15 Best Anime Games on Android Smartphone

Written by Jihan Fauziah

Anime, originating from Japan, has garnered a massive fan base worldwide. The surge in anime's popularity has inspired Android game developers to create an array of engaging anime-themed games.

These games span various genres, including action, role-playing games (RPGs), arcades, and even card games, all featuring anime characters. Each game has its unique charm, excitement, and appeal. The Carisinyal team has compiled a list of the best anime games available.

1. Love and Deepspace

love and deepspace 3 Cropped_

Love and Deepspace ranks as a top choice in the Anime and Simulation categories. The game offers a virtual dating experience with three captivating characters: Zayne, Rafayel, and Xavier.

But it's not just about dating; these three characters join you in battling a monster known as the Wanderer. In "Love and Deepspace", you become Deepspace Hunters, battling monsters in Linkon City.

What adds to the game's allure is its blend of romance and action. The Carisinyal team found the game engrossing, thanks to daily missions, various events, and an engaging main story that allows interaction with numerous characters.

Love and Deepspace is compatible with mid-range devices, though it runs with medium graphics settings. For a smoother experience, a high-end device is recommended. Note that the game requires about 20 GB of storage space and a stable internet connection for optimal play.

2. Blue Archive

blue archive 2_

Developed by NEXGEN, Blue Archive has earned its place as one of the top anime games, contributing significantly to the company's revenue. The Carisinyal team decided to give Blue Archive a try, intrigued by its popularity.

In the game, players assume the role of "Sensei," a teacher guiding students in the academy town of Kivotos. The narrative unfolds with the mysterious disappearance of the president of the General Student Council, setting the stage for the game's events.

Throughout our gameplay, we engaged in various episodes of the main story and mission modes. Our objective was to assist students from different schools in Kivotos in combating criminal elements.

As a tactical RPG, Blue Archive requires players to strategically manage the students' formations and battle plans. The game also features a gacha system for recruiting students and offers opportunities to enhance their abilities.

Progressing in the game and leveling up characters involves the use of tickets and other items. These can be either purchased with real money or obtained by completing missions.

Aside from the main plot, Blue Archive includes several side stories focusing on the students' lives, allowing players to forge deeper connections with them.

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The game has impressive graphics and voice acting. However, potential players should ensure they have ample storage space on their mobile devices, as the game requires about 5 GB or more for data download.

3. Idol Party

idol party_

Idol Party, reminiscent of the well-known AyoDance game, immerses you in the world of being an idol. In this game, you'll engage in story mode missions or enjoy free-play with other players in the game lobby.

Progress in the game is marked by participating in dance or karaoke battles. A comprehensive tutorial is provided for newcomers. During dance battles, you simply press tiles on your mobile screen to make your character dance. For karaoke battles, you'll sing using your own voice. Every game played earns you a score, which can be used to enhance your skills or purchase items.

Idol Party features impressive 3D visuals. However, players using mid-range mobile phones may experience occasional lag. Therefore, we suggest using a high-end mobile device for an optimal Idol Party gaming experience.

4. SAO Integral Factor

SAO Integral Factor_

Are you a fan of the Sword Art Online anime? Then SAO Integral Factor, an MMORPG game, is a must-try for you. In this game, you take on the role of a protagonist tasked with completing various missions in the realm of Aincard. But don't worry, you're not alone in this adventure. Characters like Koharu, Kirito, and Klein will be at your side.

Team up and battle against monsters using your combined powers. If needed, you can also recruit other players to strengthen your team. For newcomers, SAO Integral Factor includes a tutorial, making it easy to get started without confusion.

The game features high-quality graphics, an engaging plot, and impressive voice acting. It is advisable to play this game on a medium or high-end mobile phone to ensure smooth performance. A stable internet connection is also essential for an optimal gaming experience. SAO Integral Factor is available for download on the Google PlayStore.

5. ONE PIECE Bounty Rush

one piece bounty rush_

For fans of One Piece, this game is a real treat. In ONE PIECE Bounty Rush, your mission is to gather as much treasure as you can, and you won't be doing it alone – you'll have your own recruits to assist you.

