16 Tips and Tricks for Playing Stardew Valley

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Stardew Valley, developed by ConcernedApe, has been garnering significant attention lately, and for good reason. Its theme and gameplay are reminiscent of the popular Harvest Moon game from about a decade ago.

Despite these similarities, Stardew Valley boasts unique aspects that make it well worth playing. If you're new to the game, Carisinyal offers some helpful tips and tricks to enhance your experience.

1. Watch TV Every Morning and Night

Start your mornings by watching the Fortune Teller program on TV. A good fortune indicates that it's an ideal day to harvest crops or visit the mine, as you'll likely acquire an abundance of valuable harvests or minerals.

Additionally, tune in to Queen of Sauce for the latest recipes and Livin' Off The Land for prime fishing locations. Before going to bed, check the Weather Forecast to prepare for the next day's weather.

2. Enable "Always Show Tool Hit Location"

tips dan trik bermain game stardew valley

Newcomers to Stardew Valley often encounter a common challenge of struggling to control their tools effectively. Inexperienced players frequently find themselves watering, hoeing, or pruning in the incorrect direction, resulting in unnecessary energy drain.

To address this issue, you can take the following steps: First, open the menu and navigate to the settings tab. From there, enable the "Always Show Tool Hit Location" option. Once enabled, a red box will be displayed when you use your tools. Make sure to align the red box with your intended target for precise tool usage.

3. Create a Chest to Store Items


Initially, your in-game bag can only hold 12 items, which can be limiting when trying to carry new items. To address this issue, craft a chest using 50 logs to store unneeded items.

Gather crops, wood, stones, ores, and other valuable resources for future use, and store them in the chest. You can place the chest inside or outside your house and move it after emptying its contents.

4. Utilize the Worm Hoe


As you walk on dirt roads or sandy beaches, you may occasionally notice three worms wriggling in the soil. Use a hoe on these worms to unearth the items hidden beneath them.

These items typically consist of valuable library books or artifacts that can be donated to museums. However, if you're unlucky, you might only find nothing more than clay.

5. Sleep Before 12 PM

Regardless of the circumstances, ensure that you go to bed before midnight. Going to sleep later than that will result in waking up the following morning with insufficient energy. This can be particularly detrimental if you plan to mine or engage in other labor-intensive activities.

If you haven't slept by 2 AM, your character will usually pass out on the spot. The next day, you'll be required to pay gold to the person who rescued you the previous night, and some of your items may be lost.

6. Pack Sufficient Food for Mining Expeditions

When planning a mining trip, ensure you bring enough food to sustain yourself. Opt for food items that provide ample energy and health benefits, enabling you to recover quickly when your energy levels are low or in case you are attacked by monsters.

7. Upgrade Tools During Downtime

You can upgrade various tools at the Blacksmith for a specific price. However, keep in mind not to upgrade tools when you're about to use them, as the upgrade process takes approximately 2 days.

It's best to upgrade the watering can when you have no plants to tend to, or upgrade the pickaxe when you don't plan on visiting the mine, and so on.

8. Repair the Bridge to Access Tide Pools

jembatan tide pools

In the early stages of the Stardew Valley game, acquiring gold may prove to be a challenge. You need to repair the broken bridge leading to the Tide Pools by gathering 300 logs to anticipate this issue.

Once you have successfully repaired the bridge, visit the Tide Pools daily to collect valuable items such as coral or sea urchins, which can be sold for a considerable profit. Moreover, you'll often come across worms and seashells while exploring the Tide Pools.

9. Complete Bundles at the Community Center for Rewards


By completing bundles at the Community Center, you can earn a variety of free rewards including bridge repairs, Quarry access, bus activation, and even gaining entry to the Desert.

Each bundle represents a collection of specific items that you need to gather and contribute to the Community Center. As you successfully complete bundles, new areas will be unlocked, infrastructure will be restored, and previously inaccessible regions will become available for exploration.

10. Avoid Purchasing a JojaMart Membership

When visiting JojaMart, you may be offered a membership card for 5000 gold. Refrain from purchasing this membership, as doing so will result in the Community Center being transformed into a JojaMart warehouse. Consequently, you will lose the opportunity to obtain various free gifts from the Community Center.

11. Construct the Coop in Fall or 2nd Year

silo coop

In the early stages of playing Stardew Valley, you will have the option to build a Coop on your farm. However, it is highly advisable to postpone its construction and prioritize your crop production instead. The income generated from crops tends to be more substantial compared to the returns from livestock during the initial phases of the game.

Once you have accumulated sufficient gold, you can begin building the Coop in the Fall season or during the second year. Remember to construct the Silo before the Coop to ensure a consistent food supply. Fill the Silo with hay in the Fall, so your livestock can continue to eat throughout the Winter.

By following this approach, you can effectively manage your resources and make informed decisions regarding the construction of the Coop and Silo, leading to a more balanced and prosperous farm in the long run.

12. Visit the Traveling Cart

Traveling Cart

Behind your farm, along the road leading to the Wizard Tower in Stardew Valley, you can find a Traveling Cart on Fridays and Sundays. This unique cart, pulled by a pig, offers a selection of rare and valuable items for sale.

It's important to note that the inventory of the Traveling Cart changes each time it appears. Therefore, make sure to visit the cart on both Fridays and Sundays. The items offered for purchase are often priced at affordable rates. However, the available stock is limited, so it's advisable to seize the opportunity before the items run out.

Taking the time to visit the Traveling Cart can prove to be a fruitful endeavor, as it provides a chance to acquire rare and intriguing items for your farm and personal use.

13. Check the Bulletin Board

pengumuman pierre

In front of Pierre's shop, there is a notice board that you should check daily. It serves as a hub for quests that offer rewarding opportunities. These quests often involve fulfilling a task or giving an item to a specific character in exchange for a significant reward.

By regularly checking the notice board, you can stay updated on the available quests and seize the chance to embark on them for various benefits. However, the quests may not always be available, but in such cases, you can typically view the calendar on the notice board. This calendar provides helpful information about upcoming events and festivals in the town.

14. Donate Minerals and Artifacts to the Museum


While mining, you will likely come across various unique and valuable minerals. Instead of selling them, it is more beneficial to donate them to the museum. By doing so, you will receive a range of intriguing prizes from Gunther, the museum curator.

Some of the rewards you may obtain include rare plant seeds, paintings, and rusty keys that unlock sewers and sewage channels. In addition to minerals, you can also donate artifacts to the museum.

15. Visit a Passing Train


On the 3rd day of Summer, an earthquake will occur, opening the train line to Stardew Valley. When the train passes by, items such as wood, stone, ore, and others may fall from the carriages. Consequently, make your way to the train line as soon as you hear a train approaching.

16. Purchase Strawberries at the Egg Festival

Strawberries are the most profitable crop during the Summer. However, unfortunately, seeds for this crop are not available at Pierre's or JojaMart. They can only be acquired at the Egg Festival in the Spring season.

Be sure to attend the Egg Festival and purchase as many strawberry seeds as you can. For optimal results, save these seeds and plant them on the first day of Spring in the following year. This way, you can maximize their growth and yield during the Summer season.

These tips and tricks provide a helpful starting point for your Stardew Valley journey. If you have additional suggestions that haven't been mentioned above, feel free to share them in the comments section below to assist and inspire fellow players. Happy farming!

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