6 Best Qibla Direction Pointer Apps for Android Phones

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Determining the Qibla direction is a vital act of worship in Islam. To assist Muslims in this practice, I have compiled a list of Qibla direction apps for Android devices.

These applications can quickly and accurately help you find the Qibla direction, especially when you're traveling or in an unfamiliar location.

1. Qibla Connect


Qibla Connect stands out as one of the top Qibla direction apps. When I tested it at home, the compass marker matched the direction of the manual Qibla marker I had attached to the ceiling.

The developer mentions that magnetic fields in the vicinity might interfere with the app's accuracy. However, I did not encounter any issues, and the app successfully guided me to the correct Qibla direction.

Besides the Qibla direction feature, Qibla Connect offers digital prayer times and adhan reminders. The Salah Tracker ensures that you maintain your five daily prayers. The prayer times are quite precise, aligning well with my location.

To support daily worship, Qibla Connect includes numerous useful features. Among them is a digital Quran with an advanced search function, allowing searches by topic or subject matter, as well as conventional searches by title and verse.

Additionally, the app features daily prayers and Asma'ul Husna. Dhikr is made easier with digital prayer beads.

A unique aspect of this app is its online community. The ‘Pray for me’ button lets you post prayers and wishes, which can be read by fellow Muslims using the app.

Qibla Connect is available in multiple languages, tailoring the digital Quran, daily verses, and prayers to your chosen language. While the free version contains ads, there is an option to subscribe to an ad-free service. Download Qibla Connect on the Google Play Store for Android.

2. Muslim Pro


Muslim Pro is already popular, and now it comes with even more advanced features. One of its standout capabilities is the Qibla direction finder.

I tested it by placing my phone on the floor and waiting for the compass needle to turn green, indicating the correct Qibla direction. Within seconds, Muslim Pro accurately pointed out the Qibla direction.

Similar to Qibla Connect, Muslim Pro offers various features that support daily worship. It includes a digital Quran with audio, Latin text, and translations, as well as a daily prayer tracker. My favorite feature is Ask AIDeen, which functions like ChatGPT but specializes in answering questions about Islam.

When I asked AIDeen about the number of rak'ahs in Isha prayer, it provided the correct answer along with additional explanations. For general Islamic knowledge, AIDeen also references sahih hadith, a feature rarely found in other apps.

Muslim Pro also enhances Islamic knowledge through the Qalbox feature, a streaming service similar to Netflix but with Islamic content. It offers Muslim cartoons and da’wah shows, accessible even without a premium subscription.

Another unique feature is the Quran memorization method using flashcards, reminiscent of language learning apps like Duolingo.

During Ramadan, Muslim Pro provides a detailed Imsakiyah schedule tailored to your location, including specific sub-district schedules. Interested in trying Muslim Pro? Download it from the Google Play Store for Android.

3. Salaam


Salaam is developed by Samsung Electronics Indonesia, but it is available for all Android users. The app features a very simple user interface, making it easy to navigate and use all its functions.

One of its key features is the Qibla direction finder, accessible through the ‘Sholat’ tab. The app's compass quickly provides accurate Qibla direction information. It also offers a complete daily prayer schedule and a prayer guide with recitations.

When prayer time arrives, Salaam provides a large pop-up notification on the screen, unlike competitor apps that use the notification bar.

The app also includes a digital Quran with transliteration, translation, and audio. Users can choose their preferred reciter, though the options are fewer compared to other apps. The digital Quran is equipped with an efficient search system, allowing easy searches by surah or verse.

Salaam is an excellent choice for those seeking a straightforward app for determining the Qibla direction. It’s free and ad-free, making it a convenient option for all users.

4. Miqat


Miqat is a very simple qibla direction marker application. It includes a feature to accurately determine the Qibla direction.

I tested this feature from my desk, and the results matched those of other apps I've tried. Besides using a compass, there is also a Qibla direction tool on the map integrated with Google Maps. This feature is helpful for travelers needing to find the Qibla direction for prayer.

Miqat also has a reminder feature for prayer times. Each prayer time is marked with a bar of five colors, indicating the remaining time. For instance, green means there is still a lot of time from Dhuhr to Asr prayer, while red means there is only a little time left.

Additionally, Miqat includes a feature to check the position of the hilal and the Hijriyah calendar. However, it does not have a digital Quran or daily prayers. Miqat offers a paid service with enhanced features, such as finding the Qibla direction based on your address.

 5. iPray


Like Miqat, iPray is a minimalist Qibla direction app. It doesn't have many advanced features. It even includes a timetable with the prayer schedule for one month.

The compass feature in iPray is accurate. It also provides information about the distance from your location to Mecca. If you want to find information about Islamic holidays, there is an ‘Islamic Events’ feature accessible through the three-bar menu in the top right corner.

This app is ideal if you prefer simplicity. iPray is free and ad-free. You can download it from the Google Play Store.

 6. Qibla Direction


Qibla Direction is another reliable app for checking the Qibla direction. It offers three different modes, including one that uses Google Maps.

In addition to checking the Qibla direction, the app has a complete prayer schedule and sets reminders for each prayer time. Qibla Direction also provides daily Quran verses, which you can activate or deactivate as needed.

The app contains ads, but you have the option to remove them for a fee. It supports multiple languages, including English and Indonesian. Download Qibla Direction from the Google Play Store.

With these various Qibla direction applications for Android devices, Muslims can easily perform prayers anywhere without struggling to find the Qibla direction.

This demonstrates how technology can be a useful tool to help Muslims fulfill their religious duties more effectively.

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