The key to success lies in removing as many flags as possible from the treasure piles. Be ready to confront enemies and use your moves to knock them out. If you fail to do so, they might steal all the treasure, leading to your defeat.

The primary goal is to accumulate the most treasure. Ensure that your opponents don't end up with more treasure than you by the end of the game.

Apart from playing with non-playable characters (NPCs), ONE PIECE Bounty Rush also features a league battle mode. In this mode, you'll be part of a team of four, competing against another team. This player vs. player (PvP) battle often proves to be more thrilling than fighting against NPCs.

Interested in joining the adventure? Just make sure you have a stable internet connection and ample storage space on your phone, as this game requires a considerable amount of storage.



DRAGON BALL LEGENDS is the perfect game for fans of the Dragon Ball series, offering an exhilarating gaming experience.

In the game, players embark on a journey to battle a series of formidable enemies, including the mighty Broly. You start as the character Shallot, but don't worry – Shallot is not alone. He's supported by other characters from the series, such as Goku.

Combat in DRAGON BALL LEGENDS involves executing spectacular moves, which are activated by cards displayed on the screen.

For a smooth gaming experience, it's advisable to complete the tutorial provided by the game. The controls are user-friendly and easy to master. Additionally, DRAGON BALL LEGENDS boasts an engaging storyline and impressive visuals, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

7. SLIME - ISEKAI Memories

SLIME - ISEKAI Memories _

For anime game enthusiasts, SLIME - ISEKAI Memories is another title worth exploring. This game, developed by Bandai Namco, boasts high-quality graphics, engaging plot, fluid animations, and excellent voice acting.

In this RPG, you embark on an adventure with Rimuru, a man reborn as a slime with incredible powers. Surprisingly, Rimuru is capable of battling formidable monsters using his unique abilities.

Your role is to assist Rimuru and his allies in completing various missions. Employ strategic planning for battles to ensure success. Additionally, the game allows you to explore the expansive world where Rimuru resides.

It's important to note that SLIME - ISEKAI Memories demands a mobile phone with substantial internal memory and RAM for optimal performance. The game itself takes up about 1 GB of space, and there's an additional download of 8.1 GB. Therefore, ensure your mobile device and internet connection are up to the task.

8. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links


Fans of 90s anime will likely remember "Yu-Gi-Oh," a captivating series centered around card battles. KONAMI, inspired by the anime's story, transformed it into an engaging game that has already been downloaded over 10 million times on the PlayStore.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links stays true to the original anime's concept and theme, immersing players in exciting and intriguing challenges reminiscent of the show.

The game features a roster of iconic characters such as Yugi, Kaiba, Joey, Mai, and many others. Another notable aspect of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is its impressive 3D animation, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

9. Gacha Life

gacha life_

Gacha Life is a simple anime-style game, perfect for killing time. In our experience with the game, our team enjoyed creating adorable characters, customizing their clothing, hairstyles, and even facial features to our liking.

We also explored various mini-games, including Bex's Festival. In this game, we caught nuggets falling from the sky into containers. The more points we scored, the greater the rewards, with diamonds being the primary prize. These diamonds can be used to purchase gachas.

For the gachas, we had the option to buy one using 5 diamonds or 10 gachas for 50 diamonds. Our collection of gachas could be viewed under the "Collection" tab.

Besides collecting gachas and playing mini-games, Gacha Life also allowed us to interact and form relationships with non-playable characters (NPCs).

Although simple, Gacha Life is quite entertaining and effective in alleviating boredom. Interested in giving it a try? Gacha Life is available for download on the Google Play Store.

10. Pokemon Masters EX

pm ex 2-side_

For fans of the Pokemon anime, Pokemon Masters EX is an enjoyable Android game you might want to try. In this game, you step into the shoes of a Pokemon trainer, assembling a team and forming sync pairs to triumph in battles across Pasio.

The game offers three distinct storylines, including the Pokemon Masters League (PML). In the first chapter, your task is to locate Barry, encountering various enemies along the way.

Craft your battle strategy carefully, making full use of the moves available to your Pokemon. Victories in battles bring rewards and progress in the game.

