Pros and Cons of vivo Y16 Smartphone

Written by Aris Wibowo

Vivo surprised consumers in 2022 by quietly launching the vivo Y16, their latest affordable Android smartphone. Like other devices in the Y series, vivo delivers a solid budget-friendly option for everyday use.

Moreover, the vivo Y16 boasts the Android 12 operating system and a powerful battery, empowering users to take advantage of a wide range of applications for work and leisure, including gaming.

If you're interested in learning about the advantages and disadvantages of the vivo Y16, refer to the table provided below.

For an in-depth analysis of the vivo Y16's advantages and weaknesses, please read the article that follows.

Specifications of vivo Y16

vivo Y16
Layar - - inci
Chipset -
Memori Internal
Baterai - - mAh
Cek Harga Saat Ini Shopee Lazada Blibli

Pros of vivo Y16

We discovered seven significant advantages of this modest smartphone vivo Y16. Let's discuss it!

1. Appealing Design

vivo y16

The vivo Y16 has a lovely and somewhat elegant design for an entry-level model, with dimensions of 163.95 x 75.55 x 8.19 mm and a weight of 184 grams. This phone's 8.19 mm thin body makes it feel pleasing and light in the hand.

In accordance with recent smartphone design trends, vivo implemented a 2.5D flat frame design into the Y16, giving it an attractive appearance. This design includes the power button, volume buttons, and USB Type-C port in a stylish way.

In addition, vivo introduces a Crystaline Matte glossy plastic rear panel. This creates a high-end surface that is resistant to scratches, fingerprints, and dirt while preventing the phone from feeling slippery on hand.

The top of the rectangular camera module spaces the primary camera and LED light, while the bottom has the macro camera.

Despite the use of glass on the front of the vivo Y16, the front camera keeps the older waterdrop design.

As a further advantage for a budget Android phone, the vivo Y16 is IP53 certified, providing resistance to dust and water splashes. This feature is especially useful for outdoor activities, as the phone can be used in light rain without concern of damage.

2. Has an Eye Protection Feature

layar vivo Y16

To fulfill current needs, vivo has equipped the Y16 series with a 6.5-inch screen. This display's large and immersive view is ideal for gaming and video streaming.

The display supports HD+ technology with a 1600 x 720 pixel resolution. Although not as detailed as an FHD display, this screen is good for watching content.

The Eye Protection feature of this display is an additional benefit. It autonomously adjusts the display's brightness based on the ambient lighting conditions and filters out harmful blue light to provide a more pleasant watching experience.

3. Fast and Accurate Fingerprint Sensor

vivo y16 bodi warna emas

The phone's fingerprint sensor is reportedly quicker and more accurate than those of previous Y-series models. According to the official website of vivo, this sensor, which is embedded in the side-mounted power button, can activate the device in 0.2 seconds.

Placing the sensor on the side improves the appearance of the rear panel. In addition, this position provides a more natural unlocking experience, as the power button on the Y16 series is conveniently located where your fingers naturally grasp the phone.

On the other side, there is Face Access which allows you to activate your phone by recognizing your face if you require additional security.

4. Attractive Funtouch OS User Experience

funtouch os vivo y16

Recognizing the need for steady performance in budget smartphones, vivo adds the Android 12 operating system and the FuntouchOS interface into the Y16.

FuntouchOS is a lightweight operating system, making it suitable for low-powered devices. It does not consume a large amount of RAM, so the phone's performance keeps powerful for multitasking and gaming.

Intriguingly, with the FuntouchOS version 12 update, this interface introduces a new UI design, vibrant displays, new desktop icons, a better dark mode, new wallpapers, and several of performance-enhancing improvements.

5. Improved Selfie Camera Quality

vivo Y16

Some current cheap smartphones decide for a single rear camera. However, the vivo Y16 offers a dual camera configuration; a primary camera and an additional macro lens.

The primary camera features a 13-megapixel sensor with an aperture of f/2.2 and, of course, autofocus. The secondary lens is a 2 MP macro camera with an aperture of f/2.4. Moreover, vivo's selfie camera uses a 5 MP lens with an aperture of f/2.2.

Regarding video recording, both the primary and front cameras are capable of Full HD resolution at 30 frames per second.

