6 Creative Instagram Name Ideas for Your Second Account

Written by Linda

Establishing a secondary Instagram account can be an ideal solution for those seeking to separate their personal and public personas or to showcase aspects of themselves that don't quite align with their main account.

Choosing the right name for this second account is crucial. An aesthetic, representative username can significantly enhance your profile's appeal, making it stand out. Below are several ideas to inspire you in crafting a distinctive and memorable Instagram name for your second account.

1. Embracing Your Nickname

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Personalizing your secondary Instagram account with a nickname or a variation of it is a fantastic idea. It brings a personal touch to your online persona.

Don't hesitate to mix in unique words or symbols to make it stand out. Remember, the more unique, the better. It's all about being creative and standing out from the crowd.

To inspire you, here are 10 Instagram name ideas that incorporate personal nicknames, each with its own unique flair:

  • NikiNebula: A dreamy choice for the stargazing enthusiasts.
  • BellaBreeze: Ideal for those who revel in the serene beach atmosphere.
  • RickyRiff: A nod to the passionate guitar aficionados.
  • TaraTwilight: Capturing the essence of dusk for those who thrive in twilight.
  • JessieJazz: A sophisticated pick for the lovers of elegant jazz rhythms.
  • FelixFrost: For those who find joy in the chilly embrace of winter or the allure of snowy landscapes.
  • LunaLagoon: A mysterious and enchanting name, perfect for night-time admirers.
  • OscarOrbit: Embrace the spirit of a space explorer with this cosmic name.
  • GinaGlacier: Symbolizing strength and tranquility, akin to a majestic glacier.
  • MarcoMeadow: For the souls drawn to the wonders of nature and the thrill of adventure.

2. Channeling Celebrated Names

Menggunakan Nama Tokoh Terkenal

Ever thought about spicing up your Instagram with a touch of fame and style? Here's a fun idea: mix in the name of a famous person with your own interests. It’s not just cool but also makes your profile stand out. Imagine a username that combines the allure of a world-renowned figure with your personal touch – it's bound to spark curiosity!

Start by picking a famous person who resonates with you. It could be an artist, a scientist, or a beloved character from your favorite movie or book. These figures can add a special meaning to your username.

But here’s the twist: blend their name with something that defines you. Love Shakespeare and stargazing? How about "StarryShakespeare"? This way, you create a name that’s both familiar and uniquely yours.

And remember to keep it original. Even if you’re inspired by a famous name, ensure your Instagram handle is unique and not widely used. Here are some examples to get you inspired:

  • PicassoPalette: A vivid choice for those who find joy in art and colors.
  • HemingwayHarbor: Ideal for those who cherish literature and the sea's tranquility.
  • NewtonNebula: A cosmic option for enthusiasts of science and space.
  • FridaFlora: Tailored for courageous individuals who adore nature's beauty.
  • CleopatraCrown: For those who wish to channel the majesty of ancient royalty.
  • DaVinciDusk: A mysterious selection for admirers of art and the unknown.
  • TeslaTwirl: A dynamic name for fans of cutting-edge technology.
  • AustenAutumn: A romantic choice for those who love storytelling and autumn's charm.
  • BeethovenBeat: A rhythmic name suitable for music aficionados.
  • CurieCosmos: For those passionate about science and the cosmos' splendor.

3. Zodiac Elements as Your Muse


The zodiac world, with its mystique and uniqueness, offers a fantastic wellspring of ideas for your Instagram username. Every zodiac sign, from the fiery Aries to the whimsical Pisces, comes with its own set of traits, colors, and elements. These can add a personalized and intriguing twist to your Instagram handle.

First up, pinpoint what stands out about your zodiac sign. If you're a Scorpio, for instance, you might want to play up your enigmatic and intense side. Or, if you're a Libra, you could focus on themes of justice and beauty.

Once you grasp your zodiac sign's core traits, you can start crafting usernames that are not just eye-catching but also packed with meaning. Why not blend zodiac elements with your personal interests? If you're a Cancer who loves cooking, "CosmicCook" might be just the right fit.

Need some inspiration? Here are 10 Instagram usernames that beautifully incorporate zodiac elements:

  • AriesArcher: A great fit for bold and adventurous Aries.
  • TaurusTwilight: Ideal for Taurus individuals who cherish beauty and comfort.
  • GeminiGlow: For the lively and energetic Gemini.
  • CancerCrescent: A match for the enigmatic and intuitive Cancer.
  • LeoLuxury: Tailored for Leos who revel in luxury and the spotlight.
  • VirgoVoyage: Perfect for detail-oriented Virgos with a love for exploration.
  • LibraLuxe: For Libras who value harmony and elegance.
  • ScorpioStorm: A great choice for the intense and passionate Scorpio.
  • SagittariusStar: For the free-spirited and truth-seeking Sagittarius.
  • CapricornCraft: Suitable for the diligent and ambitious Capricorn.