Beyond completing main missions, Pokemon Masters EX allows you to engage with other trainers and develop friendships at the trainer's lodge. Engaging in conversations with trainers can enhance their interest in you.

Conveniently, this game doesn't demand high-end mobile phone specifications. Devices with as little as 2 GB of RAM can smoothly run Pokemon Masters EX. The game is available for download on the Google Play Store.

11. MeChat


MeChat is a simulation and role-playing game that features characters designed in anime style. This game bears a resemblance to Mystic Messenger, yet MeChat places a greater emphasis on romantic storylines between the player and the characters, adopting a dating app-style approach.

Our team experimented with swiping right and left to find a matching character. Once a match is made, direct chatting with the character is possible. These characters, which can be either male or female, each have their unique storylines.

An intriguing aspect of MeChat is its incorporation of the butterfly effect concept. Every dialogue choice you make influences the direction of the storyline.

While MeChat is free to play, it does contain advertisements. We noticed that watching a number of ads was necessary to earn rewards. These rewards, primarily in the form of diamonds, are used to unlock new character profiles.

12. Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

captain tsubasa dream team_

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a sports game that rekindles childhood memories of the beloved football anime. Developed by KLabs, this game is a treat for fans of the Captain Tsubasa series.

In this game, your role isn't limited to just competing; you also take on the responsibilities of a football club manager. This includes managing player transfers, devising formations, and altering team orders.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team offers various game modes, including a story mode which we explored. This mode follows the journey of Tsubasa and his friends starting from their time at Nankatsu Junior High School.

Early levels feature several matches where winning is crucial for quickly elevating your club's rank, enabling you to join the league sooner.

You have the option to play the story mode either online or as a solo player. The game's controls are user-friendly, with an option for automatic control during football matches. This means you can focus on executing Tsubasa's moves to score goals.

The Carisinyal team was impressed with the game's engaging storyline, convincing voice acting, and outstanding visual effects. This game ensures a captivating experience and is not one that you'll tire of quickly. However, be aware that an additional data download of 3 GB is required. Ensure your device has sufficient internal memory before starting the game.

13. Swordmaster Story

swordmaster story_

Swordmaster Story is an RPG game that features a character named Cain as its protagonist. In the game's narrative, Cain, a skilled swordmaster, is wrongfully branded as a traitor by his kingdom.

With the assistance of the goddess Athena, Cain makes a return, determined to restore justice in his tumultuous region. Your role is to join Cain on his quest for redemption.

Throughout his journey, Cain confronts various enemies, including goblin troops and their leaders. It's crucial to enhance Cain's weaponry and skills to bolster his strength in combat. Fortunately, he's not alone; Cain is supported by summonable heroes, one of whom is Iris.

Swordmaster Story is an ideal game for relaxation, especially given its automatic controls. These allow Cain to engage in battles independently at each stage and level, making for a seamless gaming experience.

14. Girls X Battle


Anime RPG games are increasingly capturing the interest of anime enthusiasts and gamers on Android platforms.

Among these, Girls X Battle stands out as an RPG game themed around anime. True to its name, the game offers thrilling duels featuring a diverse range of female anime characters.

In Girls X Battle, you have the opportunity to engage in duels with various female anime characters. Players have the freedom to choose their preferred character to lead in these battles. A unique aspect of this game is the feature that allows your chosen character to attend school. Intrigued?


naruto ninja voltage_

This game is a perfect match for fans of the Naruto anime series. NARUTO X BORUTO NINJA VOLTAGE features a comprehensive roster of characters that are true to the anime. The primary objective in this game is actually simple: engage in one-on-one battles with enemies.

What makes it particularly engaging is that you're not just battling against the game's AI. You also have the opportunity to challenge other players globally through PvP battles.

The inclusion of a multiplayer mode adds an extra layer of excitement and challenge for every player. Are you interested in giving it a try?

That concludes our list of 15 anime-themed games that we highly recommend for Android users. Each game offers a unique and enjoyable experience with some of the best anime characters. Have any of these games caught your attention and potentially become a new favorite?

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