7 Best and Most Exciting Zombie Games on Android

Written by Jihan Fauziah

In recent years, the zombie theme has become quite popular. This trend is reflected in the numerous films, books, and games that feature these brain-eating creatures.

In the gaming industry, zombie themes are widespread. From the early days of gaming consoles, developers have created numerous zombie games, such as the Resident Evil series and the well-known Plants vs. Zombies. These games are available on various platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Android.

In this article, the Carisinyal team will highlight the best zombie games you can enjoy on Android devices. Here's the list:

1. Garena Undawn

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Garena Undawn is currently gaining popularity. Our team was equally impressed when they tried it out, especially with its stunning graphics.

This MMORPG game has a fascinating concept. In Garena Undawn, your goal isn't just to fight off zombies but also to help the main character survive. You’ll need to build shelters, find food, maintain hygiene, and ensure proper sleep patterns.

The game features an open-world environment, allowing you to explore freely. However, remember to complete the missions assigned to you.

In addition to its visuals and concept, the storyline of Garena Undawn is captivating. You play as a resilient survivor in a zombie apocalypse, encountering another group of survivors called 'The Raven'.

Led by Cain, you’ll undertake various challenging missions. In the initial missions, you're partnered with Sherry, a long-time friend and teammate of your character.

Another aspect we enjoy in Garena Undawn is the crafting system. You can create items like bullets and weapons from scratch.

Although the concepts, story, and visuals of Garena Undawn are not entirely new, their combination makes it one of the best zombie games for Android. Give it a try!

2. Dead Effect 2


The Dead Effect series is a shooter game series that deserves more recognition. Dead Effect 2 is particularly famous for its excellent graphics.

This game integrates RPG elements that enable players to enhance, level up, and develop their characters to effectively combat the terrifying zombies. The Carisinyal team experienced the game through the eyes of a character named Jane Frey.

Each character in Dead Effect 2 possesses unique abilities. Jane, for instance, is particularly adept at killing zombies using her revolver and shotgun.

Our initial mission with Jane took place within a space shuttle. Our task was to activate the ship's generator and eliminate all zombies, including cybernetic dogs. A single zombie could be taken down with no more than two bullets.

Dead Effect 2 draws inspiration from Star Trek and various classic survival horror games found on consoles. This game is available for download on the Google Play Store.

3. DEAD TRIGGER 2 - Zombie Survival Shooter


If you were impressed by the graphics in "Into the Dead," then DEAD TRIGGER 2 - Zombie Survival Shooter will exceed your expectations.

This game allows players to traverse 10 regions across the globe, encountering 35 diverse environments, from urban landscapes and mountains to barren wildernesses.

The Carisinyal team explored this game through a campaign featuring several missions, enjoying the ability to select the difficulty level—easy, normal, or hard. Missions in this game are surprisingly brief, often completed in less than 10 minutes.

One great feature is the crafting system, which lets players create items such as painkillers to restore health. Although the graphics are average, the controls are commendable; they are automatic, sparing players the need to press buttons continuously.

4. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 is a sequel that enhances every aspect of its predecessor, regarded as one of the best zombie games. This version offers more features, more intricate adventures, and more challenging battles.

The narrative, voice acting, and visuals are impressive, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The primary goal is survival, requiring you to eliminate as many zombies as possible.

As with other survival horror games, Into the Dead 2 includes a weapon crafting feature. As players progress to higher levels, they gain access to superior weapons, which are necessary as the zombies become increasingly difficult to defeat. Interested in testing your survival skills? Download Into the Dead 2 directly from the Google Play Store.

5. Prey Day

prey day_

Prey Day is similar to the PC zombie game Project Zomboid. In this game, you don't just fight zombies; you also help the main character survive.

Your character wakes up in a hospital where a zombie outbreak begins. Fortunately, you find a safe house on the map. In this safe house, you can make food, build wells, and gather resources to survive.

The Carisinyal team likes Prey Day’s concept because it keeps the game interesting. You have to maintain your character's health, preventing hunger and exhaustion.

A fun part of the game is crafting tools like axes and hammers to gather resources. The primary weapon in this game is a sword, which can kill zombies with just two slashes.

Prey Day is a great game to try if you want a zombie game with a unique concept. Download Prey Day on the Google Play Store.

6. Dead Zed

zombie combat simulator_

Dead Zed kept the Carisinyal team engaged. This game involves fighting off hordes of zombies ready to attack you. Dead Zed has several maps with different levels.

The Carisinyal team started with the first map, set in a housing complex. Zombies approach you, and you have to shoot them from a distance. Your first weapon is a regular pistol.

It’s not easy to kill a zombie with a pistol, as it takes about 5-10 bullets unless you’re good at headshots. A single headshot will instantly drop a zombie. After defeating all the zombies, you can move to the next level, where you’ll get new weapons like arrows. You can upgrade each weapon as needed.

While Dead Zed’s graphics are not as good as other zombie games, its simple mechanics make it addictive.

7. Zombie Frontier IV


Zombie Frontier IV has a main campaign that takes you on an adventure in Trump City, killing zombies along the way. This FPS game kept the Carisinyal team hooked. We completed many short, tense missions.

As we progressed, the missions became harder, requiring us to upgrade our weapons multiple times.

The game also features boss fights. The Carisinyal team defeated a large zombie named Road Blocker using an MP5 weapon. This giant zombie could explode, adding to the challenge.

As we leveled up, we unlocked a side mission specializing in sniper rifles. Completing the side mission earned us in-game cash, which we used to upgrade our weapons.

Zombie Frontier IV looks better than its previous series. Interested in playing? Download it on the Google Play Store.

From this list, which game is your favorite? Or are there other games you think should be included?

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