tanpa android 12_

The Infinix product line is segmented into several categories. Their entry-level segment, known as Infinix Smart, typically costs just over $70 (e.g., $74, $81). The Infinix Hot series also falls into this price range but often approaches $135 (e.g., $108, $115, $122).

The Infinix Note series, one of the more popular offerings, usually features a very large screen and robust performance, with prices around $135. The Pro and VIP variants of this series can cost between $203 and $271.

The most expensive in their lineup is the Infinix Zero series, which includes models like the Infinix Zero 5G—the first Infinix phone to support 5G—and the Infinix Zero X series, known for its superior camera capabilities. Prices for the Zero series range from $203 to $338, making it Infinix's closest offering to a "flagship" series.

However, none of these series compete in the $677 flagship price range, nor do they offer a phone priced around $474. Reflecting on other brands like Xiaomi and Realme, it's clear they continue to offer products in the premium segment.

Infinix seems committed to maintaining its reputation for affordability. Yet, without venturing into the high-end market, the public often perceives Infinix as a "cheap" brand.

Entering the "real flagship" smartphone race could potentially elevate Infinix's reputation, offering a broader range of choices to its consumers.

6. Rarely Provide Clarity About Software Updates

Infinxi Hot 12i os

Similar to its sister companies, itel and Tecno, Infinix tends not to focus heavily on software. Most of its budget appears to be allocated to delivering value in terms of design, performance, and features. However, when it comes to software updates, the commitment seems lacking.

For instance, when using a phone with Android 13, it's unclear how long the device will receive update support—whether it will update to Android 15, for example.

Although Infinix promises software updates for the Zero series, the support duration is typically quite brief. For example, the Infinix Zero 20 and Zero 20 Ultra only receive one Android version update. Extending this support would undoubtedly make them more competitive with other brands.

Despite its shortcomings and a reputation that may not yet rival other brands for quality at an affordable price, Infinix smartphones do offer competitive features.

If you are not particularly keen on having a Snapdragon chipset and can overlook some drawbacks, you might find that Infinix provides exceptional value for your money.

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