How To Write Italic Text on Instagram 

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Are you tired of the usual font style on Instagram? Consider experimenting with unique fonts. It's common to see influencers or public figures enhance their names or captions with italicized fonts, lending an aesthetic appeal to their Instagram pages.

Next, I'd like to offer some insights on how to create italicized fonts on Instagram, particularly for those who are interested and eager to give it a try. Continue reading for a detailed discussion on this topic.

You have two options available for italicizing text on Instagram. Let's explore these methods in the information provided below.

1. Use LingoJam

One method to craft italicized text on Instagram is through the LingoJam website. Follow these steps to achieve this:

  • Enter the text (be it a name or caption) you wish to italicize in the upper box. For instance, I'm inputting a name for my Instagram profile.
  • Wait for a selection of font styles to generate in the lower box. Choose and copy the version that suits your preference.
  • Proceed to log in to your Instagram account as you typically would. If you intend to modify your name, navigate to your Instagram profile and select the "Edit Profile" option.
  • Paste the italicized text into the appropriate field for your Instagram profile name.
  • Confirm the change by tapping the checkmark icon situated at the upper right corner of the screen. Voila, your profile name has been successfully updated.

Should you wish to enhance a caption or bio, the procedure remains identical. Simply copy the chosen text and paste it into the respective bio or caption section of your post.

Besides italicizing, LingoJam offers a plethora of intriguing font styles to experiment with. Moreover, unsatisfied users have the liberty to design their own unique font style. Are you tempted to give it a try?

2. Utilize CaptionPlus


Another reliable platform for crafting italicized text is CaptionPlus. As the name suggests, this site specializes in producing stylish captions adorned with various italic fonts.

This platform stands out from its counterparts due to its ad-free nature and a more extensive assortment of italic fonts. Personally, I find the website's clean, minimalistic design to be straightforward and non-confusing, enhancing the user experience.

Using it is a breeze: simply input a phrase, a word, or even your name into the "Edit text" section. The site will then generate a series of text variations in different fonts for you to select from. Pick your favorite, and copy it to paste on Instagram as you normally would.

Furthermore, CaptionPlus extends its services through a mobile application, where a richer set of features awaits your exploration. Why not give it a try?

Now, you can effortlessly incorporate italics into your Instagram posts. For your reference, the two websites mentioned above are the best options I have experimented with. You can still discover several other appealing websites and font applications available out there. Best of luck!

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