10 Phones with the Largest Battery Capacities in 2024

Phones with long battery life are very popular. With a large battery, a phone can last a long time without running out of power. This is especially useful for jobs that require you to be on the move.

So, we're here to recommend 10 cell phones with the largest batteries in the world. All of these phones have bigger than average batteries and come with other good features. Are you interested in these phones? Let's take a look at the review.

1. Oukitel WP33 Pro

Oukitel WP33 Pro

The Oukitel WP33 Pro was released globally in January 2024, priced at 399,99 US Dollars. This outdoor phone has a very large battery capacity of 22,000 mAh.

With such a huge battery, this smartphone can last for days. The company says it can stay on standby for up to 2,600 hours, or 108 days. The phone can handle phone calls for 120 hours, play music for 80 hours, show videos for 30 hours, and be used for gaming for 20 hours.

It supports fast charging with 33 watts of power. This isn't the fastest for its price range, especially for a 22,000 mAh battery, as it takes about 5 hours to fully charge.

However, the large battery size means users can use the 18-watt reverse fast charging feature to charge other devices. You just need a USB-C to USB-C cable. It's a shame this phone doesn't have wireless charging.

2. Ulefone Armor 24

Ulefone Armor 24

The Ulefone Armor 24 is a rugged smartphone known for its exceptional durability. Designed for outdoor use, it comes with a huge 22,000 mAh battery.

Ulefone claims this phone can last up to seven days on a normal usage. This makes it ideal for people who enjoy camping for several days, as the Ulefone Armor 24 can be a reliable companion.

What's impressive is that it doesn't take long to recharge. With 66-watt fast charging, it only needs about 2 hours and 10 minutes to fully charge from empty. This is quite quick, especially considering the large battery capacity.

The Ulefone Armor 24 is also useful in emergencies. For instance, if a friend's phone runs out of battery, this phone can charge other devices through reverse charging. However, this only uses 10 watts of power, so charging another battery might take a while.

With the price it offers, this phone provides NFC, a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, IP68 and IP69K resistance, and a flashlight with up to 1,000 lumens brightness. On the downside, it lacks 5G support, using the Helio G96 chip, commonly found in cheaper phones.

3. Doogee S100 Pro

Doogee S100 Pro

The Doogee S100 Pro has one of the world's largest batteries at 22,000 mAh. Its battery life is impressive. The company says it can last up to 2,300 hours on standby, 240 hours of regular use, 109 hours of calling, 40 hours of watching videos, 90 hours of listening to music, and 25 hours of gaming.

These claims are substantial because the Doogee S100 Pro is one of Doogee's best outdoor phones. It's great for those who enjoy mountain climbing, camping, or other outdoor adventures. Apart from its large battery, there are other features too.

The Doogee S100 Pro comes with a powerful camping light. It can shine up to 130 lumens and be visible up to 25 meters. You can use this phone as a tent light. Don't worry about the battery; it can last up to 18 hours with the light on full bright mode.

Moreover, the Doogee S100 Pro is very durable. It has IP68/IP69K/MIL-STD-810H certification, meaning it can withstand water, dust, extreme weather, and impacts.

The price is quite fair at around 299,99 US Dollars for the 12 GB RAM and 256 GB internal storage version. The Blackview BV9300 also offers features like the Helio G99 chipset, a 108 MP main camera, a 20 MP monochrome camera with night vision, and a 33 W charging capability.

4. Doogee V Max


If you're willing to spend, the Doogee V Max priced $455.99 is a great choice for a phone with one of the largest batteries. It has a 22,000 mAh battery, lasting 6-10 days on a single charge.

Beyond its long-lasting battery, the Doogee V Max boasts a decent screen with a 120 Hz refresh rate, even though it uses an IPS LCD panel instead of AMOLED.

Its camera capabilities are impressive, featuring a 108MP main camera with 9-in-1 pixel binning technology, a 16MP ultrawide sensor, and a 20MP monochrome camera. You can take high-quality photos and record 4K videos at 30 FPS, perfect for social media.

This phone is also ideal for outdoor activities like hiking or visiting natural sites, thanks to its dust and water repellent certifications (IP68 and IP69K).

5. Blackview BV9300

Blackview BV9300

Having a huge battery doesn't mean neglecting other features, as shown by the Blackview BV9300. As an outdoor phone, it has a massive 15,080 mAh battery that lasts incredibly long. The company claims the Blackview BV9300 can last up to 1,824 hours on standby, 84 hours on calls, 54 hours listening to music, 23.5 hours watching videos, and 15.5 hours playing games.

Despite its four times larger than typical battery capacity, charging doesn’t take too long. It comes with a 33W charging feature, fully charging in 217 minutes.

Another interesting aspect of the Blackview BV9300 is its lasers and very bright light. It has a Laser Rangefinder with 1mm accuracy that can measure distances up to 40 meters. Plus, there's a super bright flashlight, reaching 100 Lumens with a 10-meter range.