4. Philosophical Terms for a Unique Touch


If you're looking to stand out, infusing your Instagram username with philosophical terms can be both unique and sophisticated. Philosophy might seem complex, but when integrated into social media, it can result in truly captivating usernames. Drawing inspiration from the profound insights of philosophers like Plato or the existential musings of Kierkegaard, your Instagram handle can embody depth and intellect.

Here are 5 Instagram usernames inspired by philosophical terms or ideas, each adding a thoughtful and profound flair:

  • AristotleAwe

Aristotle, the renowned Greek philosopher, delved into various aspects of life and science. 'Awe' in this context could symbolize your admiration for Aristotle's profound wisdom.

  • PlatoParadigm

Plato, a pivotal figure in philosophical history, offered numerous dialogues filled with deep thought. 'Paradigm' here might signify the idealized concepts or perfect forms central to Plato's theory of forms.

  • SocraticDialectic

Named after Socrates, this username pays homage to the dialectical method, a conversational approach to exploring philosophical truths.

  • KantianClarity

Immanuel Kant's philosophy revolved around the interplay of experience and knowledge. 'KantianClarity' may reflect his focus on clear, structured thinking in moral and epistemological areas.

  • CamusAbsurd

Reflecting Albert Camus' philosophy, this username embodies the concept of life's inherent absurdity – the conflict between our quest for meaning and the universe's lack of inherent purpose.

5. Animal Names with a Twist of Fun


Incorporating your Instagram username with adorable animal names can make it not only memorable but also infuse it with a sense of joy and charm. Animal-inspired usernames add a playful and warm dimension to your digital persona.

Here's a list of 10 Instagram username ideas, each combining the cuteness of animals with a sprinkle of fun, perfect for your second account:

  • SnuggleSquirrel: For a cozy, affectionate vibe reminiscent of a squirrel.
  • BuzzyBeeBabe: A lively and energetic username, inspired by the busy bee.
  • PawsomePenguin: Combining the appeal of penguins with a touch of 'pawsomeness'.
  • CuddlyKoalaCutie: A sweet and tender name inspired by the adorable koala.
  • WhiskerWonders: A playful pick, perfect for cat lovers and their whiskered friends.
  • JollyJellyfish: A cheerful and buoyant choice, inspired by the serene jellyfish.
  • QuirkyQuokka: For a username that's as unique and cheerful as the quokka itself.
  • DapperDuckling: A charming and stylish option, reminiscent of a duckling.
  • HappyHippoHugs: A warm and welcoming choice, inspired by the friendly hippo.
  • BouncyBunnyBoo: A playful and energetic name, perfect for those who love the sprightly nature of bunnies.

6. Creative Colorful Usernames


Mixing color names with other words, or even with your own name, can create some fascinating and personalized Instagram usernames. Consider incorporating a word that reflects your hobbies, profession, or something you're passionate about with your favorite color.

This approach not only personalizes your username but also subtly shares a bit about your interests or personality. It makes your Instagram handle not only visually appealing but also meaningful. Here are some colorful inspirations for you:

  • AzureDoodles: A creative blend for those who love to draw or sketch.
  • CrimsonCrafts: Perfect for craft enthusiasts who appreciate deep, rich tones.
  • VelvetVibes: A smooth and luxurious choice.
  • PeachyPotions: Ideal for those who enjoy concocting or experimenting.
  • IndigoInk: A great pick for writers or those passionate about ink art.
  • SaffronSunsets: Capturing the beauty of nature and tranquil evenings.
  • EmeraldEscapes: For lovers of lush, green landscapes and adventures.
  • RubyRhythms: A vibrant choice for music enthusiasts.
  • SapphireStories: A gem of a name for storytellers.
  • AmberAdventures: For the explorers and thrill-seekers.
  • TurquoiseTales: A calming, narrative-inspired name.
  • LilacLyrics: For the poetically inclined and lovers of soft hues.
  • MaroonMoods: A deep and emotional choice, perfect for introspective individuals.
  • CoralCanvas: For the artistic souls, evoking tropical beauty.
  • OliveOutlooks: A grounded and nature-inspired option.

These aesthetically pleasing Instagram names are perfect for those seeking a unique identity for their secondary or even primary account. They're also great starting points for crafting an aesthetic Instagram bio. To gather more ideas on creating an engaging bio, you can refer to other sections of this article.

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