How to Log Out of Getcontact Without Deleting Your Account

Written by Linda

Getcontact is known for showing users how their contacts appear on others' phones and its spam-blocking abilities. It also provides robust management of phone number privacy.

Occasionally, you might find the need to log out of your account for security purposes, particularly if you often switch devices or want to prevent unauthorized access to your personal details.

Here's how to log out of Getcontact without deleting your account permanently:

  1. Launch the Getcontact app and go to the "Other" menu, identifiable by its three horizontal lines icon.
Log 1
  1. Go to "Account Settings".
Log 2
  1. Proceed to "Manage Account".
Log 3
  1. Choose "Freeze".
Log 4
  1. Before freezing your account, you'll be asked to specify the reason for your decision. After making your choice, confirm by pressing "Freeze".
Log 5

Note that freezing your account does not equate to a temporary suspension or log out. This action ensures that your account remains intact and you can log back in with the same credentials in the future. Thus, there's no need to permanently delete and later re-register your Getcontact account if you wish to use it again with the same phone number or email.

Logging out from your Getcontact account, although straightforward, is a significant step towards securing your personal information. By following these instructions, you can comfortably log out whenever necessary.

Always handle your personal information with care and leverage the security features offered by the app to safeguard your privacy. This guide aims to assist you in efficiently managing and protecting your Getcontact account.

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