The Blackview BV9300 is also rugged, with certifications like IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810H. These ensure it can withstand water, dust, extreme weather, and impacts.

Moreover, the Blackview BV9300 doesn't just focus on durability and features. It's equipped with a powerful Helio G99 chipset, 12 GB RAM, 256 GB internal storage, a 120 Hz display, NFC, and a 50 MP main camera capable of 2K video recording. Sounds interesting, right?

6. Ulefone Power Armor 13

Ulefone Power Armor 13

If you're looking for a phone with a big battery, the Ulefone Power Armor 13 is a great choice. It boasts a huge 13,200 mAh battery! Not only does it have a large battery, but it also performs well for both gaming and work.

The Helio G95 chip ensures smooth gameplay for days. To avoid running out of space, this phone comes with 256 GB of UFS 2.1 internal storage, which provides decent transfer speeds.

As a rugged smartphone, the Ulefone Power Armor 13 is equipped with IP68 and IP69K certifications, protecting it from high-pressure water spray. Launched in July 2021, it also has MIL-STD-810G military certification, making it tough enough for extreme conditions.

The phone has a large 6.81-inch screen, but it only offers HD Plus resolution. Given that it's a rugged smartphone, it's heavy too, weighing 492 grams. This might be too much for everyday use, but it's perfect for hikers or field workers, especially with its 72% screen-to-body ratio.

7. Blackview BV6200 Pro

Blackview BV6200 Pro

Looking for a budget-friendly phone with a large battery? The Blackview BV6200 Pro could be a good choice as it comes with a 13,000 mAh battery and is priced at $159.99. When streaming videos for an hour, the battery only drops by 4%. Listening to music for an hour reduces the battery by just 3%.

It also has IP68 and IP69K certifications, offering great resistance to water and high-pressure jets. So if it falls in mud, you can simply rinse it off.

However, despite its great battery and durability, the phone only supports 18-watt fast charging. It takes more than 2 hours to fully charge.

For gaming, it's not the best choice. It uses the MediaTek Helio P35 chip, which is efficient but not meant for heavy gaming. The chip is made up entirely of efficiency cores, so it's better suited for lighter games.

8. Blackview Oscal S80

Blackview oscal S80

Priced at 187$, the Blackview Oscal S80 is an outdoor phone with impressive features. It has one of the largest batteries in the world at 13,000 mAh. Plus, you get the convenience of 33W fast charging, which can charge the battery to 51% in just 66 minutes.

The phone's performance is quite good because of its SoC Helio G85, popular in mid-range phones. You can comfortably play games like Mobile Legends on high settings without any lag.

It's also built tough, with a rubber coating for extra resilience. For added peace of mind, it comes with IP68, IP69K, and MIL-STD-810H military certifications, making it resistant to water and extreme conditions.

The camera setup includes an ultrawide lens, a feature not always found in mid-range phones. This allows you to take wide group photos without leaving anyone out.

For those who need to pay for basement parking and want to check their eMoney balance, there's a handy NFC feature. No need to go to the nearest convenience store cashier to check your balance. All these features make the Blackview Oscal S80 a good deal.

9. Blackview BV9100

Blackview BV9100

The Blackview BV9100 is one of the few smartphones with a 13,000 mAh battery. The company claims it can last up to two months, or 60 days, on standby! Lab tests show that the battery can last up to 24 hours for gaming, 26.6 hours for video playback, 60 hours for phone calls, and 66 hours for listening to music.

You won't have to wait long for it to recharge, either. The Blackview BV9100 supports 30W fast charging, allowing it to fully charge from empty in about 2.5 hours.

10. Oukitel WP30 Pro

Oukitel WP30 Pro

In October 2023, Oukitel introduced a new rugged phone in the upper-middle price range, the Oukitel WP30 Pro. This phone comes with a large 11,000 mAh battery, which easily lasts for several days.

Not only does it have a long-lasting battery, but it also charges very quickly. It features a 120-watt fast charging capability, allowing it to charge from empty to 50% in just 12 minutes.

The phone's screen is quite large at 6.78 inches, offering a 120 Hz refresh rate with Full HD+ resolution. For photography, it's well-equipped with a 108 MP sensor, a 20 MP night vision camera, and a 5 MP macro lens to ensure clear and detailed photos in various conditions.

A unique feature of this rugged phone is the secondary screen on the back. Interestingly, this secondary screen uses an AMOLED panel, while the main screen is IPS LCD.

The AMOLED screen on the back, measuring 1.8 inches with a brightness of up to 500 nits, is used for displaying compass information, battery status, media controls, notifications, and step count. It’s designed to be always on, requiring the more energy-efficient AMOLED panel. This screen can also be used as a viewfinder for taking selfies with the 108 MP main camera.

The Oukitel WP30 Pro is a great choice if you need a rugged phone with a long-lasting battery, impressive specs, and unique features. What's more, it's quite affordable, starting at 329.99 US dollars.

So, these are the ten cell phones with the largest battery capacities in the world for you to consider. You can choose one based on your personal needs. Which one is your favorite?

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