The Y16 series features an AI Triple Mode Camera that enables innovative photography. Its camera program includes various modes, such as Panorama, Time-lapse, Pro, and Bokeh, all of which are capable of producing high-quality, artistic photographs.

Despite the fact that the vivo Y16's photo and video output might not seem excellent, its affordable price and dual-camera configuration makes it ideal for documenting daily life.

In addition, the indoor and outdoor sharpness of its selfie camera makes it suitable for those who frequently use it in video calls.

According to the YouTube channel "Sesuai Harga," this phone is capable of recording clean, clear images and enough lighting. Notable also for its clear selfie camera output.

6. Improved Battery Life

vivo y16 bodi warna hitam

The vivo Y16 has a 5000 mAh battery, which is standard for today's mobile phones. vivo claims, however, that this battery provides great endurance.

vivo's public announcements indicate that this phone can stream HD videos for up to 18 hours, play games for 7 hours, and play music for up to 22 hours on a complete charge.

vivo gives a long battery life to battery improvement features such as AI Power Saving and Vivo Energy Guardian. Futhermore, vivo includes a feature reverse charging that allows this phone to charge other devices.

7. IP53 Rated

vivo y16 anti cipratan air

For a worry-free and secure experience, the most recent vivo smartphone has an IP53 rating that indicates it is resistant to water droplets and dust.

This feature is very beneficial, as it is uncommon for budget mobile phones to provide such comprehensive product protection, making the phone suitable for outdoor use.

Cons of vivo Y16

Besides the seven positive aspects mentioned before, there are three aspects of the vivo Y16 that you have to be considered, depending on your perspective.

1. Refresh Rate Remains Standard at 60 Hz

vivo Y16

A minor weakness of the vivo Y16 is its standard screen refresh rate of 60 Hz, whereas in the same price range, competitors offer screens with a 90 Hz refresh rate.

While the impact of the refresh rate may not be particularly noticeable, a higher refresh rate can make a difference for those who like gaming or simply scrolling through photos and videos on social media. It makes movements on the screen smoother and less tiring for the eyes.

2. Unimpressive Chipset


This phone is powered by a MediaTek Helio P35 chipset despite vivo's claims that it is ideal for daily use. This 16-nanometer chipset provides sufficient performance.

The chipset includes an octa-core 2.0 GHz Cortex A53 CPU and a PowerVR GE8320 graphics processor. In addition, this Android phone has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage memory.

This chipset is weak for intensive gaming in which it has been confirmed by tests completed on the Youtube channel "Sesuai Harga." The vivo Y16 reached a low 101,540 on AnTuTu 9. This score is not particularly impressive for a budget phone.

The phone scored a single-core score of 177 and a multi-core score of 870 on GeekBench 5, indicating that its CPU performance was also weak.

This vivo smartphone can play Mobile Legends at maximum settings, but it frequently suffers from lag and frame drops during gameplay.

Additionally, when playing PUBG, the vivo Y16 can only manage medium settings smoothly. Predictably, the gameplay is frequently slowed by lag and frame drops.

3. The absence of a Wide-Angle Camera

vivo y16 kamera

The vivo Y16's camera setup is minimal, consisting only of a primary and a macro lens. This could be regarded as a disadvantage in light of the fact that some comparable-priced competitors offer a three-camera setup with an ultra-wide lens.

Additionally, the built-in camera app misses special photography features such as slow-motion and night mode. Given that the phone uses a conventional sensor, this is not unexpected.

The camera's stabilization system is also basic, despite the fact that solid stabilization is necessary for capturing high-quality low-light images and minimizing the shaking of the camera during high-resolution video recording.


The vivo Y16 is not the cheapest Android phone with standout features, it does deliver average performance, class-leading rear camera support, and day-long battery life.

Unfortunately, it gives a relatively high price for its category, the phone seems to be missing comprehensive features. This is notably due to the fact that the device does not support fast charging. The presence of IP53 certification, however, adds value and makes the product suitable for outdoor use.

The vivo Y16 appears to rely greatly on its MediaTek P35 chipset and its innovative design. This Android device is essentially similar to previous vivo Android devices. What is your perspective on this? Do you find this phone appealing?

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